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That Woman by Loraine Ritchey Contact

For those in the audience that attended the “super board” meeting or the combined Lorain Port Authority and City Council meeting of the minds , hereafter known on this blog as the (LPACC) – there were no surprises from the Staubach Company.( January 29th at City Hall )

There was nothing really new in the report from Staubauch except “time lines”. Basically the developers will know we have a mess but that we intend to take care of it, and how and when will be needed to be part of the package that is sent out with the RFP.

Get rid of the Urban Decay –
Clean up the entranceways and gateways to downtown
Fix the existing commercial and building facades on Broadway
Uniform signage
Get rid of the Transmission Lines
Move the sewer plant
City Hall is taking up valuable real estate
Take advantage of your “history”
Bring in the Arts
Get rid of the eyesores
Camouflage the existing industry on the river and lake front
HAVE A TIME LINE for completion, a plan and how it will be financed

The faces in the room told it all

“ We have been saying the same things for years”,

However, maybe now, a $90,000 opinion will be listened to by our leaders……….

The power lines, the power plant and the deteriorating housing, the need for the historical significance of the area in question ( Charleston Village) has been at the forefront of this neighborhood for years -time and time again saying the exact same thing . everywhere are signs

Charleston Village Society and the Black River Historical Society have fought an uphill battle to draw attention to the unique history that is Lorain. We have tried to stop the rot and blight and we weren’t alone. In the early summer of 2005 Dan Harkins and Shawn Foucher of the Chronicle Telegram ran the story “Broken Homes” How abandoned houses are hurting Lorain…

For the past 8 years the particular problem of decaying buildings and houses was dismissed, in my opinion, due to the last administration’s relationship with the multiple property owners. who was the puppet master

“The new housing inspectors have gotten only a lukewarm endorsement from Mayor Craig Foltin, who defeated his predecessor in 1999 in part by making an issue of what he characterized as an overly aggressive Building Department” Chronicle Telegram– Broken Homes

And now we are in an even bigger mess!
How did this happen in five years..
it ain't pretty
bloody  disgusting
This building was mentioned in the report by Staubach as being down the street from the Morning Journal.
If Cole and Co had maybe “tweeked the administration” they were so friendly with , maybe there would have been a roof over the heads of their neighboring businesses

However a couple of terms did keep jumping out “eminent domain was mentioned at least three times and TIF( tax incremental financing- twice (URDA).

Those are terms well known in Lorain, in Charleston Village and our Portside area. In the article on TIF, written a few months ago, there were 10 such areas already in Lorain and more to be studied -including the Lakefront Study which is the area Staubach was reporting upon. Portside , Lorain’s oldest and historic neighborhood dodged the bullet -our homes did not meet the definition of “blight”.logo  CD Ritchey

2.Lorain-West (Ford & Heritage)
3. Lighthouse Village
4.Colorado Ind. Park
5.Pellet Terminal (Lakefront area)
6.Riverfront area – (Spitzer)
7.Washington Avenue
8.Central Lorain –
9. Connecting Blight study Central Lorain-Lakefront 10.Riverside Blight- 20 years old nearing expiration
(Note info at least a year old)

The Institute for Justice and Castle Coalition sent out this just yesterday “Doomsday? No Way”-Economic Trends and Post-Kelo Eminent Domain Reform. The report is well worth the read!

I did notice Staubach didn’t mention the CRA – (Community Reinvestment Areas) one of which covers the Charleston Village and Portside area being discussed by Staubach, which of course the CRA would’ve been seen as a plus and given them another development tool! –Come to think of it maybe not now!!! the attorneys for  the CRA

Fight the CRA (cat) fight and we are all losing, the homeowners, the taxpayers and what will those developers think of us now? Oh !what a tangled web (huge sigh)

Paula Tobias 1st woman to  run for  mayor in Lorain in her campaign stated

I like to use the analogy, if I’m going to sell my home (or in this case the City)
I can’t have a cow pasture for a driveway (the streets)
A Thug at the door (crime)
A leaking roof (the buildings in Lorain that are falling apart)
and a basement full of feces (our infrastructure system)

Henery Hawk has the good and the bad ugly in his Fame it and Shame it articles

And heck we even got involved with stopping the “bottom feeders” (a term used by Staubach in their presentation)

As for those Power Lines they have been the bain of my existence for months

John Wargo of the LPACC asked :

“where do we start?”

