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Morning Journal- Lorain- Going going oops!

Out of time and no  light at the end of the "tower" Photo Lorain 365

Out of time and no light at the end of the “tower”
Photo Lorain 365

It is true! I have had an on again, off again, on again and now luke warm relationship with what used to be the “local newspaper” for Lorain - The Morning Journal . In fact, thanks to the now deceased editor, John Cole
I had a one woman boycott and before him under the publisher Kevin Haezebroeck of

” the “never argue with someone who buys his ink by the barrel full threat”

fame, I wrote the column:

Who is Watching the Watcher found here
Who is Watching the Watcher

……Who? I ask, stands up to the publications and say “NO! We will not be bullied”. Members of John Q. Public who quiver with fear at the thought of their company, political ambitions or organization being on the receiving end of a “nasty editorial”. Yes, it seems our local media has us by the throat, they will be fair and balanced when it suits them, they will as a recent quote in an editorial stated, “we will be watching”. The question begs to be asked, “Who then watches the watchers?” …..

Years came and went, another publisher (Jeff Sudbrook) and another editor ( Tom Skoch) took the helm – fences mended between them and I. BUT the bricks and mortar of this publication at 1657 Broadway also changed- slowly the creeping disease of “web publications” and lack of print sales , bankruptcies, reorganizations took its toll,

The acquisition may foreshadow additional moves by Alden, which is interested in two strategies to add value to its investments: (a) it wants its newspaper holdings to aggressively develop digital capabilities and revenues, and (b) it wants to see consolidation (mergers) among newspaper groups”

as well as downsizing, hiring of interns to “report” ( who had no clue as to this city and her “history – let alone the who is who ) did their time before moving on, moving the printing presses moved out of the building, leaving behind but an echo of the newspaper that was Lorain .

The building and the offices have become quiet and as sad as the aging newspapers stacked up along the walls in the last editor’s office. The smell of slow rot permeates the air. The parking lot now, with just a scattering of vehicles, gives one pause as to who will be the last to “turn off the lights” as far as Lorain is concerned.

The Morning Journal has revamped its website to fulfill the directive “to aggressively develop digital capabilities and revenues“- it is in my humble opinion ( remembering I am a potential customer) atrocious, hard to navigate, and definitely not user-friendly and has very little Lorain news- probably because the demographics in this city do not lend themselves to people’s “purchasing power” therefore the covering of more affluent communities.

Oh yes! I know about websites and “hits and page views” and I know that clicking here and there and everywhere when trying to find the “news” sends electronic calculations as to page views / hits and visitors and the numbers game to tell advertisers of your successful website. ” no matter the continent or country.

the more images used in a page, the higher the hit count – so while hits may be a good indication of poor page design, they won’t tell you much about traffic. Hits are often knowingly quoted by website owners in order to impress potential customers, most of whom are likely to think hits equals visitors – wrong!An example: If we have a site averaging 500 ‘unique visits’ a day and each visitor views four pages which each consists of seven images and one HTML file (representing eight hits) you will have a site ‘claiming’ 112,000 Hits a week!

500 visitors x 4 page views x 8 files (hits) x 7 days = 112000 HITS

Armed with these facts you will, we hope, be able to make a more informed judgement about the services on offer and the claims made by potential suppliers

A page view is where the page itself is viewed by a visitor – this is the most important statistic to take note of when managing a website.

A hit refers to a ‘document hit’ – you get a ‘hit’ whenever a document in your website is loaded. This includes pages, but also any images and external files within those pages.

If a page on your site has two images on it, you’ll get 1 page view but 3 hits.

So unlike page views, hits are really meaningless and should be ignored for most purposes.

It is a numbers game and the “punter” ( we the people) are the numbers in the game. Newspapers/ media are dependent upon advertising for their bread and butter. It costs money to report the news and people will pay one way or another to access the media.

The MJ’s competition Chronicle Telegram requires click on answers to questions by Google to read on their website. of course we may not be “truthful” when answering those questions ;) You don’t get the editorials or the letters to the editor on the Chronicle website but you can access the main news with an answer to some “marketing questions”.

However, I have to say the Chronicle Telegram , has stepped up to the plate with their reporting and have in my opinion overtaken the Morning Journal in their “local news coverage”. Just as well as the Morning Journal Newspaper ( print edition) has become as thin as a street walkers foot wear .

I don’t have to buy it , I don’t even go to their frustrating website that often. So I was taken aback the other day when I was clicking around trying to find a specific article ( which I never did find) when this pops up.
MJ 5 articles
I immediately left the page with a “you got to be kidding”giggle at the screen.


Then came the phone call Friday evening. A pleasant young man introduced himself as being with the Morning Journal. Since the turnover of “reporters”for the Morning Journal is quite frequent lately and I have been known to “give background information” etc. on certain articles they are trying to write, I waited to see what the chap wanted.

What he wanted was

” The publisher of the Morning Journal has invited you to read the Morning Journal- since we have expanded into Cuyahoga , Youngstown and Toledo we..

I stopped him right there- you see I started to laugh realizing it was not a personal invitation from the “publisher” – Oh! he said –

did I lose my voice or are you just having a good day.

