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Good-bye “Dear” John-LONG LIVE THE KING!

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Morning Journal Editor John G. Cole has announced his retirement after 34 years at the paper, 29 of them as editor.
Cole made the announcement earlier this week, saying he was ready to pursue other interests.

Cole began his career in Lorain in 1974 as a reporter. He was named editor in 1979 upon the sudden death of his predecessor and mentor, Irving Leibowitz. Cole and his wife, Lois, who recently retired, live in Avon Lake. He said they intend to stay in the area.

Sandy Prudoff, John Cole and myself all ended up in Lorain about the same time along with leisure suits, gold chains and platform shoes.

It was Sandy that I first ran afoul of -back in the day. I was very young and naive and wanted to do something to help (that time it was a rape crisis center), well the best of intentions usually end up (is it just in Lorain) getting myther-ed and agender-ed. This was no different.

Sandy and I, began our relationship as adversaries and through the years we have had a varied relationship. We have argued, have also written not so loving letters back and forth and dug our heels in on opposite sides, but he was always willing to sit down with me and discuss another situation or event no matter how “hot” the exchanges that went before, for that he has my respect. That isn’t always the case with “other people” -then or now -in fact our yin /yang relationship has lasted longer than a lot of marriages or “friendships”. I can count on Sandy to be Sandy!

Mr. Cole and I, on the other hand, were like ships passing in the night a little ripple now and then telling of the passing; a slight wave letting the other know we shared the same sea.

I wonder if he remembers the “Lorain Pride” meeting he called at the Morning Journal offices to get people involved with a city wide cleanup sponsored by the Morning Journal, we shared a common denominator and a table back then or the time he had Howard Gollop call in the “arts community” when he thought that we should pursue something similar to Great Lakes Shakespeare. Yes, little ripples from ships passing in the night- a slight knock now and then.

30 years we bobbed along, I didn’t get involved with the man, although Sandy and I continued to make waves. I heard all the moaning and groaning from politicians etc. as to the Kingdom of Cole, but I stayed away from the fray for the most part and was even known to defend the Journal at times.

The Morning Journal had a publisher Kevin Walsh, for whom I had a great deal of respect. I always dealt with Mr. Walsh and had very little to do with Mr. Cole.

Then a changing of the guard , Mr. Haezebroeck, the new publisher whose job it was to boost advertising revenue, he stated he

would be a mercenary in his tactics,

and he was. Suffice to say he and I hit the perfect storm about three months in. I guess the greatest compliment I was paid after I wouldn’t play the game of ( in my opinion what I perceived to be ) intimidation and manipulation

” she is too difficult to work with”

The experience left me very wary and looking out to the horizon for the next tidal bore and down it came with the words from Mayor Foltin in the Cleveland Plain Dealer

Re: John Cole, longtime editor of the local newspaper.
“I feel he should be briefed early (even in the next week or two) with the understanding that we are in very early stages and he will be the first to know if anything happens and when it becomes public,” Foltin wrote Oct. 11 in an e-mail to Casey. He can personally squash any nay-saying and ensure broad community support.” – Plain Dealer 3/5/05 – Molly Kavanaugh and Tom Breckenridge

I was outraged, to think that a Mayor thought he had the tool to squash naysayers and the tool was print media, the 4th estate,was in his arsenal. I thought:

surely the Morning Journal editor John Cole will address this in his paper

but to my surprise No!

So jumping on my horse and once again tilting at windmills -off at full tilt I went!null When will I ever learn ? They shoot the messenger!

I have written about it till I am sure people are “bored” to death so I won’t go further. My complaints to the Publisher ( Jeff Sudbrook) and to the parent company (Journal Register) of the Morning Journal must have wrankled my friend John
as when a politician called John Cole to inform him of the RSO situation and Compass House and that he should talk to me he was told ”

I will meet with you anytime but I will never meet with THAT WOMAN”

Ah! the name game -hence the title of this blog! Thanks John and I won’t charge you for the naming rights!

So it continued, blow for blow, my name / address published in the paper in RSO articles, no  publicity given to community  events  with which I was involved the list went on , little digs, subject of front page  articles that were erroneous editorials and to be fair I took some shots across his bow too.pimping for the shawnee

Never argue with an Englishwoman who has nothing to gain or lose and who is still trying to maintain credibility in what is printed


So now he is going. Well it has been an interesting three years…. just as my 30 odd years toe to toe with Sandy has been , unless retirement is also in his future too, then I am sure we will continue the ebb and flow and a few waves crashing on the lake front.
John Cole and his fiddlers

So John -my final word on King Cole.


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THAT (damned) WOMAN!!!!!

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