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Humira -auto-immune medicatons check the box

selfportrait- Chris Ritchey

selfportrait- Chris Ritchey

ED Note
Every single day this blog receives searches looking for answers and information on Humira and other auto- immune medications. The information on this blog has been garnered not from the medical community, the drug sales force, the commercials but from the mothers of those who are the faces of the “black box warning” .

– No one wants another mother to share their pain. Graciously in the midst of their own suffering they have answered emails sent through this blog and elsewhere to advise from their own personal experience- the following is one such response to those that search.

You are right to look for information about Humira, and any other kind of powerful auto-immune medication–and there are several on the market today of similar biological make-up. In addition, there are other drugs that are frequently prescribed in combination with these auto-immune drugs (a protocol called recombinent drug therapy) which when taken together, can have additional serious (deadly) adverse side effects. All of these meds are/can be very, very dangerous, but every situation and individual is different.

If you are concerned, it will be entirely up to you and/or your family to do the appropriate research before you make a decision one way or another to take these kinds of medications.

Please, DO NOT waste your time contacting the sales reps for the drug company. They do not know, and WILL NOT tell you anything even if they do. They are not research scientists, doctors, or experts in anything except how to sell a product and make a commission.

Unfortunately, it is probable that your doctor will not know much more since they, too, purchase the meds from these same salespeople. Nor can you assume or expect a pharmacist to know any more about the dangers of these drugs than what is included in the package insert they dispense. The bottom line is no one can give you information unless it has first been provided by the drug companies and this is precisely why we are in such trouble.

dollars for docs

I strongly suggest that you do as much research as possible about any auto-immune medication being prescribed for whatever your particular condition might be. Humira and other similar medications can be, and are used safely by thousands of people, but not everyone.

You may be fine with this medication, but it would probably still be a good idea to

1. find another one or two doctors for second or third opinions.

2. Ask as many questions as you can about length of treatment and expected outcome.

3.You should also go online to the FDA website for information about Humira (and other auto-immune drugs) and look for material specifically regarding adverse events. You need definitely to do this, if you do nothing else.

Any information about dangerous side effects for these drugs will be listed there. You will not be able to get this information in any format that is intelligible, providing you can even find it, on the label.
Canda FDA
It is interesting to note as well, that Canada’s equivalent of the FDA is often years ahead of the U.S. in terms of issuing safety warnings for a variety of drugs that are freely prescribed in this country without a second thought. I would suggest that anyone with concerns check Canada’s governmental health website.

Also, here are two excellent websites.

Do a thorough search of your condition and its drug treatment in the professional medical journals. I cannot stress this enough. This means you will need the help of a librarian, possibly at a University, school, or hospital who will have electronic access to a wide range of peer-reviewed serials and/or medical databases that you will not be able to find online on your own. This is important because a lot of what you can locate through a Google Search will not include the kind of information you will find in peer-reviewed medical journals—which are ONLY available at a medical (hospital) or university library. And it is this specific information you want.

Finally, don’t take any one doctor’s word on the safety profile for this (or any, drug). You need to gather as much information as possible on your own so you can present your concerns up front.
calm and research

The important thing is not to panic. Do your homework and don’t rush into anything before you feel as comfortable as possible with your decision. Our sorrow is a result of not being fully informed (warned) in advance of the dangers associated with these meds–because the information was not made available either to the general public or prescribing physicians until years after my boy died.

The bottom line really is ask questions about everything, do your research and if you feel uncomfortable with any kind of vague response…be cautious. Ultimately, you will have to make a decision, but an informed decision is absolutely necessary.

Consider all possibilities, including NOT taking a drug and what that might mean for you as well. Sometimes, horrible things happen regardless of how much you know and the most carefully considered decision. Sometimes, all that we can do, and have done, is not enough. Sometimes, there is no other choice–taking a particular medication is the lesser of two evils (disease vs. treatment). But, there is everything to be gained by being fully informed about ALL possibilities/options before you put yourself or a loved one at risk.

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Who is Who in the 052- New Blog


Will the information make a difference? Will the 44052 be better off for the information- I have my doubts.

On my way to the meeting for the Admiral King Elementary playground destruction and more “poor ” quality of life issues

I received yet another Registered Sex Offender notification in our neighborhood. He now dwells right across the street from the Admiral King Tribute Site.

As is my want, I drove past the Admiral King Tribute site on my way home to check out the area, make sure the lights were working, the plants needing water, any issues etc.

This site that took so much organization, community, donations, a place for people to come, sit awhile and ponder, young lives lost for their country , history, the lake, the port, a place I hoped of honor and serenity, a rebirth of community!
anchor blue mulch
So imagine my bile to the throat reaction when, as I drove past the anchor and sitting on the front steps I saw this particular pedophile ( as per his record) enjoying a can of beer , watching the kids playing in the neighborhood , benefitting from the peace and tranquility of a late spring evening, the warm breeze. Maybe I am being unreasonable but I did not expend what little time and energy left to me for HIS and HIS ILK’s benefit.

Of course, giving him the benefit of the doubt ,

maybe he was returning to the family home from his incarceration

NO! another rental with the owner living elsewhere in this case North Ridgeville!