I said

No! the print edition is not even thick enough for me to buy it to light my wood burning fire , most of the news is a day late and behind the Chronicle Telegram’s- more or less regurgitated after the fact- and sorry but your website sucks and if I wanted news from Toledo I would go the Toledo Blade website .
The poor chap, he was at a loss for words- then recovering slightly informed me “

Yes! we are working on the website and going to the Toldeo Blade site won’t give you the whole of the news-

I started to feel sorry for him , obviously he was not a reporter but a telemarketer trying to get me to subscribe. So needing a bit of fun- after all HE CALLED ME AND INTRUDED ON ‘MY’ FRIDAY EVENING- I said:

Who is the publisher for the Morning Journal that wants to invite me ?

Telly the Telemarketer said:

Tom Skoch

Tom Skoch

The publisher is Jeff Sudbrook and the editor is Tom Skoch and they do a wonderful job

- Once again I set the poor chaps ears ringing with a loud guffaw –

I am sorry Tom Skoch has not been the editor for the past 6 months or so-

Tom Skoch retiring as editor of The Morning Journal on June 21

Well I am not sure that is true- I will have to check with my supervisor

- said a shocked Telly the Telemarketer

Oh it is true

says I –

maybe you should check with the Chronicle

- he didn’t find that as amusing as I did -so I said

call Rick Payerchin at the Morning journal Lorain beat – tell him you spoke with Loraine Ritchey – and told her the news that Tom Skoch is the editor and what a wonderful job he is doing

with that he said

” Thank you for supporting the Morning Journal”

Oh dear if I wasn’t laughing so hard I would have cried. How the 4th estate in Lorain has fallen………..

What a way to run a newspaper…………..

4th Estate:
“In current use the term is applied to the press, with the earliest use in this sense described by Thomas Carlyle in his book On Heroes and Hero Worship: “Burke said there were Three Estates in Parliament; but, in the Reporters’ Gallery yonder, there sat a Fourth Estate more important far than they


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The Memorial Project-Results- Chris Ritchey Pt 5

chrisart collage

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

December 19th- As I type this morning, once again watching the sunrise over the twinkling lights of the neighbors Christmas decorations lighting the now bare branches of the cherry tree, I am reminded of another December 19th. The day the Lombardis , your bride Angela , the Vykas , Gonzales, Zaworskis and Gotts and Father Divas took you my son, to their “family plot” without your kith or kin .

It was an act ( in my view) of pure selfishness,vindictiveness and without pity.
Your name was RITCHEY , NOT – Lombardi , Vyka , Gonzales, Gott or Zaworski . You were taken to their faith and their closure, denying your family even the “time of your interment in their selfishness.”

As someone said

“it is like Chris’ family didn’t exist”

That day, just a week before the celebration of Christmas, a day of celebration, where they dress in their finest, attend a church and profess to their God they are worthy of taking Him and His Son into their hearts. They celebrate the “Mother of their Church but have taken- seemingly without a thought to the consequences of such an act, of inflicting further pain to another mother.

The poster accompanying the project

The poster accompanying the project

The Memorialization by Bereaved Parents Project- gave me a chance not only to share my son, his story and to realize I was not alone – there were others who walked the path who needed……….

Memorialization by Bereaved Parents
Kara Thieleman
The death of a child is a devastating loss that has a profound impact on parents and a families . Prior research has found that maintaining /continuing bonds with deceased children is common and can be very beneficial.

This project sought to understand how bereaved parents maintain such bonds through memorializing their children as well as the meaning they find in doing so. Participants were asked to provide photographs that depict how they memorialize and remember their children thus allowing participants to provide the visual images of their choosing that capture unique aspects of their experience……….

Their children died from a variety of causes , including illness, accident , murder and unknown causes. All of the participants are female and are diverse in terms of age ethnicity, religious/spiritual beliefs and sexual orientation.

These mothers , including myself , all have the need to remember “out loud” in their own way; whether it is leaving tokens of love at the last tangible place on this earth that holds their child, a special place to go and reflect or call out to the silence “WHY” ?

The need to have their son or daughter remembered for a life that was lived, no matter how brief . The need to have a repository , if you will, of the love that was for that son or daughter that was theirs alone. A love that still flows from a mothers heart , seeking the child for which it was meant.

When the Lombardis, your bride and the “creatures of control” took you away into that place of deceit and cowardice – for not one had the strength to speak of “pity” for your family. The death of human kindness on that day led to the birth of my own memorial. A place where I revisit your life, your story and I can cry my tears and shout WHY? to the morning sunrise. I can remember you and let your art speak ….

I have only words to describe , it is a terrible thing to live out your life without the laughter of your son , incommunicable to those who have not felt this grief’s slashing ferocity. Words are inadequate………

Dr. Joanne Cacciatore and of the MISS Foundation

spoke recently of a woman Käthe Kollwitz (July 8, 1867 – April 22, 1945)

“I will never forget the first moment I saw her work. I felt something inside me stir. It was a connection to the abyss, to the darkness of grief- I knew Kollwitz had seen something that I had also seen. I felt she, too, was a keeper of the dark secrets.

Kollwitz birthed art of the soul, from the depths of traumatic grief so frightening that few dare allow themselves to really see it. During WWII, her art (perceived accurately as anti-war) was banned by Hitler. She witnessed, first hand, the horrors of war and lost far too much because of it: Her grandson, named Peter after her dead son, lost his life in war too.

Look at her work. I mean, really look at it. “

Woman with  dead child  1903 Kathe Kollwitz

Woman with dead child 1903 Kathe Kollwitz

ED NOTE: Kollwitz’s work can be raw and full of truths it can scream the most primordial scream and does

She wrote of her son:

darkness of grief  Kathe Kollwitz

darkness of grief Kathe Kollwitz

[I] made a drawing: the mother letting her dead son
slide into her arms.

