- The POS and Nuisance Ordinance- A lesson in history

July 9, 2013 at 3:57 pm 3 comments


Interesting evening, long , noisy and political theatre at its finest as we crowded into council chambers waiting for the theatricals to begin.


You can find the Chronicle Telegram’s article by Evan Goodenow herehttp://chronicle.northcoastnow.com/2013/07/09/lorain-inspection-law-under-fire/

and the Morning Journal coverage by Rick Payerchin

We took our places in the audience , watched as the interested parties gathered, note books and in some cases clipboards in hand .

There was a definitely hostility in the air toward “rentals” – probably because most of the rentals dealt with by the property owners who attended are the poor rentals/ sub standard housing and sometimes downright disgraceful rentals.

buy swap sell

However the members of the Lake Erie Landlords Association , the Lorain County Association of Realtors -who had submitted an 8 page letter to the administration etc. with their “concerns”- were well represented .

Mr. Scherach, who was the Law Director back in the day in 1996 when Joseph Koziura proposed a POS had issues then and issues last night

, but by his glad handing and back slapping hello to Kent Sutton

Kent Sutton

Kent Sutton

Tenants itching for answers to property’s bug problems- CT Evan Goodenow

you just knew what he would be saying ;) and there was no surprise there !

And whilst we are on the subject of way back when- and what ever happened to??? The Chronicle Telegram article of 1996 and Lorain’s Housing Court - seems they were having trouble with our friend George Schneider then hmmmmm wonder how many more properties he has “renovated” since then

housing court

And the banks were represented , well at least one of them First Federal Savings of Lorain by Mr. Michael Brosky

Michael Brosky, vice president and secretary of First Federal Savings of Lorain, said more than 55 percent of loans his bank financed wouldn’t have been possible under the ordinance, because buyers or sellers couldn’t afford repairs. (Chronicle Telegram)


I know Mr. Brosky, he is also the Lorain Port Authority’s attorney. You know that very institution that is trying its damnedest to bring people to downtown Lorain and to my lakefront /riverfront neighborhood, and here was their attorney Mr. Brosky speaking against the ordinance. That is his right of course- depending upon which hat he is wearing .

I have to admit listening to the “twaddle ” because that in my opinion is what he was speaking about his bank being hamstrung and how they help their clients in order to have homeownership and build in money for repairs ( paraphrasing) etc etc. His “sway” to council and the administration sent my blood pressure into the danger levelsangry-face

You see this gentleman stating the positives about his bank who have caused (just in my square block) -in my opinion- helped my property value in taking a nose dive . They , these bank property dumping bureaucrats, are one of the problems we face along with poor rentals, no code enforcement etc. etc. .

I have personally felt the negative ripple effect from First Federal Savings of Lorain decisions and have written about it here


I went to the microphone , although I had said I wasn’t going to , to clarify to Mr. Brosky and co just how my property had been impacted by their apparently poor decision-making mortgages over the past years.

And please don’t even mention the economic downturn because the failures in 2008 and the subprime mortgage crisis are directly due to BANKS and to those managing /buying and selling properties.



( and they get bailed out- who is bailing me out from their greed? )
I am sure the glad-handing realtors would agree the market and previous sales in the neighborhood are one of the criteria for the property value of my property .

First Federal Savings Lorain in my one block area has sold property on 5th selling in 2003 for $108.500 for the goodly sum in 2012 for $17,500,- the house two doors down $12,500 ( and of course my dumped and demoed house next door.


I wonder of that 55% of those loans how many ended up foreclosed and turned into “rentals”. How many of those Lake Erie Landlords are clients? When I checked the LLC’s last week a certain bank was front and center…. for whom does Mr. Brosky speak I wonder?

One of my neighbors ( cited by the nuisance task force for peeling paint) has just put back into his property with landscaping , completely painting his home- more money than First Federal Savings of Lorain sold their property . I suffer , my property suffered and my neighborhood.

The banks have been the problem as well. And if this is the type of banking deals he and First Federal Savings of Lorain will no longer be able to do- then I say HOORAY!!!

And just a word to the wise here


Lorain Port Authority to have access to the wonders of the riverfront , the jet express, to have your wishes for tourism fulfilled, you have to remember the people have to come through MY neighborhood or past the buildings on Broadway, you might want to talk to the banks of business and to Mr. Brosky ! You see LPA there is a problem you can bank on that and your foot traffic and gentrified customers with expendable income will not tread likely here!

As for the rest of the evening the landlords, realtors and bankers filed out enmasse after the first item on the agenda the PSO. Very few of us were left for the Nuisance Ordinance, although in my opinion it was one of the more important pieces of legislation. You can find the ordinance here http://www.cityoflorain.org/city_council/agendas
July 8th – page 17 of 22

This was sent to full council for passage.

Next Up- We will be continuing our walk down Broadway and how the Design Review Board is “supposed” to work

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  • 1. Rich  |  July 9, 2013 at 4:32 pm

    Put MORE into paint and landscaping than a house is selling for 2 doors down. Have those that goy cited for violation received even a letter from the city commending them for doing what was requested? Nope. Doubt anyone from the city even checked to see if We complied to the ordinance. What about those who still have peeling paint? No railings on porches or steps? The list goes on. Have they been RE-CITED? Definitely doubly any follow up. And the values keep going DOWN! Next move for me? Turn my place into a rental too? The only option left.

  • 2. Loraine Ritchey  |  July 9, 2013 at 5:06 pm

    Good questions Rich I will ask :) yes I know it is disheartening

  • 3. aka/mozart  |  July 9, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    Working for an insurance co.I know that most of the companies we underwrite with will not insure a home that is in the conditions mentioned…and if we do,,the repairs have to be remedied within a certain amount of time. They look at the roof, railings, paint, and the property itself. Wood burning stoves should be should be professionally installed..trampolines should be netted. I can only assume that the properties in grave conditions carry no insurance on that property, which means there is no liability protection They are required to if there is a loan attached. (I am not an agent) but this is how our office runs for the most part.

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