I found myself more than a little irritated that once again a multi- unit out of town landlord was determining the quality of life in this old neighborhood.

For Rent One City- Who dictates the health of your neighborhood? “


And so, the birth of a blog- Who is Who in the 052?

1. Every Wednesday I will be going through the alphabet of RSO’s starting with A- and those on parole in this neighborhood of 44052.

2. I will put up their information and if they rent the property owners information and also the crime statics for that week as well as links to those agencies.

NOTE: ALL information is already public record and available to those who wish to access the various sites. I am just putting the information in one place. JUST the FACTS

However after I get through the 139 and counting RSO’s in he 44052 and 90 of those on Adult Parole I may take a look at the “charities” their finances , and the who is who and who gets paid what!

So here is the link to the Who is Who in the 052
and it can also be found on this blog’s blog roll side bar

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The BE all and END all of BASKETBALL


I am not a fan of “basketball” although I have written about it and its “king”

I was first introduced to the game by its sound, as a neighbor’s son got his hoop on the garage. All evening long even after dark ( on came the security lights) day after day, night after night you could hear the thump , thump, thump bang shake rattle of the back board hour after hour..

Luckily for me, we moved . My introduction to the sport of basketball was a negative, it ranked up there with barking dogs and Chinese water torture.

In recent days in this neighborhood we have seen an elementary school playground become the place , not of children’s laughter as they slide down slides, climb and play ball, but of consternation and criminal activity; definitely not the intended use of the facility .

Not playing around; Disturbing activity at Admiral King Elementary playground draws concerns

It had become the “gathering place” of “ASB’s” anti- social behaviourists”- these are the young ADULTS who move in , take over and generally don’t give a damn for society except their own. There was much ta do in the neighborhood anger and complaints about the behaviours emanating from the playground long after school was over.


“I’ve seen grown men urinate on playground equipment, people having sex on the slides, smoking pot and who knows whatever else,” Watchorn said. “There are basketball games that go on till all hours of the night, drug deals; terrible language; it goes on constantly.”

Even the intended use of the ” hoops” by the neighborhood children was negated. Instead the ASB’s took over.

Ironically, as I have watched the dialogue unfold menacing and disgusting behavior ( abhorrent to those of us in another society) , open foreplay, fornication , foul language that was as repetitive as the thump, thump, thump, bang, rattle off the backboard- urination on the equipment , culminating in a neighborhood arsonist ( who also went to the playground for the “hoops”) setting fires not once but apparently 3 times but it was the request to remove the hoops that caused consternation among some of the powers that be!

“Where are their priorities ?”

I was amazed therefore, to see how even those who proclaim their place in leadership and society focused not on the “quality of life issues” but becoming irate and passionate about saving “basket ball hoops” on a ELEMENTARY SCHOOL playgound . Some of the people, for whom I have the greatest respect, were defending basketball hoops rather than the quality of life of individuals who are affected by this anti- social behavior.


Lorain school officials remove basketball hoops from Admiral King(Morning Journal)

Anti  Political Correctness Ad by  Chris Ritchey

Anti Political Correctness Ad by Chris Ritchey

The priorities seem very confused to me so let me be clear:

1. The repetitive noise of the “game ” hour after hour after hour into the early morning has been shown to cause heightened stress levels which in turn can cause health problems . Your decisions ( BOE and Lorain City schools) could be seen to create a possible public/ private nuisance and not only in the Admiral King Elementary neighborhood. .

“To constitute a nuisance, either public or private, the acts complained of must either
cause injury to or obstruct the reasonable use or enjoyment of another’s property”

A common, or public, nuisance is the doing of or the failure to do something that
injuriously affects the safety, health or morals of the public, or works some substantial
annoyance, inconvenience or
injury to the public. Commonwealth v. South Covington &
Cincinnati Street Railway Co., (1918), 181 Ky. 459, 463. To be considered public, the nuisance
must affect an interest common to the general public and it is not necessary that the entire
community be affected, so long as the nuisance will interfere with those who come in contact
with it in the exercise of a public right. W. Keaton, D. Dobbs, R. Keaton & D. Owen, Prosser &
Keaton on the Law of Torts, 645 (5th Ed. 1984).

/”private nuisance”

A private nuisance is an interference with a person’s enjoyment and use of his land. The law recognizes that landowners, or those in rightful possession of land, have the right to the unimpaired condition of the property and to reasonable comfort and convenience in its occupation


2. In this particular situation around Admiral King Elementary,for those BOE members who are trying to save hoops rather than quality of life for their neighbors:

These hoops are being denied to the very children for whom they were meant ! You are introducing an element to a playground that adversely effects your young students.
I don’t think that was the intended use of such equipment

3. If Lorain City Schools wish to give the general population access to the “basket ball ” courts etc. then there must be accountability by the Lorain City Schools. You are confusing a playground with a public park, in my opinion. I don’t believe it is up to Lorain City Schools to provide entertainment to adults at the expense of the children , students and neighbors. Apparently these full court hoops are becoming a magnet for moronic behaviours.

There has to be “rules’ – LCS – you do not let your students run amok in your buildings and playgrounds , spitting, urinating , acts of a sexual nature during the school day. Why then, should you allow such usage after hours? It doesn’t make sense! Does your definition of quality of life and responsible behavior end at the end of the school day?
commit nuisance


No , if the desire is to keep this equipment available to the “general public” then it carries with it the responsibility of “refereeing ” of the usage .