I might make a hundred such drawings
and yet I do not get any closer to him.

I am seeking him.
As if I had to find him in my work.

And yet everything I do is so childishly foolish and inadequate…

I am shattered, weakened, drained by tears…
Yet new flowers have grown up which would not have grown
without the tears shed this year.

The Parents ( memorial) Kathe Kollwitz 1932

The Parents ( memorial) Kathe Kollwitz 1932

Men do not know the souls of one another.
Only the galley slaves know one another,
who side by side are chained, and gasp for breath

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The Memorial Project – Why ? Chris Ritchey Pt 2


A few days ago, on December 3rd, I published another “remembering” of my son Chris.
I have, as long- time readers know, used the 3rd of every month to write about Chris, his life, the story of our journey, our pain and yes, anger .

I mentioned in the December 3rd post how I had been contacted to be part of a project on how grieving parent memorialize their children. I am now, since the project has been presented, going to share some of the interview questions put to me and the answers as to ‘WHY “THIS WAY” TO MEMORIALIZE’?

The project asked for a photo of how we, as parents “memorialized ” our son or daughter. I submitted a collage I put together of Chris and some of his work that has special meaning to me.
chrisart collage
Question :

Please describe the photograph and any special meaning the objects in it may have (such as a headstone inscription, meaning of items placed in a space dedicated to a child, or anything else you feel is important).

The photograph is of my son and some of his art work. I have made a collage of a few that have meanings for him and me.

For example, the baseball hat with the flag and the word freedom was the slide that appeared behind him as he crossed the stage at his graduation from Cleveland Institute of Art. Each graduate was required to put together a slide which told who they were- this was who Chris decided he was.

The “Hands” artwork in the background was homework, sketches of different hands – my son was throwing it out after his first year and I loved it so much I wanted to frame it – it didn’t fit in the frame so he folded the one edge. After he died I had it professionally framed they informed me they could take out the crease but, he had put in the fold and I wanted it left. It was significant to leave it for me.

photo Angela  by  Chris Ritchey

photo Angela by Chris Ritchey

The reason for the collage of his artwork[ as our memorial] is due to the fact his bride[ Angela (Lombardi) Ritchey] took from us his cremains and buried them without our knowledge or input.
Therefore we haven’t a place or memorial in the traditional sense.

I have had a blog for many years which covers many, many subjects. After Chris’s death and the terrible cruelty that followed including the statement[ a letter sent 4 months after Chris death by Angela Ritchey DO ] “I didn’t know my son”

I then started writing about what we were going through and going on a journey “In search of my son”
Part 19 of the series and links to the other posts are part of our journey.

using his work to illustrate my thoughts.
I, then wrote to “him”[Chris} my thoughts on the 3rd of every month for a year, and have continued to do so for the past 3 years and 10 months [the time when I was contacted for the project] although my blog covers other subjects, I continue to use his art work to illustrate my thoughts and reporting on various subjects

a self-portrait Chris Ritchey

a self-portrait Chris Ritchey


When did you first begin memorializing/remembering your child in this way?

The day I read his obituary in the local paper written by his “in-laws” – my son was so much more than the paltry self-serving piece written in the paper.
I could not let those words be the last words written about my son.
So I used my blog (which is well read) not only for him but it has become cathartic for me.

It doesn’t matter if thousands read about his life or just one – his story is there and in some sense his art still speaks for him.

to be continued……………

NOTE: all my posts, the reactions to what happened to this family is backed up with written documentation by the parties involved as well as witnesses to the events of what I consider to be despicable, cruel and selfish behaviours by ” those that controlled” – they are in fact the “enablers’ of this memorial for without the decisions made by The Lombardis, Vykas , Gotts, Zaworski and Gonzales

If things had been handled by them -with humanity, kindness, respect and thought for Chris’s family at the lowest point in any parents life instead of putting us in a realm where we “didn’t exist” – this aspect of my blog would not exist.……..

They have themselves to thank their behaviours are here!

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Computing ME and the Intensity of a Mother’s Love


I have not downloaded the Dragon Software-
coward that I am , especially due to my once or should I say many times experiences of being bitten by technology. I don’t want to do anything which may mess with the latest expensive desk top and my myriad of files ( even though I can’t easily access them – thank you Windows 8!!!!). I decided instead to “persuade” my husband to download it to his lap top- he only uses it for recipes and solitaire anyway :). Knowing my penchant for wrecking technology he is understandably hesitant, although he did say

“Yeah, Ok but it will have to wait – I can’t find the microphone- I thought I had it in the box” -

As mentioned, I wanted to make a start on one of three books I have in mind .

I will start the old-fashioned way

thought I

until he gets around to “finding???” and downloading the dragon .

However, as I started on – page one- that has not worked out too well. The writing follows the direction of the “ME of the moment” that is in control of my emotional state. I started as defensive me, then angry me, depressed me, wounded me, apathetic me, logical me and then puddle me. The fragmented “ME” -I am now- all had a hand in the writing and editing and therefore it was a jumble. The 1st page has been revised more times than a politician’s platform . I can’t make up my mind and neither can my writing.

I feel inadequate, out of my depth in this instance . I thought possibly if I could “talk” the story first and edit later I might be able to make some sense when it came to a direction and editing.

