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Impressions from Paula-Lorain City Council

Paula Tobias
One of the topics discussed at council this evening (Februrary 25th) was the use of City Owned/Leased Vehicles.

There is an existing ordinance that appears to have not been enforced. But the current administration within 30 days will bring back to council a new policy.
The Old Ordinance:
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The submitted list of current employees with City Owned/Leased Vehicles:
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I asked that more detail be required for the Mileage Log, besides the miles, dates, times, location of use. These vehicles are for City use, paid by the citizens for the benefit of the City, not the employee.

Request for detailed information of how many vehicles, the cost and maintenance has been requested of the Street Department Director and Auditor.

play  ball photo Community Development
At the beginning of tonight’s meeting The Parks Department had a very nice power point presentation about the Pipe Yard. I’m sure Mr. Renney would be more than happy to share the presentation with anyone that requests.

I left before the discussion of the new administration’s “Reporting Structure”. I did hear that the total salary of the new proposed administration would be adding ten percent to our debt.

How many people have recent administrations needed? Or do we need “Multi-Taskers” or the help from outside groups.

A thirty page analysis from the Gortz group probably ran the cost of a receptionist. (org chart)
The org chart doesn’t mention the administrative personnel.

They are trying to save money with cuts in cars and in the long run it will be personnel/city workers aka services to the citizens that will be sacrificed. I know there are many good people that will offer solutions or suggestions on how to “streamline”. I’d be happy to help. Paula Tobias

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10 days of hell

The past 10 days have wreaked havoc within my family I will be writing a little about the experience Friday. In the meantime I want to thank Paula for stepping up to the “that woman” spot . Her thougts on Lorain City Council meeting last night will be up at 7:00 tonight. Thank you my friend …..Loraine

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