It means signage, limited hours and “policing”- NOT BY THE NEIGHBORHOOD, NOT BY THE RESIDENTS, NOT BY THE LORAIN POLICE DEPT BUT BY THE OWNERS OF THE PROPERTY- LORAIN CITY SCHOOLS ( and apparently since the State of Ohio paid 81 percent for the building of the new facilities ) BY THE STATE!

To those that cry foul to the taking down of the hoops I would suggest “involvement” , intelligentsia, and consideration for those who feel the ripple effect of your decision-making!

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An Open Letter – WARD 2 -NEEDS YOU

decline lorain

This past week, in this oldest neighborhood of Lorain, Charleston Village has seen the arrest of an alleged arsonist, who twice returned in the same amount of days to a brand new elementary school’s playground to destroy.

The video in the article shows the aggression of such an act and the aftermath

destruction collage
Photos LORAIN 365

Yes, this “alleged arsonist” is just the latest escalation of anti social behavior in Ward Two, Lorain Ohio.

We hear the cries of citizens take back your neighborhoods. Oh! and some of us we have tried to do so in many ways in the past two decades, but we who are still left in these older neighborhoods are as burned out as our playground .

open-letterAN OPEN LETTER to those who are the deciders!

For two decades a group of volunteers in the Lorain’s oldest neighborhood known as Charleston Village Society have tried to preserve a quality of life in our neighborhood. We have worked to preserve Lorain’s history and heritage, to maintain a neighborhood , started the block watch program 20 years ago. We were and are very involved in community but we are weakening fast.

We watched with sadness as our two large school buildings in this Lorain oldest community- Irving and the “old” Lorain High/ Lorain middle school- sat empty and forlorn. We rejoiced when a new elementary school was built and named after one of Lorain’s national and internationally recognized hero Fleet Admiral Ernest J King and Constellation Charter Schools saw the old Irving as an asset rather than a demolition .

We have also watched the “allowed” deterioration of our housing stock even as the State of Ohio asked of this community we preserve the historic aspects of this neighborhood . We have watched the loss of our merchants in our downtown area, a quality of life deteriorating with each placebo policy that came down to us. Some died , some left and some “exist” afraid in our streets.


However, we also see hope with the new policies being developed by the current Ritenauer Administration and a refocusing of efforts along Broadway , 100 percent trash pick-up and inspections. BUT if we are to stop the rot we will need “MORE”! We need teeth in our ordinances and accountability


We have tried to honor Lorain in all our efforts, with the help of the City of Lorain’s administrations/councils , Lorain City Schools and our sister organizations to feature in a unique way Lorain’s maritime history, honoring the fallen of the Iraq/ Afghanistan War as well as Admiral King’s birthplace.
befo eagle
Over the years we have , pleaded, pointed out the problems hoping we weren’t tilting at windmills, fought ideas we deemed detrimental not only to this neighborhood but to the city herself e.g. Condo”s in Veterans Park

An Eastern Shawnee Casino founded upon the desire of Craig Foltin to get a ” seat at a table” and our tax money spent for his cause – this was the “diversion” , the carrot to dangle in front of a desperate community that was never ever going to go anywhere the “hype of hyperbole” costing thousands and thousands
Casino deal raises doubts; Foltin slammed on cost of tribe negotiations
SOURCE: The Chronicle-Telegram Shawn Foucher September 13 2005

We have partnered with various groups ( 40 individuals in a Community Safety Forum ) to focus on a target area in order to turn the tide such as the Pilot Program for Community Safety, eventually centered in South Lorain under Father Thaden .

However, that particular pilot program failed after an initial success . The approach was one that needed a five pronged approach for success , Lorain Police Dept, Lorain Building Dept ( City of Lorain) Clergy and Social Service Agencies Lorain City Schools , Community ( neighborhood) surrounding the target area at the center of which was Lincoln School.

Sub police station – Lorain City Police
Pre School – Lorain City School
Information and Referral – El Centro
Employment – El Centro
Financial Literacy/ Housing program – El Centro
Senior program – El Centro
Youth Leadership program – El Centro

Once again the effort failed due to the lip service of the then City of Lorain Administration- Mayor Craig Foltin and the withdrawal of the Lorain City Schools bricks and mortar.

Just over a year ago, the Lorain Schools allowed the vacant Lincoln Elementary School to be transformed into a community center set up to honor a teenage girl who was fatally shot by a stray bullet while she was in her living room.
On Monday, the Lorain school board voted to reclaim the building.

Lincoln Community Center Director Leon Mason said he found out about the board’s intentions to terminate the lease on Friday and called the move a shock. Violent crime has drastically decreased since the center opened, and Mason said he’s worried that the board did not give him enough time to find a new location.

The effort died aborning but the talk the talk continued :

Lorain officials look to youth programs to decrease violence

We ,in this oldest neighborhood of Lorain were woken in the early morning after a Day of Pride to the stench of burning once again.

Lorain City Schools has called a “community meeting “ Wednesday May 29th at 6 at the Admiral King Elementary School – apparently to last 1 hour !Here we go again !!!