I tend , because of the blog and many years of a column, to edit as I write. This isn’t going to work in this case- I am too much a part of the story. I am not a mere observer. I am a mother first , a mother who has outlived one of her children – there is a blame, a guilt a questioning of life or faith of everything that was “before” my son died , changing the ME.
I was checking my searches this morning and the search –

how intense is a mother’s love

brought the person to the following post:
At that time, just weeks after my son died, I received a letter in my dead son’s clothes from my son’s “bride” the “healer”????? Angela Marie (Lombardi) Ritchey DO who made my love for my son something of a negative which “blinded me to who my son was” . I replied to Dr. Angela Ritchey in an open post-

The wounded me , shaken me and just trying to “live and get through the days “me due to the loss of my son found it cruel and incredulous she would try to taint the memories I shared with my son. I refused to let her take anything more of him, she and her family had done enough.

Hence the rise of the anger me” and the bitter me“!

Since that time the questioning me questions intent and the worthiness of some in the supposed healing profession.

I have realized, after these many months, the death of my son has not stopped my love for him, it is undying; if anything it grows with each “memory that should have been” is missed.

The love continues , but the love given to the son or daughter who is no longer among us has no outlet , no recipient. When Chris died , the part of me who was Chris’s mother died too. The other me- the daughter , the wife , mother of Nikki, grandmother of her children still lives and loves but I am fragmented from the “whole” . It is hard to find which “ME” will write the story but it will be “truth” no matter the ME .

Now whilst my husband is otherwise occupied I am going to look for that microphone !

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The Faces of the Black Box Warning- Humira

The Flawed Hand of the Healer by Chris Ritchey

The flawed Hand of the Healer by Chris Ritchey

Part One - The Faces of Humira

Every day searches come to this blog on the drug Humira , cancer in all its obscenity and Hodgkin’s Lymphoma . They are people looking for answers, hope and direction but most of all answers…….
In part three of the series The Good???? Dr.

The “Good???” Dr. – Drugs- Trust – Selling of hope- Part 3

I touched upon the drug Humira and the story of Maxx Wendell – the obscenity of a drug that caused his young life to end and his mother’s torment to begin. Last week, a comment came to this blog requesting information about Humira. I contacted Maxx’s mother, Lisa , for her input and the question and her thoughts will be in Part Two. In the meantime, let us once again look at Humira . In the post “Selling of Hope” ( above ) I stated:

I have watched the commercial, as probably you have ( the commerce drug of the moment- this drug in the billions of dollars – bigger than some country’s budgets ) HUMIRA for many months and any of number of times a night. I have noted the voice over of the side effects- can cause . Lymphoma/ Cancer Tuberculosis ( this is a CURE!!!!!”) and HOW MANY SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS HAPPENED? I walked the path of the Curable Lymphoma – Hodgkin’s
Why would anyone take this drug
? from their own website

What is a Black Box Warning :
black box

Emphasis mine:

“Important Safety Information About HUMIRA® (adalimumab)1

White Coat of Death by  Chris Ritchey

White Coat of Death by Chris Ritchey

What is the most important information I should know about HUMIRA?

You should discuss the potential benefits and risks of HUMIRA with your doctor. HUMIRA is a TNF blocker medicine that can lower the ability of your immune system to fight infections. You should not start taking HUMIRA if you have any kind of infection unless your doctor says it is okay.
Serious infections have happened in people taking HUMIRA. These serious infections include tuberculosis (TB) and infections caused by viruses, fungi, or bacteria that have spread throughout the body. Some people have died from these infections. Your doctor should test you for TB before starting HUMIRA, and check you closely for signs and symptoms of TB during treatment with HUMIRA. If your doctor feels you are at risk, you may be treated with medicine for TB.

Cancer. For children and adults taking TNF blockers, including HUMIRA, the chance of getting lymphoma or other cancers may increase. There have been cases of unusual cancers in children, teenagers, and young adults using TNF blockers. Some people have developed a rare type of cancer called hepatosplenic T-cell lymphoma. This type of cancer often results in death. If using TNF blockers including HUMIRA, your chance of getting two types of skin cancer (basal cell and squamous cell) may increase. These types are generally not life-threatening if treated; tell your doctor if you have a bump or open sore that doesn’t heal.”

Let us look at the language in this Black Box Warning for the drug Humira that is played over and over and over again on our electronic media. The soft-spoken voice over for the commercial showing the young woman playing with her son , the guy living his life

man humira

as music plays and laughter abounds under the voice over quietly downplaying stating in a matter of fact way :

serious infections , bacteria and cancer has happened and it has resulted in death and other cancer types have happened but they are “GENERALLY” aren’t life threatening if treated-

Question Humira( Abbott Laboratories ) Who pays for the non life threatening cancer to be treated? Abbott Laboratories ?

Maxx Wendell ALSO a face of Humira

Maxx Wendell ALSO a face of Humira

And while we are at it- Why don’t you show the faces of those “some people” their light, laughter and life denied to them and their families along side the happy families…. I don’t think that would make good ad copy would it.

prescrition pad

And why are we showing these drug ads to the general population-

Could it be you want the general population to play Dr.? Is this just another avenue to get to the physicians prescription pad?

Because in Humira’s disclaimers they state again and again “ask your doctor” – your doctor should- tell your doctor.

So why are you not just advertising to “doctors “? We know that you and every other pharmaceutical group canvass and sell their pills and potions to “the doctor”.


But this is the biggest of businesses and Abbott Laboratories say it themselves as to why they have such an aggressive ad campaign- Emphasis mine!