John , you can “start” with cleaning up the neighborhoods and the buildings in our downtown, which will ripple out into the area of crime and ambiance- the tools are already in place for this step one!

1.enforcing the ordinances of the deteriorating housing and buildings .
2You go to the judges who give the property owners a slap on the wrist and tell them this is unacceptable!
3.You legislate the loop holes out of the current ordinances.

And the LPACC all of you put
L-ORAIN -first
P-OLITICS -not allowed
C-OMMUNICATION- a necessity

These should be the watch words for the LPACC and in the future lets “listen” to those that live here and experience the problems right next door. STILL  DETERIORATING

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CRA or Confusion Runs Amuck HELL – is OTHER People!

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  • 1. Eric Hundin  |  January 31, 2008 at 8:16 pm

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Eric Hundin

  • 2. thatwoman  |  January 31, 2008 at 9:41 pm

    Thank you Eric …. the News will be varied 🙂 Loraine

  • 3. renee dore  |  January 31, 2008 at 11:25 pm

    When I listened to them speak about the gateways to our waterfront I thought about the goal of the adopt a spot when it was implemented over 3 years ago. All roads lead to the waterfront and what people see along these routes leaves an impression. The grassroots volunteer effort has been tremendous but it gets overwhelming for a city this size to try to tackle some of the issues such as litter/environment on a volunteer basis. We had talked about having a litter summit to try to get people from all areas of the city to become invloved and help coordinate this project as an ongoing effort. We used to say “Company is Coming!” –time to clean! Sounds so easy but it’s not. Renee Dore

  • 4. Paula Tobias  |  February 1, 2008 at 12:09 am

    Through the entire presentation I felt like I was listening to ourselves and what we’ve said and asked over the years.
    Hopefully now that someone they paid for and is from the outside will be listened to.
    I agree with all that they presented.
    The committees will be formed, but who is going to be held responsible/accountable? The Admininstration? The Port Authority?
    Who will suffer if this plan isn’t done right and immediately? The citizens that remain.
    Can personal agendas be put aside?
    Can we all agree to help this poor city?

  • 5. Carolyn Sipkovsky  |  February 1, 2008 at 4:39 am

    I personally felt upset when the Starbach officials remarked that one of the “Bad” items in the City was that we didn’t have an atttraction such as a museum & this item also made the Journal report of the meeting. Having worked with the Black River Historical Society for 19 years (yikes I didn’t realize it was that long) I was very hurt that all that volunteer work for an organization that was established in 1981 was not recognized. In fact, since we are located in a City owned building and they said they rode all around the City in doing their report I would have hoped that being located one block off Broadway and two blocks from City Hall they would have seen us. I wonder what else they missed.

  • 6. Henery  |  February 1, 2008 at 9:41 am

    Why does it take PAYING for a report on what needs fixed in the city make it more real than listening to the citizens that actually give a $hit about this city?

    They could’ve read WoM, fer cryin’ out loud, and taken the bunch of us to lunch downtown for a microscopic fraction of the amount they paid, and gotten a much more detailed report.

    To Live and Groan in Lorain.

    Just hoping it’s not –

    To Live and Die in Lorain

  • 7. Dennis Lamont  |  February 1, 2008 at 11:41 am

    The comments may not have been new but the theme was. DO IT NOW and DO IT YOURSELF is coming across more and more even in our commuter rail project. Development has skipped Downtown Lorain and is going on all around us. The only high-tension lines anyone from town ever noticed were those on 2nd St and move City Hall, that is really innovative. The poopy plant, ah we’ll go thru the accepted path and maybe in ten years the new one will be up and running and the consultants never even mentioned schools and sewers in the quality of life proposals. A year ago I attended a session on how to take your city back …downhill since.

    I didn’t have the figures with me when I commented at the meeting but the streetcar and the museums are part of a $200 million tourist industry in Kenosha County … and certainly we can do at least as well. Push the Maritime Museum, expand the Black River Historical Society into a full blown, year round Museum …certainly there is enough there to do that. Help us build the StreetcarLine/Industrial Heritage museum. Finish the Palace Arcade …etc, etc, etc.

    If we could set up a field trip to Kenosha during one of their celebrations you could see how close we are to having something that works.

    One last comment … If we could change “I Love Lorain” into “I’d Love to do Something about Lorain” we’d be going places!