In response, school administrators have scheduled a one-hour community meeting for 6 p.m. Wednesday at the elementary school as a way to engage the public on how to better the schools’ playgrounds. Morning Journal May 24th.

We have also over the years witnessed the pressure cooker release meetings

Give the outraged whatever the situation a chance to sound off, have their say , limited their time to two or three or five minutes , nod in agreement , smile yes we will work toward an end , all will get on board all smiles and shaking hands at the feel good scenario. And in a few weeks all this will be old news and we can get on with the whatever the particular powers that be were doing before so annoyingly interrupted.

LIP SERVICE has become the reaction. The cynic, I have become, waits to see the latest “talk the talk” outcome.

elephantin the room

Well no matter, this is just an old ward with a plethora of social service agencies , major multi rentals, dilapidated buildings along our main thoroughfare , crime , a dumping ground for the Registered Sex Offenders and those on parole (90 parolees alone in the 44052 zip code and 138 RSO in 115 locations). Smugly referred to by those in better wards better communities as “Low – rain”.
downtoen collage
L-R Veterans Park ( toilet?) Historic Mayor Kings Home Washington Ave ( owner 64 other properties) and Business on Broadway ( owner owns over 200 properties)

To you that have discounted this ward and her ills let me just say this – so goes Ward Two “Low rain” so goes Lorain. The lack of enforcement of building ordinances( such as they are)- the lack of accountability by those that use this ward to line their pockets while prostituting her housing, the lack of “judicial intestinal fortitude”, the “politics that drive decisions, the LIP service has culminated in what you see in this ward today.

HOWEVER Lorain, this ward is also the ward where Lorain can turn into a positive direction

mark collage


We have reached a tipping point – our “alleged” arsonist – a resident within two blocks of the school, lives in a rental whose owner lives in California , they also own another home on the same street- which is another “nuisance” to those that still try live here in this neighborhood. The drug dealer arrested just three months ago

Suspected drug dealer near Admiral King Elementary school arrested
also owned by a multi property owners.

We are the cancerous core of the decline of Lorain, but we are also her HOPE .
Lorain city  council

To you council representatives you need to stop the rot here and now!

We are the only ward where development can take place. Ward two has the lakefront, we have the river front, we have the business/ commercial district, we have the seat of government , the port, we are the on the scenic highway and byways trail, Lake Erie circle tour, theatre and we have Lorain’s history!

There will be no rebirth of a downtown whilst the neighborhoods along the Broadway corridor are decayed and only fit habitation for miscreants , vermin and thugs, where the only profits being made are on the backs of nuisance housing.

The Judicial Branch- we are tired of revolving door sentencing- time to start using the powers you have on your benches !

It is all very well for the churches and social service agencies to have compassion for the indigent in this area

however the compassion has to have accountability to the population who wish to get a book from the public library, attend a church service, to go to the bank, to walk into a jeweler or a print shop. attend a festival on our river front , to be able to sit on a park bench in Lorain oldest park enjoy her fountain without the stench of human feces.

Your compassion has responsibility to those individuals as well.

Our “worth” or lack thereof is spreading to your neighborhoods – homes derelict or selling for less than an automobile – has already caused a significant monetary loss to the “newer homes” in the “good wards”. The neighborhood issues of safety along with a failing grade has already caused Lorain City Schools distress, loss of students and monetary damages you can ill afford. .

Lorain YOU are perceived by those outside this community by what is happening here in Ward Two - we can either make or break you. It is time you ALL pay attention to what is happening here because we are the symptom of a greater terminal disease. !

It is UP to Lorain’s government, Administrative, Legislative, Judicial to focus on this ward. It is up to the Social Service agencies the churches to also take responsibility for their compassion. It behooves the Lorain City Schools to listen and see what is happening in your neighborhoods because like it or not you are part of the system- your decisions affect our community too!

It is up to you to get involved and find the intelligence and guts to sort out the problems because we who still try and “live” here are reliant upon just a “few ”

lorain saefty

as our last line of defense to support us and they too are out numbered as the placebo policies are spreading out from our core! We are literally going down in flames in this “old” ward two
fire flames wallpapers  9

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I’ m CRUSHED- but not around here- Why not???

I wrote a post that has sat in my drafts folder for two years . I was on the look out for “tumbled glass mulch for the Lorain Admiral King Tribute landscaping around the anchor.

anchor blue mulch

As the project for Fleet Admiral King progresses and things such as anchors get added so the site so the site plan changes.
As I looked at the site , knowing what it takes to keep all the plants watered and weeded over at Settlers’ Watch I knew we couldn’t go the same way with the mound that will form the “hook” of the anchor at the Admiral King Tribute site.

Black mulch with maybe an outline of white and silver planting outlining the hook ( drought tolerant plants) would be a possibility.

The anchor from the previous Admiral King High School would be the center piece but how to display it rather than just sticking it on a concrete pad.

As I looked out at the blue lake I thought of blue crushed glass mulch… I know they have it in fact……….

My quest to find it locally has been a trip……. Never heard of it- No nothing like that they don’t make that errrrr excuse me but….