First, ‘STRONG PATIENT DEMAND’ has lead to global market share gains in both dermatology and gastroenterology.”

Ah! there you have it – it isn’t the doctors driving Humira’s success it is the “patients demands”
From Abbotts report October 2012

Abbott Laboratories Management Discusses Q3 2012 Results – Earnings Call Transcript

Certainly, HUMIRA remains the cornerstone of our portfolio and is a strong driver for AbbVie, and will remain so. Not many brands are able to achieve and sustain the level of performance we’ve demonstrated with HUMIRA.

Clearly, HUMIRA has a strong clinical profile. Our commercial, our development and our regulatory execution on HUMIRA have been outstanding. HUMIRA’s performance continues to be exceptional, as evidenced by the strong double-digit growth this year.

Several factors are driving that performance. First, strong patient demand has lead to global market share gains in both dermatology and gastroenterology. Second, the addition of 2 new indications for patients; UC here in the U.S. and Europe, as well as axial SpA in Europe. HUMIRA now treats a total of 8 approved indications and 4 more in late-stage development.bbw abbot

Finally, the global biologic market growth remains strong, and HUMIRA continues to outpace that growth. We expect HUMIRA demand to continue to grow, given the relative modest biologic penetration rates across all market segments, but in particular, the dermatology segment, where biological penetration rates are still mid single digits.


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St. George (Schneider) and the B(l)arney LELA

georgdrag three

Sunday’s Chronicle Telegram has an in-depth look at George Schneider – found here

Cracking the code: Lorain landlord leads in violations, supports city’s anti-blight efforts
by Even Goodenow

Now George, whom I discussed at length on many posts on this blog and over the weekend post, may be a nice guy

BUT personally I believe this man is a “property hoarder” He cannot possibly keep up with the maintenance and the requirements of his properties. I believe he probably spends more time effort and money, along with his attorney Brent English, appealing the process.

nights of
And as for the President of the LELA Bill Barney well maybe that is a misspelling – BLARNEY – would be a more appropriate moniker-

ED NOTE: Who in their official capacity makes a statement defending one of his 450- members of the LELA for code violations not even having seen any of the properties in question? Oh! yes one with their own Lake Erie Landlords Association agenda – one of us so he has to be defended no matter what thinking!

Bill Barney, President of the Lake Erie Landlords Association, said he’s known Schneider since about 1993. Barney, who said the association has about 450 members, said Schneider is getting a bum rap.



Unlike Schneider, Barney said many landlords won’t rent to poor tenants. While conceding he hasn’t seen Schneider’s properties, Barney said he thinks city officials pick on Schneider because he’s an easy target “He’s a nice guy, and I’d like to see him treated better,” Barney said.

Well Mr. B(l)arney we would like to see the rest of us, who have to live with this nice guy’s properties and also some of the properties of your other members, treated better…….
Come on down Bill from your pink tinted castle and take a look in Lorain – I will personally give you a guided tour! No blarney!!!!!!…..

While conceding he hasn’t seen Schneider’s properties, Barney said he thinks city officials pick on Schneider because he’s an easy target”

And YOU Mr. B(l)arney are awarded (for your above statement) The THATWOMAN BLOG AWARD of the


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On Broadway- “DYE” Downtown- the 44052

sky is falling

Our next stop along our walk was going to be “the good” however Mrs. Kathy Dye has written and I felt she should be heard.

After all Mrs. Dye mother of the DYE of 418 Broadway building covered here
with his and his building’s many issues is also on the Design Review Board of “Downtown” Lorain -

ED NOTE recently the “powers” for the Design Review Board have been extended to commercial buildings for the whole of Lorain.

Mrs Dye and co also own and run Dye’s Appliances . Now “credit where credit is due” Dye’s Appliances was going to be one of the “GOOD” Ones on Broadway as the building seems structurally sound from the outside “sidewalk ” inspection and has interesting window displays.

960 Broadway Schnitzler Block Dyes Appliance
In fact we have been customers of Dye’s appliances from time to time – no problems there either.

So Kathy Dyes “rant ” which included


Point taken.

Now Kathy has decided she is ”


for what purposes would that be I wonder – comparison?

Come on down the street Kathy just 4 or so blocks away – from your son’s “business”. Welcome to my block where I have resided for over thirty “odd” years.
2th and Hamiton

The corner has a house that has stood empty and open for over 38 years is finally (as of Thursday) going to be demoed ( the 2nd one on this block to be lost to decay )

The other corner is a multi – rental in a “house” who seem to have an automotive repair business going on . (Vermilion owner)

Then we have another house which is a three apartment or so rental BUT is owned locally and by one of our GOOD landlords .

Across the street we have Irving School – remember the school that was going to be torn down – luckily Constellation Schools decided to purchase it and HAD TO FIX IT STRUCTURALLY – I wonder why they had to do that but they DID – you think someone ‘ENFORCED” the rules?
We have two properties to the right and left one “dumped” by First Federal ( In my opinion) for $10,000 , less than the cost of the two jet skis parked on the front lawn or any of the plethora of vehicles that block the alley way and park on the newly planted grass where the demoed house stood” .
I have written about that house at 1125 and with NO POINT OF SALE INSPECTION process it was the poster child for how “blight happens in Lorain” . Each time it sold over the thirty years its condition deteriorated from sheriff sale, to fireman partnership, to fireman (realty ), to LCS principal, to contractor back to foreclosure Finally it seemed “Mother Nature” had had enough of the “plight of blight” and added her own blow and now gone.

