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“the time of great excitement among the bogus or counterfeiting fraternity, who at that time seemed to have a strong foothold in many of the townships of Lorain County. Times were hard. Nearly all the banks in the country had suspended specie payment; the paper money then in circulation was of all grades and value. Many thought they would take a hand in currency tinkering, which was the order of the day. Therefore, many resorted to counterfeiting and the making of bogus coin. Men who had been arrested and placed in jail, charged with this offense, broke out and fled for their country’s good. Mr. Israel Cash, who had turned State’s evidence, was shot through the body, but not killed, by the son of an implicated counterfeiter. Lorain County was all excitement.”

paper money

So goes the tale of Lorain County in the late 1830’s and the rest of the story:Sheriff Gates

“In the fall of 1838, Mr Gates was elected sheriff of Lorain County, removing to Elyria. It has since been his residence. During his residence in Black River he filled the various offices of constable, justice of the peace, and Marshal of Charleston Village. On the 12th day of November, 1838, he took the oath of office as sheriff, and entered upon its duties. The court of Common Pleas was then in session. (from the history of Nahum Ball Gates of Ohio)

Meanwhile what of the wounded Mr. Cash

Israel CASH was born on 1 May 1784. He was MILITARY in 1812. He died in 1845
MILITARY Notes: Was a private in the War of 1812 in Capt. Joel Gillett’s Co of Artillery, Farrington’s Regiment, New York Militia and in 5th Artillery and Infantry Reg’t (Colden’s), New York Militia for one month and nineteen days. Discharged at Greenwich, NY, 214 miles from his residence in Franklin, Delaware, NY. Service was October 22, 1814 to December 10, 1814.
Convicted of counterfeiting at age 60 – this was in Black River, Lorain County, Ohio where his wife died of typhus in 1824.

From Lorain County History the following references were made to Israel Cash:
Israel Cash was an early settler of Russia township (Lorain County). He also lived for a short time in Pittsfield where it states that Israel Cash, who obtained an unenviable notoriety in Amherst, was a resident for a short time.
Another reference states he sold a farm in the late 1820’s.

And finally what happens when law enforcement, the prosecutor and the judge are stong, determined and efficient

Such was the condition of affairs when Mr Gates entered upon the duties of his office. Thus they remained for over a year. Strict justice will ever give to Sheriff Gates, a determined judge and efficient prosecutor, the credit of breaking up this nefarious gang, whose wicked ramifications even reached into families hitherto called honest and respectable. His prompt action routed the whole gang, root and branch. Many, under the kind care of Sheriff Gates, visited Columbus, others fled their country, some reformed, and others died.”

Sheriff Gates ended up as Elyria’s Mayor on more than one occasion apparently

In 1840 Col. Gates was an ardent Whig, and took an active part in the memorable campaign of that year. Mounted on his famous black horse, “Bucephalus,” he led the delegation in the procession from Lorain county to the imposing grand convention held upon the banks of the Maumee river on June 11, that year. In Elyria he built a sawmill, sash, door and blind factory, and in 1843 he put up an ashery, which he operated for many years. In 1843 he was elected mayor of Elyria for the first time, and served many succeeding terms, though not consecutively. In 1844 he embarked in general mercantile business in Elyria, but at the end of a year he sold out. In 1850 he was a director of the Lorain Plank Road Company,

NOTE: Thanks to Jeff Sigsworth for the photo and for the following:

Nahum Ball Gates (1812-1890) served 4 separate times as Mayor of Elyria; and when the Elyria Town Hall was enlarged & remodeled to include the Elyria Opera House in 1879 (used until 1904), Mayor Gates served as its first Stage Manager as well.
I believe he was the 3rd Sheriff of Lorain County.

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