So I checked with Lorain County Solid Waste our recycing over-seerer ;they sent me to Republic who are in the recycling business and a nice chap named Brian told me “never heard of it”

Hey I know I can be cutting edge but this stuff goes for quite a bit of money and obviously the local recyclers don’t watch HGTV because they would know this stuff is used for more than making bottles and it is expensive..
Just look at the things you can do with it

I know What happens to old windshields in New England but what happens in Lorain just used for making more bottles?

Since I will have to “import” recycled glass ( Let me tell you they don’t make this recycling thing easy around here and from having to pay for shipping which is as much as the product I will have to see if I can adapt the design and not use so much shipped in recycled glass with some of our “known marble chips SIGH


Well I had success I found the glass mulch in cobalt blue and had to ship it from New Mexico. Then came the Eric Barnes Heroes Walk project, once again I wanted to use the glass mulch for around the tribute signs. I did have to have some shipped from Pennsylvania this time – again at an expense. $100.00 per 50 lb bag for recycled glass. In Texas you can pop along to the recycling center and fill up a bag of the mixed stuff for free.

I have heard a lot about recycling , I have heard a lot about needed jobs , well just a suggestion how hard can it be to recycle our waste glass tumble it and sell it at the average cost of $100 a 50 lb bag other states and communities are making a great deal of money.

Just check out what Cumberland County is doing

Is there anything high-speed flexible impactors can’t flail into gold? Not bloody likely, given the magic they’re performing with garbage glass in Tennessee.

While you and your friends might sell beer bottles to acquire more beer, or use them to build wicked steampunk goggles, the Cumberland County Recycling Center is grinding them up to make cheap mulch and road salt. Wait: That’s actually possible? Hell yeah, it is, and here’s how it works

In fact in New Zealand they are experimenting with different shades of crushed glass for their reflective properties in helping the “wine” grapes – Ohio wine growers interested??

I think we in Lorain County are missing out on a lucrative opportunity- if we have the “bottle”. (Synonyms bottle [British slang], bravery, courageousness, daring, daringness, dauntlessness, doughtiness, fearlessness, gallantry, greatheartedness, guts,)

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The Cowboys of Lorain- ( Building standards) Part One


Being the expat I am, I bring with me some terminology sometimes lost to my US readers and “community” . For more years than I care to remember I have “bitched” about the quality and lack of care given to the “rehabs” by the mega landlords who

“run their BUSINESSES of rental” in this community . Look on any of the streets in this old neighborhood the examples are there - there are those rehab to minimum standards- all that is “legally required of them”…. more on that later.


Before it had any special application to America, cowboy was used in England with the obvious meaning: “a boy who took care of cows.” Or he could have been a man, for boy implied not only youth and boyish attitudes but also low status.

Although the descriptive but uncomplimentary word cowboy was already around, Americans did invent two new meanings for it. The first, now forgotten meaning came during the American Revolution. It was the revolutionary patriots' term for pro-British raiders who operated in the boundary between American and British forces in Westchester County, New York. They harassed and plundered the rural districts; a later writer said;they went around in the bushes armed with guns and tinkling a cow-bell so as to beguile the patriots into the brush hunting for cows.

after the Civil War, when for two decades thousands of cowboys drove millions of longhorn cattle from Texas to the new transcontinental railroads in Kansas and Colorado. The English speakers who first settled the Southwest had learned the skills of controlling cattle from Spanish-speaking vaqueros, a name translated crudely as buckaroos.

western art

But those who hired the minimum-wage, equal-opportunity horsemen for the big cattle drives of 1866-86 simply called them cowboys, a term attested as early as 1849, and that was the name that stuck. And though they were poorly paid and worked under the harshest conditions, or perhaps just because of those circumstances, the cowboy became the most enduring legend of the American West. Building on this legend, cowboy today still is used to mean someone who is reckless, impulsive, and dangerous

In Britain “cowboy” is a slang term for
An unscrupulous, incompetent, or reckless person in business, esp. an unqualified one. We have a lot of fly by night “so-called ” unlicensed contractors whose work is in the best scenario lacking in quality and in the worst case down right dangerous.

The cowboy builders , contractors and they can be a problem in my “old country”

shoddy  uk

Avoiding cowboy builders

but surely here in Lorain the “cowboy ” has to TO ANSWER TO LAW AND ORDER- THE BIG GUNS SO TO SPEAK
marshalled 2


About Building Department – Lorain Ohio

The Department was established tos administer and enforce the provisions of the Lorain Building, Housing and Zoning Codes plus the National Electric Code and State Building, Plumbing and Elevator Codes.
The Department’s two primary functions:
•Plan Examination and
•Code Enforcement

The Department registers building contractors, issues permits, maintains records, inspects all new construction and major rehabilitations engages in systematic code enforcement programs for existing properties and provides nuisance abatement to properties and buildings in disrepair.
Mission Statement

To contribute to Lorain’s urban renaissance by preserving and strengthening neighborhoods through ambitious code enforcement.

Code Services

To inspect structures for the purpose of enforcing the City of Lorain’s building, housing and zoning codes and to Ohio’s Building Codes, maintain uniform standards and requirements of residential, commercial and individual buildings.
Future Plans
•Foster higher levels of expertise in the building inspection department by encouraging education and growth among existing staff.
•Develop Housing Division to spearhead property maintenance and zoning issues.
•A Revenue Development to insure all funds currently allowed by legislation are collected for the common good and stability of the city.
•Re-establish City of Lorain Board of Building Commission to further reinforce standard for quality in residences, buildings, and structures throughout the City of Lorain.