The other “heritage home” also now being dumped by the granddaughter in the 10’s or 12 thousand- destroyed -for the most part -after they rented it out to the tenants of destruction… yes come visit my block – I will invite you in!

It is this type of thinking by previous city administrations , councils , the “landlords” is what is happening in the 44052 and to “downtown”. And shame on you, Mrs. Dye, for “enabling”

It may interest YOU to know a little history about the Design Review Board – look at the original mission statement it was to complement the historic ( by state designation) district of Charleston Village. Yes, MY neighborhood ( and I might add all volunteer organization by the same name) .

I have made the suggestion to the city they need to “tighten up the qualifications “ for a seat on that board and revamp it and give it more teeth.

Did your son have a sign permit – per building or certificate of appropriateness from Design Review Board before he put up the sign ( either one) ? What happened to “rules”

This “hater” has tried, before you ever came to be on Broadway , to make a difference. I haven’t been as successful as I would have hoped unfortunately- but I have tried.

I have all but given up and for my peace of mind I have now planted greenery all around my property so as I look out my windows from the inside of my home that is what I see , not others lifestyles and “hobbies”

No! Mrs. Dye I am not jealous- I am angry – at what has happened to my neighborhood and how people who should be defending , promoting and taking “care” of Lorain by their very participation on “boards” and Broadway are instead ranting and name calling. Sad


We will continue on Broadway after the 4th……..


June 30, 2013 at 12:39 pm 4 comments

“Is this a bad area mum?” the 44052


Out of the mouths of babes
- or at least my 4-year-old grandson.

Along the river and through the blight to Nag nog”s house we go.

Usually a visit here finds their journey coming from the west side of Lorain 44053 to the 44052 up West Erie, along the lake , past Lake View Park and the rose gardens – a place of bubbles and giggles

bubbles lake view

. My grandsons, sitting high in their special protective seats, had a different view on their way to this old house than they did the other day.

As my grandsons travel with their parents, they have heard their mother say from time to time

” are the doors locked this looks like a bad area”

So as they were coming north on Broadway (due to Oberlin Avenue construction) Gavin, as they came out from under the underpass and going the required speed limit, took in his surroundings. He saw, for probably the first time , what we see every day as we do our errands , the people hanging around “waiting for whatever they wait for”, the dreadful state of some of the buildings, the decay and general ambiance that has become “downtown Lorain”
It was just a good job he can’t read THE WELCOMING SIGN ON THE DOOR of a “downtown business” AS IT WAS THAT DAY

krisdyefabrication door

the lowrider trucks parked in front of the old Style Center had caught his attention as they slowed even further to turn onto 4th BUT HIS WORDS showed an understanding of his environment .


ED NOTE: Complaints have been made re the offensive ( not to all apparently-) Mr. Dye obviously feels his clientage would be comfortable with such a “welcome sign” ) door language . Mr. Dye has been asked to remove the language . Wonder why he didn’t ask the design review Board to OK the door ?

To be continued as we will take a pictorial walk – the GOOD, The Bad the UGLY!!!!!!!

June 21, 2013 at 12:30 pm 10 comments

The Cardinal “letter”- H for Hypocrisy- pappish style

VaticanLong time readers of this blog will remember I have a real issue with the Roman Catholic Church – so I have researched the inconsistencies with what the hierarchy preach and what they have done – for example lets talk castration and that cover-up ( under 6 Popes)-

The “MEN of God forcibly castrating young men to cure them of homosexuality and covering up the wide-spread sex abuse amongst the men of FAITH????????? and then enabling the cover-up of such disgrace even NOW!- I AM SICKENED!!!.

Now the issue of homosexuality is coming full circle considering these same pillars of the Roman Catholic church are now facing the scandal of their own homosexual behaviours- a scandal that has seen the current infallible Pope apparently having to leave office–Pope-REALLY-quit.html

A potentially explosive report has linked the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI to the discovery of a network of gay prelates in the Vatican, some of whom – the report said – were being blackmailed by outsiders.

I have written extensively about the hypocrisy of those that have power in the “organized church” and members of their flock ( locally) .

I have no issue with people having beliefs or being of a faith as long as they don’t interfere or NEGATE my beliefs. AND this is what the priest Father Divas and his parishioners did in my opinion to my family.

It is something I will not forget or forgive whilst my son’s remains are in a place I find abhorrent .

catholic hypocrisy
Angela (Lombardi) Ritchey DO- Susan Lombardi- Tim Lombardi Bishop Lennon- Father Divas

Somehow in this community of Mary, Mother of God Parish, Lorain , Father Divas, Tim and Sue Lombardi and their family Gonzales, Zaworski, Gott and the Vikas believe their right of faith superceded my own and that of my son’s .

They deemed it acceptable to gossip about the mother of a dead son at his ” viewing” .

They deemed it their right to bury a son’s remains without letting his family know.

They deemed it acceptable for write horrid letters questioning a mothers love of her son just a few weeks after his death.

They put their rubber stamp on his last earthly remains, they broke his family’s hearts, they ( his bride) went back on their agreement as to the agreement for our closure .

It is all documented

And of course the Roman Catholic Church, under the auspices of Father Daniel Divas, Bishop Lennon, as is their want “locally” ignored my letters , my questions and our pain.

I lost what respect I had for the for the Roman Catholic Church . This community of religion and the Vatican, too long, have covered up or ignored for the sake of “princes of this church”.