  • 8. thatwoman  |  February 1, 2008 at 1:06 pm

    Carolyn, yes I noticed that and thought OK they have been told the Maritime Museum would like to locate and that is as far as it went with their research, same thing happened in that ERA study,.. Renee and I told the person who interviewed us .. she didn’t even know about the historical aspext of the area a and she said “you should get a museum, I remember Renee pointing out the window and said “there it is!”( what happened to that ERA study anyway).

    I wonder if they even talked to anyone in the “Arts” community and “what kind of “Arts???” made me smile….when they said that …

    so the two things that they stated in their report the historical aspect and the arts that we need to address…. well was “our museum” and historians contacted with that aspect ,since they seemingly didn’t know about you I guess not…. I think someone should send them the “link” 🙂

  • 9. Bill Sturgill  |  February 1, 2008 at 1:25 pm

    I thought this was going to be the end of the line and we were going to get the RFP’s and who would like to develop in this area. Seems like we are out in the woods and before we can get gas and sewers we need a road.
    So when can we expect some sort of time line and plan of action. I own a home on 1st street, I’m going to re landscape, pick up any debris around my area and do my part. I know this won’t get done overnight. Infact this whole thing as a project looks tremendously overwhelming but most is doable in time. Hope I live long enough to see it.

  • 10. outofbounds  |  February 1, 2008 at 1:28 pm

    The question that hasn’t been asked is how deep will the citizens of Lorain willing to reach into thier pockets. I really don’t believe any of our administrators are not aware of our problems, they are keenly aware of how Lorain acts to any type of increase to provide services. I read Paulas statement on her political website, but she failed to tell anyone how she would go about and change our image, how she would fund what needed to be fixed and still handle our deficit.
    To act upon this report is going to take many citizens to band together and tell our leaders we are in tjhis with you, give us a plan and tell us how it will be funded. What hasn’t been stated is when he said this will cost the citizens, we can contnue status quo, (no increase in taxes, user fees,) and watch the decline or dig deep into our pockets and fight our way back. This will cost money, how many of you out there are willing to pay. You do not have to volunteer any time only call everyone you know and urge them to join you and tell our leaders that we are supportive.

  • 11. thatwoman  |  February 1, 2008 at 1:38 pm

    Well Bill they did state time and time again ” this is your legacy” . The want to send out the RFP with the “plan” and the course of action and the time lines in the RFP to stop the bottom feeders from taking advantage ( selling our selves off cheap and tying up the property)
    One of the reasons CV has been working so hard on the “tree carvings” is that not only is it worthwhile and will give back to the neioghborhood that has lost its “softness” but it SHOWS visitors ( such as developers ) that people still care in this area, and that those “sponsors” whose names are carved in the sculptures also are still supporting this town and this old neighborhood .it isn’t totally abandoned to the wires and decay….
    Hey look us over
    Lend us an ear
    Fresh out of clover
    Mortgage up to here
    But don’t pass the plate folks
    Don’t pass the cup
    I figure whenever you’re down and out
    The only way is up

    And we’ll be up like a rose bud
    High on the vine
    Don’t thumb your nose
    But take a tip from mine
    IWe’re a little bit short of the elbow room
    But let us get us some
    And look out world
    Here WE come

  • 12. thatwoman  |  February 1, 2008 at 8:07 pm

    I sent the link to Mr. McShea of Staubach who has responded
    Loraine – thank you so much for forwarding me your blog/website – a lot
    of interesting comments. For what it’s worth, sometimes you need an
    outsider to bring focus on a problem that you’ve lived with for so
    you just don’t see it any more. Our team thinks that Lorain has a lot
    to offer. If we can get a few of these initiatives moving in the right
    direction, we’re confident we can get the developer interest everyone

    Have a good weekend and again – thanks for the insight.

  • 13. Paula Tobias  |  February 2, 2008 at 9:32 pm

    Outofbounds: In response:

    “I read Paulas statement on her political website, but she failed to tell anyone how she would go about and change our image, how she would fund what needed to be fixed and still handle our deficit.” is one step to control spending/costs.

    How much do you think I would expose before the election? I kept hearing my “voice” /”ideas” coming up in others speeches.

    I have/had a very extensive plan I’d be happy to share.

    I still care very deeply about what is happening to this city and I have offered to help.

    One point I didn’t make was that yes I would have divided the Safety/Service position, but I wouldn’t have had four other employees in the office as well.

    Outofbounds contact Loraine for my email, I’d be happy to share all my ideas.

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