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Debasing Debate – Romney- Obama – and Editoral’s comments

There are sometimes when I wake from a dream I wonder did that really happen- is it a memory or just another one of my poor brain’s attempts to make sense of my world and thoughts?

I had such a dream last night and yes this one was a dream and it made more sense to me , fractured and emotional as it was, than the situation and day happenings that caused the “filing away” of the day by my brain.

Yesterday I had a “sick ” headache – aka migraine – which was not helped at all by the continuous beep, beep, beep of the machines pointing the bricks at the old Irving School across the road. The machine starts at 7:30 and as it crawls along, sloth-like, it is accompanied by the most insidious beeping until 4:30 pm. This has been going on for a couple of weeks and my only salvation is that it will be over with , I hope, very soon.
Between that and the Romney / Obama ads ripping at each other every few minutes on every tv station- Yes guys I am fed up with the lot of you, all those ads have done to this Independent is turn her completely off the election …hmmmmmmmmmm political strategy ?????????????? Yesterday, I wasn’t sure what was causing more distress in my world.


Having only just retrieved my computer back again – Yes the Geek Squad and I are becoming fast friends) I was made aware of a “debate” ( and I use that word loosely) happening in the comments section of the Morning Journal and Tom Skoch’s editorial-

THE EDITOR’S COLUMN: Ryan right man to make election stakes clear

There are as of 7 this morning 266 comments – most are debasing, vitriolic and cowardly as they spew their “thoughts” through fake identities impervious to accountability such as this little gem (pulled at random)- and remember this is was supposed to be about a choice for Vice President

I’m a sick pig, while you’re so full of anger, you take glee in public displays of affection with someone of the same gender, telling yourself that you’re enlightening the world that my kind has messed up, knowing in your heart that you’ve not won the day until you can make some poor innocent bystander throw up on the sidewalk out of revulsion.

So on that wonderful “thinking(???) out -loud, worthy???? of publication comment – back to my dream that woke me up in the wee hours of the morning.

In my dream I had been asked to speak at a gathering, I informed the chairperson that I may not be a wise choice as I could be quite controversial-

Oh that is fine we like to hear the other side , we are open minded- we love a good debate etc


But as I began my speech ( tempered for my audience) even in my dreams I know that people don’t REALLY want the unvarnished truth- I was attacked verbally from the floor by someone ( who shall remain nameless in this dream of course) who can push my anger button and did so – I let fly with the “unvarnished truth” and what I really thought only to have the Chairman and panel chase me from the room – screaming like a mob of …

Oh! yes commenters – who, like anaerobic bacteria destroy and eat away at the dying /dead carcass of true civilized debate and causes a stench from the mouth.

When dreams are reality based???? This election is becoming as annoying as beep, beep, beep, beep and those that debase debate are becoming a force silencing those who would share an opinion attacking with caustic and blistering personal insults anyone who differs. Such is the case in my world this morning and my waking brain isn’t make much sense of it all.

August 14, 2012 at 12:08 pm 79 comments

“Well why would you think anyone would listen to you?”

Unfortunately for me, I have been around the block a few times in this city . I have a wealth of “background information” on events and organizations I have been involved with since my first tiptoing into being a volunteer – helping to save the Palace Theatre in 1975 when I was a bright young thing.

A lot of things and events have happened since those idealistic times. I was involved – boy was I involved! I had forgotten myself how many until I made up a list for my “obituary” – Yup!!! I am writing my own because I will have the last word :)

I have tried to make things happen in a positive way but ideals and ideas can be compromised by “people” and especially “personal agendas”.

Case in point:

A few years ago (2006) I had served my time limit on a local board ( volunteer) with a paid director, but I kept in the loop so to speak as I had also been a “founding member” of that organization and I wanted to see it succeed. Things started to worry me – things weren’t adding up-

I contacted the President of that BOD- two other Board members and said:

“I am very concerned about things I am hearing and have questions as to accounting decisions being made by the Director – I really think you need to look closely at the financials as they ARE and NOT AS projected. Something is definitely out of kilter – I may be wrong but I believe you need to be more involved and look at which accounts are being used for what projects and operating expenses- If I am wrong then fine but”………

I was politely thanked (by the banker BOD) for my input and told:

” We have every confidence in our Director – his expertise in non -profits was why he was hired- We are not going to second guess/ micro-manage his ability and the direction he is taking the organization”

The others said

Oh! Ok!

…..placated me and ignored me as well

Not one, I believe, wanted to be the messenger. Of course there was no follow through until “S-IT” hit the fan so to speak. Then there was a scrambling and what to do and could I come to a meeting on a “WAY FORWARD” – I said at the time of yet another reorganization meeting/ aka damage control :

I don’t know why this is situation has come as such a shock to the Board – you know you were given a heads up – I warned 3 of you that you should look into how things were being handled

Mr. Banker, looked perplexed and incredulous and said :

“Well why would you think anyone would listen to you?”