The aftermath of the death of my son found me sickened, incredulous and confused by the actions of supposedly “christian like” people and their “leaders of their church”. The pain caused to a family who lost their only son – the needs of this family discounted and ignored WHY? Is that christian-like behaviour or the teaching of the code unto which these Roman Catholics adhere? Painting-of-St-Peter-s-Basilica-roman-catholic-church-29888275-781-550

We take care of our own- thinking – well I guess it probably is – although my experience with the “power and flock of the local church” Mary Mother of God parish and Calvary Cemetery is of only importance to me and mine. However, it is, in my opinion, the high-minded disgraceful behaviour and the who is who – the decisions, ignoring the wrongs and posturing that is causing the institution and business of the Roman Catholic Church its current PR and participation problems.

Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church will being electing a new pope on 12 March. The new pontiff will have a host of issues to deal with, among them the decline in active worship right on his doorstep – in Europe’s Catholic countries……
In 1966, 80% of the French declared themselves Catholic. By last year, 35% of the overall population and 63% of 18-24-year-olds said they were “of no religion”.

In my opinion, Father Divas, and Bishop Lennon enabled such hurt to be done to us and enabled the compounding of a mother and fathers grief.

They enabled disgrace, they enabled dishonesty of the cruelest kind.

I wonder if any Hail Mary’s were given to Angela Lombardi Ritchey DO for her acts- the breaking of ones word ( in front of witnesses) the hurt caused by burying a son without his family in a cemetery not of his faith in a “family plot” that was not of his family and the tackiness that followed. How many Hail Mary’s does that get – I am assuming none because Father Divas of the confessional would have had to admit his part in this cruelty.


I wrote to the Vatican and to Cardinal Foley – who has since passed away- December 2011- he did respond to a grieving mother and that is the only comfort and succour received by the Roman Catholic ) CHRISTIAN Church this family received.

Why am I not surprised then at the whitewashing of the “sins” as the hierarchy and flock of the Roman Catholic Church deem them to be? The church is awash with disgraceful acts and cover-ups subjecting them to blackmail and perversion of justice.

fred lombardi
Ironically the new spokesman for the latest round of problems and scandals has the name of Lombardi -

oh dear hopefully he is more honorable that the ones with which I have had to deal.

Oh! I am just a little tiny piece of the equation, insignificant among all the other “ignor stances” of the Vatican, the Popes – the cardinals, the archbishops, those who are the hierarchy of this church of shame and their underlings.

And still the community of Roman Catholics flock to their church, tears in their eyes – I know those tears – Why do these members of a world-wide congregation still follow these “icons” of the church for leadership?

These are men – with weaknesses and desires ( some so obscene by anyones standards- who go unscathed – protected into pulpits all over the world ) Is your kindly priest who forgives you your sins – one who blesses you after his own night of drunken debauchery, or crushing the innocence of a child brought to the church to be saved?

They sicken me with their hypocrisy just as I am sickened by those that pray on their knees and profess to be pillars of a community locally who follow the same hypocritical behaviour .
cardinal Obrien

Do the people believe these men have the ear to a God , they who have the power to save them to admit them have a key to enable them into some sort of eternal life ? Did these same men who wear the robes of archbishops who for years have trodden the paths of sinners have the power to forgive their congregations their wrongs. Yes! it is hypocrisy! On that an archbishop and I totally agree!

In a sermon in Glasgow, Archbishop Philip Tartaglia, now the de facto leader of Scotland’s 760,000 Catholics, said it was obvious why O’Brien’s resignation and admissions of sexual misconduct left the church open to the “most stinging charge” of hypocrisy.

Ironically Cardinal Foley passed away from blood cancer two years to the month after my son- I hope his family has a peace denied to us by the members of his religion.


vatican 001

March 11, 2013 at 12:42 pm 1 comment

The Cowboys of Lorain- No more shooting blanks !-Part 7


Part One

Part Two-

Part Three-

Part Four -

Part Five-

Part Six-


So what is a community to do ? Here we sit in the older neighborhoods of Lorain slowly dying. We are a community that is fueling its own destruction – we are the enablers of our own plight .
more dumping

We are a city whose main big business ( in my opinion) has become the business of rentals - it is not unusual for property owners to own not just 2 or three rentals but we now have people owning dozens and dozens of properties – if not hundreds such as- George Schneider.

Why because they make money – just like any other BUSINESS hopes to . We have Kent Sutton, himself a mega property owner stating to the newspaper

We (Lake Erie landlords Association) simply assure housing providers that they are running a business not like any other business,” Sutton said. “The housing should be kept up to some condition of the neighborhood.”.

It has been shown ( I hope) through my blog the landlords are determining the health and the condition of these older neighborhoods .

Why even the City of Lorain ‘s previous administrations such as the Foltin – Miller administration brought in Mr. Sutton to determine how rentals should be inspected- that was a “brilliant idea’

I wonder who benefitted??? surely not my neighborhood.

We have over 10 thousand rentals properties in our housing stock of around 29,000 of those 10,177 are occupied rental.
( Note)These are not you high-end rentals the average rental costs are approximately $550.

Our vacant properties around $3,600 ( since some have now been demolished). According to the census in Lorain our numbers add up like this
of those 29,000 homes over 50 percent 15,953 were built before 1959 over half century ago in fact we have only had 755 homes built AFTER 2005.

Our housing situation is the stuff of nightmares in some streets.

