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LNWC- Safety First – Link UP

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Lorain Neighborhood Watch  Council Paula Tobias

Spring time means more daylight and warmer temperatures, so be aware of the traffic on the road, motorcycles are out and kids on bikes.
It also means more burglars and thieves will be looking to target your home. Did you know that 52% of all burglaries happen during the day?
Remember to keep the “Three L’s” in mind.

o LIGHTING. Intruders hate bright lights. Install motion sensitive lighting on the front and back of the house. Consider one for the shed as well. Kits (motion sensitive or ones with timers) may be available for less than $100.

o LOCKS. 80% of all break-ins happen through a door. All outside doors must be made of metal or solid wood. They must have locks, preferably with a 1” deadbolt. Entry doors should have security-type strike plates (latches) with 3” screws to penetrate the wooden door frame.

o LANDSCAPING: Trim shrubs and trees. Bushes should be trimmed to 2.5/3 feet. Trees to 6 feet. Nothing should block the view out your windows or allow someone to hide.

Also, be aware that door-to-door solicitors may approach your home. Police recommend you never open the door for any person you do not know. Ask for ID.

You may also consider a professional alarm/security system. Check with several companies before you buy. Learn how to use and maintain properly.

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