( The thought crossed my mind to answer …. because I thought that I had earned enough respect as to having served 10 years on this board and was good enough to donate money and time and what “little expertise” I had )

But actually I replied ‘

Pity you didn’t you wouldn’t have found yourself in this position

Anti-political correctness ad byChris Ritchey

I learned my lesson the hard way that day. The other lesson I have learned that a number of people aren’t prepared to bring out truth and circumstances- they really don’t want to hear the unpleasant truth – they might just have to act . A number want “muggins” here ( me or others like me) to do it for them “they give you the bullets and hope you will fire the gun” and they can distance themselves from any residue. Well muggins doesn’t do that anymore – another lesson I learned.

There are times I, and others, have given a heads up and it has fallen on deaf ears and so now I watch – because I have also learned there are usually “hidden agendas” – hidden and sometimes open relationships and it really does come down dogs and fleas :)

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The GOOD??? Doctor – or Dentist….

My experience with doctors and dentists has been varied and under three different healthcare systems. I have a lot of questions and very few answers but I can tell you that ( in the United States at least) excellent training is available and at a “set bar” but there is more than just the certificate on the wall or the place of residency for a Dr. to give you a “Good Dr.”- I have found through personal experience
the who you know also comes into play in” Doctor to be or not to be” and what I experienced in that aspect is “scary”

This has been brought home to me in ways I never thought I would experience.
Of course YOUR insurance will in most cases dictate the who, where and how much for your healthcare”... so how do you know the person with the white coat is any good? You are putting your “health” in their hands -and do you even have a choice.

The Good???? Doctor series on this blog will start at the very beginning of my experiences and will not necessarily be a follow on- post after post sort of series, but I will give it its own category – the blog is also open to guest posts on this subject.

Like everything else in life there is a history

Imhotep was the first medical doctor known by name. An Egyptian who lived around 2650 B.C., he was an adviser to King Zoser at a time when Egyptians were making progress in medicine. Among his contributions to medicine was a textbook on the treatment of wounds, broken bones, and even tumors. Imhotep was also an astrologer (a person who believes that the stars and planets influence human affairs) and the architect (some who designs buildings) of the earliest Egyptian pyramid. In later centuries, the Egyptians worshipped Imhotep as a god.”

and we all know about

Hippocrates of Cos or Hippokrates of Kos (Greek: Ἱπποκράτης; Hippokrátēs; c. 460 BC – c. 370 BC) was an ancient Greek physician of the Age of Pericles (Classical Athens), and is considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine. He is referred to as the father of Western medicine in recognition of his lasting contributions to the field as the founder of the Hippocratic School of Medicine. This intellectual school revolutionized medicine in ancient Greece, establishing it as a discipline distinct from other fields that it had traditionally been associated with (notably theurgy and philosophy), thus establishing medicine as a profession.

However, the achievements of the writers of the Corpus, the practitioners of Hippocratic medicine, and the actions of Hippocrates himself are often commingled; thus very little is known about what Hippocrates actually thought, wrote, and did. Hippocrates is commonly portrayed as the paragon of the ancient physician, credited with coining the Hippocratic Oath, still relevant and in use today. He is also credited with greatly advancing the systematic study of clinical medicine, summing up the medical knowledge of previous schools, and prescribing practices for physicians through the Hippocratic Corpus and other works.

There are any number of references to the “art of medicine” from ancient tribal customs- the “medicine man”- the mystic healers of the tribes, that could intercede for the group with the evil spirits that plagued humanity – hence the “healers” were always held in high regard- for they were believed to have the power of life and death. Maybe one of the reasons Imohotep ended up being worshippped as a god!

But it may be surprising to you the school of thought that the first doctors/ healers were probably not human but “monkeys’!

The famous Roger Highfield. In his one of articles he was saying that monkeys were the first doctors and pharmacists! Evidence has emerged that humans learned the medicinal properties of soil and plants from fellow primates.

It makes perfect sense to me as our ancestors were wallowing about hundreds of thousand of years ago, spotting the nearest neighbor ( an ape) tending to various pains and ailments by chewing on certain leaves etc. and seeing “if it works for them- why not me” discovery.

The distinction between ape and human – apes saw the leaves chewed on the leaves and learned action A equaled result B but humans – well with us humans we complicate matters and we added “M” for mystique and “P” for the power in those prehistoric days . After all what is the point of knowledge if it can’t get you a higher place in the tribe. If you were the best hunter you got points and being a healer also gave you points and now we have evolved to my time on the planet and my story begins……….

To be continued :

February 28, 2012 at 9:37 pm 10 comments

Mould – isn’t all about Cheese and Penicillin-A fungus among us

This family had a brush with what we believe was toxic mould and that experience has left me sensitive and in red flag mode- I want to know what type of fungus is among us in the work places and buildings of this old city and especially her buildings that have been left to “fester” and what employers etc are doing about this major problem?

A few years ago my husband experienced heart trouble- without going into detail after a number of tests ( as his symptoms weren’t fitting the “mould” so to speak , the specialists came across the problem- the strings of the flap in his heart ( were breaking/broken) – I remember the heart specialist at the Cleveland Clinic saying this could be caused in one of two ways- One is a vicious blow to the heart such as what would happen if you were on a sailboat and the boom came across and hit you in the chest , or you slammed into a tree whilst downhill skiing etc. My husband had not had any blows to the chest but he had had experience in his work place with ‘mould” and it is mould that the Drs. determined was the likely culprit.