Landlords, who do not apparently care or do due diligence when checking references ( tip one – please check the court files- will give you an idea of their “worthiness” and reliability of your prospective tenants)
Far too many landlords have given succour to criminals who ply their trade in our neighborhoods: You want to help out these individuals fine put them in the house next door to you!

The individuals coming from incarceration are told which communities have the social service agencies readily available and into which neighborhoods they can assimilate - a neighborhood where apparently there are no lace curtains from which to be noticed- as there are either no windows and / or they are boarded up- leaving them free to do business from these “homes”.


Take the recent case of Joseph Worthy and what can happen in these vacant homes- a drug deal gone bad , very bad in this “vacant home”. He was out on the parole- Joseph has been before had been before Lorain Municipal Court 55 times- and before Lorain County Court of Common Pleas 10 separate times – he has given his address on a number of occasions as the homeless shelter and a rooming house (Broadway) and Catholic Charities on 8th Street.

Police now say the victim knew her attacker, 36-year-old Joseph Worthy. They believe the victim went willingly with Worthy to a vacant home to take part in a drug deal. Police do believe a sexual assault took place during the drug deal. Worthy was arrested on rape charges.The investigation continues.

Photo Source: Bobel – Morning Journal
fire housejpg

These homes also keep the Lorain Fire Dept. busy ( emphasis mine)
and from an earlier article -

“The city of Lorain has a problem with vacant house fires,” Lorain Fire Chief Tom Brown said. “We have absentee landlords and homeowners. People get into the houses and cause crime. We don’t have any witnesses or descriptions of suspects. We need help.”

City Council wants to know the cost to the city of putting out the fire especially when it looks like nearly one-third of fire calls to homes is for vacant and abandoned house of late .

NOTE: speaking to Chief Brown he stated the LFD responded to 14 vacant house fires last year and 2 gas leaks.
also he stated that if he had the ability to charge for recovery ( as with Hazmat)) he would for have to apply for a minimum $1,000 per hour just for per vehicles and man power to be covered.-

Councilman-at-Large Dan Given asked for an analysis of the cost per call to understand how different calls affect the budget for the city.

Brown said he is working on a reply for council.

It is possible to divide the department budget by the number of calls to get a dollar figure per call, Brown said.

The figure would be “astronomical,” Brown said. “People are going to fall out of their seats, and I don’t blame them,”


Our very school system depends upon a healthy community- our quality of life depends upon our neighborhoods. The survival as a viable community depends upon “quality” – The bar has to be set higher – we can’t have the mend and make do mentality- and drive by inspections that only get the bare minimum accomplished. 500Oberlin


Since the “business of rentals” is becoming Lorain’s largest business it is time to treat them as a business, to set a standard in Lorain and for judges to do more than fine someone a few hundred dollars and let the eyesores continue.


I see the need for more emphasis on the older properties. However, as we have learned in this series the City of Lorain Inspectors ( unless asked to Oh do come in) cannot do interior inspections . Changes NEED to BE Made in Lorain. Since in a previous post I referred to the City of Lakewood and their way of dealing with nuisances and older homes-
I checked with them as to interior inspections and point of sale. Let us look at Lakewood Building Dept. emphasis mine !


The department is made up of one Dept. Administrator, one Assistant Building Commissioner for Residential, overseeing a staff of five residential inspectors, one Assistant Building Commissioner for Commercial, overseeing a staff of four commercial inspectors, one Litter Control Agent, and three Administrative Support Staff. This staff has over 300 years in combined professional experience with inspections, engineering, contracting, and support, plus 30 hours of continuing education every 3 years for each state certification an inspector holds (avg. of 4 certifications each)

The chief priority of this department is enforcement of commercial and residential building codes for every structure in the City. This task is accomplished through the following processes:

NOTE::::: Complete Interior Inspections

1.Annual inspections consist of COMPLETE INTERIOR , exterior, and yard area inspections of NON- OWNER OCCUPIED structures on a street by street basis. Streets are assigned until all of the above properties have been inspected. When completed, the inspection rotation begins again.

marshalled 2
Now how do they get to perform these INTERIOR inspections when we apparently are on a “do come in basis ” or relying upon the integrity of the rental / landlord property owner. According to the Lakewood Building Dept. they send a letter with an appointment- and if they are not welcomed they go before the prosecutor because this is a codified ordinance with the City of Lakewood! YES! for Lakewood!

Now Lorain? we need to treat this business of rental as Mr. Sutton ( whose advice was to dearly sought by the Foltin Administration) as the businesses he says they are and treat them as such.

back to Lakewood:


2.Exterior inspections are performed in all non-Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) areas. These are external only inspections and are assigned by complaint and on a rotational street-by-street basis.

3.Zone Check inspections are the responsibility of inspectors assigned to a specific ward of the City to ferret out the “eye sore” properties and to issue a correction notice to the property owner.

4.Exterior/Interior Complaint inspections are triggered from various sources including citizen calls, councilpersons, “report-a-problem”, police or public works referrals, etc.

5.Certificate of Occupancy Inspections are mandated for all non-owner occupied rental properties that are on the market for sale. This inspection includes the interior, exterior, and yard areas of the property.
6.Prior to Sale inspections are for owner occupied properties. Should an owner request it, an inspection is conducted on the interior, exterior, and yard areas when they are marketing their property for sale.

7.Lakewood First Time Homebuyers Program inspections are initiated by the property owner and are required for participation in the program.


Lorain is literally feeding upon herself!
citylorain feeds


No More Fudd for thought we need action!!!


February 14, 2013 at 9:44 pm 12 comments

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