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Just to repeat:

Lunch  anyone Lorain on the menu

And speaking of too many hats:snodgrass

People in CRA 4 cannot even complain to their council person
Ward 8
because he is under a “gag order” and is also the Chief Deputy of Finance for County Auditor Mark Stewart. ( enough to make you gag!)

The other argument that Chandra and Stewart make in their dismissal

The City is a party to two pending actions, a declaratory judgement and an administrative appeal, before the Lorain County Court of Common Pleas etc

Here come the Judge

Mark Betleski, The Judge

is the brother of Phil Betleski
Blood Brothers
the former Lorain City Councilman who voted AYE on the amendments and then was running against Dan Given for Council at Large, contacted the Chronicle with his concerns, which the Chronicle then wrote about AFTER the election,

LORAIN — Councilman Phil Betleski has accused two fellow councilmen of violating the Ohio ethics code and is calling for one of them to resign from a committee position. Betleski, D-2nd Ward, sent an e-mail to Councilman Dan Given dated May 1 in which he asks Given to recuse himself as chairman of the Tax Incentive Review Committee. He also wrote that Councilman Tony Krasienko, another committee member, was in violation, too.

Then we have Judge Betleskis Law Clerk- John Keys -who just happens to be married to Linda Keys who sent out the letters of denial ( you guessed it )works for Mark Stewart as well

The abatements were first called into question earlier this year when they came across the desk of county auditor employee Linda Keys…… The chief deputy for the real estate section in the Lorain County Auditor’s office, Keys is the official who processes abatement applications

I wonder why the PD isn’t asking about that seemingly conflict of interest? And they have a problem with Dan Given wearing too many hats !!! Can we say hypocritical? And can we say

people who wear too many hats themselves -shouldn’t toss them


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A Social Weekend!Guest Blogger Renee Dore

A Social Weekend in Lorain by Renee Dore February 8th, 2008

Last weekend here in Lorain seemed to be unusually social for me. I took last Friday off from work and finally met a girl friend for lunch after months of procrastinating to do so.

She suggested we meet at Fabyan’s in the Duane Building. ( 401 Broadway) Duane Building

She had already visited the new eatery and said it was very good. I am so glad we did! It was a very chilly day and once inside the atmosphere was warm and charming, and the aroma of the soups convinced me we had made a good decision to meet there.

The decorations were of the Valentine’s Day theme-very pretty. The tree in the corner that once was filled Holiday decorations was transformed into a Valentine delight- with hearts and red ribbons and garland. Lacy heart doilies were on the tables-everything was red and white.

It was a soft, feminine accent against the backdrop of the original gray sandstone walls. The soups and salads were homemade, as were the desserts. Everything was delicious. I felt as if I was at one of the restaurants many of us women travel to in other cities, but-I was in Lorain. I even treated myself to a manicure at a local salon ( something I rarely do).

Later that day, I attended a retirement celebration for one of my coworkers. It was held at the new Applebee’s on Leavitt Rd.
Appplebees Lighthouse Village
Twelve women from our workplace gathered around 5 PM. and we made certain that we called to let them know there would be a large group coming. They accommodated the large group and the service and food was also very good. I only had appetisers and something to drink but knew this was going to be a fun place to meet friends. The restaurant is very open and the staff seems friendly. The food was very good.

That evening I went to a fundraiser for Camp Ideas at Rosewood. (Rosewood Hall-4493 Oberlin Ave. Lorain, Ohio 44052)
Many people came from the community to support an important cause. One of the organizers of the event graduated with me from Lorain High and another classmate/ friend came in from Columbus to help at the event. They had invited me to join them the next morning at the new Rose Café at Lakeview Park.
Rose cafe
Photo Photo by Antonio Barrios, FrameWorks
That was my first time go to the Rose Café. There was fire in the fireplace, music was playing, and the scenery of the white ice on the grayish lake looked like something a watercolor artist would use for a painting idea.
Lakeview Park photo Henery Hawk
The food was great- very tasty and the selection ranged from breakfast items to soups and sandwiches. It was hard to imagine we were in Lorain. We thought it would be a perfect location to hold our ?? class reunion! We could just imagine what the view might be like in the summer.

My husband called later afternoon and wanted to meet at Chello’s ( 5th Street next to the Moore House Musem)moore housebecause he had not yet had lunch. So, my social weekend continued. I had a great soup at Chello’s and my husband had homemade waffles. My diet went out the window by then, but I was having fun, trying new places, visiting friends, and spending time similar to what I’d do if I were on a weekend get a away someplace other than Lorain.

We usually stop in at Kennedy’s on 4th St. but that evening we took a drive to Vermilion to hear Tim Blake ( a Lorain favorite) at Red Clay on the clay

Sunday I went to Midway Mall to look at what was new coming in for spring and see what was on sale from the winter. I hadn’t planned for so many social things to happen in 3 days but was very happy they did- right here in & near our city.

I didn’t spend a great amount of money at any of the places I went to- the prices were reasonable at all of the establishments, the services were great and so was the food I had.

I wanted to share this and let people know there are positive things going on in our community and I’m thankful for all of them. I might do this again one weekend and visit some of the other places I haven’t been to in a while. Might have to include a spa morning at one of the local spas for a treat.

So, if your looking for place to have a girls social weekend- try Lorain- you might be surprised what’s here.

jacalope sunset Jacalope

Renee Dore

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