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Shared sense of purpose!

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It is funny; to me at least, how one aspect of your life leads to another. Lately I have been researching ‘diets for chemo”. I was somewhat thrilled to find, whilst sitting in the Oncologists waiting room, that the recommended diet to help with chemo and weight loss, really was the same diet that we English have been following for centuries.

We have taken a lot of angst from the non English with regards to our stodgy and simple fare. The French and those of the hot and spicy countries look down their respective noses at our over done beef and three vegetables gravy and Yorkshires (typical Sunday dinners) sunday  dinner
our treacle puddings, treacle pudcustards and meat and chicken pies, meat pie (with lashings of gravy).
The over use in our diet of whole milk and butter and eggs and crusty white bread and cheese.
BUT Lo and behold all those things are apparently just what the Dr. ordered when it comes to aiding the chemo patient.

So off I went in search of some more of the recipes from the time before Kebab and Chips and Indian take- a-ways that now grace the English fast food diet back to my mothers time “how to make a junket”. The trip took me to an article from the BBC “War time Lessons for the Credit Crunch” It seems hard times and higher prices are making people rethink their food shopping in England.

However, it was the following words that made me think not about the pounds I would be packing on with a full English breakfast and ploughman’s for lunch, but how for many many months there were a group of people that came together to try and “make things change” in the City of Lorain, and those people had a shared sense of purpose

“Because of rationing and the conditions, people were having to co-operate,” she says. “Generally speaking there was a shared purpose and it pushed people from different backgrounds and classes together.”

But there was and is frustration when we work hard to make a change and see very little for our efforts and that shared sense of purpose deteriorates, our personal agendas can get in the way .

BUT once again the article about food rationing and diets summed up for me the frustration of trying to make a difference a “change’ if you will…..

“Change is a good thing, but there has to be a balance between stability and change. If there isn’t that balance you feel out of control. “It’s about controlling what you know you can and leaving what you can’t.”

And just maybe Lorain needs us to find a “shared sense of purpose”

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