(Heart Problems)
Endocarditis is an inflammation of your heart’s inner lining. The most common type, bacterial endocarditis, occurs when germs, mold or other microbials enter your heart. These microbials come through your bloodstream from another part of your body, often your mouth. Bacterial endocarditis can damage your heart valves. If untreated, it can be life-threatening. It is rare in healthy hearts.

Risk factors include having:
•An abnormal or damaged heart valve
•A severe case of mitral valve prolapse
•An artificial heart valve
•Certain heart defects

There are any number of websites explaining the danger of mould and types, some are fairly harmless others deadly and you can’t just go by colour.
Types of Mould

Many people seek to define mould by the colour that it appears: ‘green mould’ or ‘white mould’, ‘grey mould’ or ‘brown mould’, or, even more general, ‘black mould’ versus ‘non-black mould’. Unfortunately, the colour of a mould rarely tells you anything useful: there are harmful and non-harmful kinds of mould in each colour group. It is difficult to impossible to determine if a mould is harmful based on what it looks like growing on a surface.

Types of Mould
Hazard Classes

Some countries have adapted a hazard class system to place moulds in different categories based on their health risks. They are broken into Hazard classes A, B and C:
•Hazard Class A:
Moulds in this group are either directly hazardous to health due to risk of infection or creation of toxins. They should not be in homes or workplaces and should be removed right away if found.
•Hazard Class B:
Moulds in this group can cause allergic reactions, especially over longer periods of time.
•Hazard Class C:
Moulds in this group aren’t known to cause any health risks or reactions in humans. Note, however, that even moulds in this category can potentially cause structural damage to things that they are growing on, and should still be gotten rid of

Sick buildings are one of the major causes of fungal illness, primarily mycotoxicosis or systemic fungal disease, in industrialized nations today. The United States is the least developed in fungal illness research and assistament to the community due to the high costs and fear of reprisals, so sadly, most American physicians have little or no education in treating this health crisis. The average American physician knows only how to identify a mold hyphae under a microscope, at best. due to the fact that the pharmaceutical industry funds the medical schools. Mycotoxicosis, often mistakenly called “Toxic Mold Syndrome” out of ignorance, has reached epidemic proportions at a national level in the United States due to defective construction, lack of regular maintenance, shoddy and inappropriate building materials, ignorance, and lack of government involvement; all or in part due to the high costs of standard and substandard remediation.

Source Alberta Mould Test
Canadian National Toxic Mould Center

following lists out some of the individuals at greater risk from “toxic mold” exposures
(again keeping in mind the amount and duration of exposre can be varied).

Pregnant woman, infants, the elderly, autoimmune compromised individuals, individuals
with Heart Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer, Lupus, Asthma/Lung disease, Liver,
Kidney or Gallbladder Disease, Diabetes, Fibromyaliga, Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome, Anxiety, Depression, Central Nervous System disorders,
Arthritis, Muscle Disease, Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat conditions, just to mention a
few. Many of these diseases are now being linked to environmental causes.

In 2001, the University of Ottawa commenced a research project that encompassed
Kidney Disease, Diabetes and Environmental Toxins.

In the United States, Cornel University has publications and ongoing research
in the field of toxins and human disease. They state that about 40% of their
population die because of pollution and environmental toxins.

Recent studies have shown, that Canadians spend approximately 90% of their time
indoors. For those with illnesses restricting their outdoor time, this may present
greater risks to their health, especially if they are being exposed to “toxic mold”.

There are of course beneficial moulds
Benefits of Mold

Mold – A Natural Recycling Process
Mold can be destructive, but they are also beneficial. They help to make cheese, fertilize gardens, and speed decaying of garbage and fallen leaves. Today thousands of different types of mold fungi grow on and absorb food from substances such as soil, wood, decaying organic matter, or living plants and other organisms. After the devastating forest fires in Yellowstone National Park, mold was the first on the scene to begin the nature’s process of decaying the leftover matter and building a base for new plants and trees.

Mold in Processes
Certain types of mold have proven extremely valuable in the synthesis of antibiotics and hormones used in medicine and of enzymes used in certain manufacturing processes. Penicillin, a product of the green mold P. notatum, revolutionized antibiotic drugs after its discovery in 1929, and the red bread mold Neurospora is an important tool in genetic experiments.

An interesting fact is if a medicine name ends in “mycin”, you know it was made with mold. Another is that in a few certain kinds of cheeses, mold is added for flavor. Butchers also inject mold into animals before they butcher to preserve the animal. Without mold, we would not have beer or bread. Molds also have many industrial uses, such as in the fermentation of organic acids and cheeses. Some fungi, such as mushrooms and truffles, are considered tasty delicacies that enhance a wide variety of recipes, including pizza. Other molds can damage agricultural crops, cause disease in animals and humans, and form poisonous toxins in food.

You can buy kits for testing the type of mould you are dealing with and some mould remediation is more than a bucket of bleach….. clean the keyboard and do the searches you may be surprised at what you find

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