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Paula’s Possible (solutions)

Paula Tobias by Paula Tobias

How to Make a Proposal to Council

First, and importantly, you need to clarify/confirm the criteria that need to be fulfilled in order to justify starting or continuing the project or group, in other words, what do the decision-makers need to see in order to approve the project or its continuation?

Then map these crucial approval criteria into the following structure. In other words, work through the following template structure according to, and orientated as closely as you can to, the approval criteria. (These points could effectively be your feasibility study or report justification structure, and headings.)

• past, present and particularly future (‘customer’) need (for the outputs/results produced by group or project)
• benefits and outcomes achieved to date for what cost/investment
• benefits and outcomes to be produced in the future
• resources, costs, investment, etc., required to produce future required outcomes and benefits (identify capital vs revenue costs, ie., acquisition of major assets and ongoing overheads)
• alternative methods or ways of satisfying needs, with relative cost/return (return on investment) comparisons (ie., what other ways might there be for satisfying the need if the group or project doesn’t happen or ceases?)
• outline strategy and financial plan, including people, aims, philosophy, etc (ideally tuned to meet the authorizing power’s fulfillment criteria) for proposed start or continuation of project (assuming you have a case, and assuming there is no better alternative)

Keep it simple. Keep to the facts and figures. Provide evidence. Be clear and concise.If you know something is coming up, begin the lines of communication.

Water Distribution Building:

I believe they knew as far back as January that they would have to vacate to make room for Emerson. No it hadn’t been finalized but the questions and answers could have started then and not April 8th. Thus removing the issue of everything coming down under an Emergency Clause.

Cross your T’s, dot your I’s.
Why don’t you know how much the demolition will cost?
No bid ordinances are suspect, explain before the ordinance is submitted/proposed the reasons or the bids you did see/have.

Have all the information and detail ready. Ask council ahead what they’ll be looking for so you’re prepared to address.

Feedback from several council members echoed:
They would like ordinances presented in a timely matter so that they can discuss with other council members and have time to review all of the information that is incorporated in the new or revised ordinance.

Unfortunately, this rarely happens as they will get information pertaining to ordinances the day of or during council meetings. Many of the council members have asked the administration to give them more time or at least a heads up to the new or revised ordinances before the day of council.
Early communication would help a lot. They have suggested work sessions with the administration so that there would be time to review agendas and ordinances and ask questions. I’m sure everyone would agree that it would be a good idea, but as the administration has only been in office for a short time it is difficult to schedule a time.
The backlash of not working/communicating together could be more items going into committee and less progress happening during council meetings.

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Media Managing – Lorain- Ohio

Here we go again.. I have mentioned the marketing techniques of politics and politicians recently. Ironically we have three of the same “combatants at the media market” Given, Holcomb and Snodgrass. We have seen the battle played in the papers re the CRA and the opinions of Holcomb and Snodgrass about their fellow Council person Given “Blow back Scorches Given”. And now they have come out charging again.
I have a great respect for our LPD , I realize there is always more to the story but there is something very worrying and unhealthy going on…
Take a look at WoM’s piece this afternoon, follow the links mentioned , this is not good publicity and there seems to be more and more “poor judgement” behaviour happening.

Take a look at the comments on the Chronicle article as to Given’s question or call for an explanation. Why the scorched back lash ? Should we not ask questions – wasn’t that the cry from the citizens to council “ask”………….. just don’t sit there and rubber stamp…

We have a city facing millions in law suits, publicity detrimental to the LPD and the City of Lorain – Should not the question be raised as to why this is happening- maybe our officers have issues that need to be addressed – maybe it is a symptom of something much larger.

To have the sort of comments that are seemingly from people with inside knowledge on the Chronicle site is in my opinion a symptom of something very wrong, the letter in the brown envelope that has been sent out with accusations – we received one last summer too , I could find a lot wrong with the accusations and other explanations but the mere fact that this is circulating says something is wrong.

Council people being questioned by their constituents as to behaviours “unbecoming a police officer”. Do we not expect and do not the officers who put themselves out there every day and every night for our safety and well being also expect and have the right to answers? The question raised on the council floor after another week of bad publicity for this city – does it deserve the back lash from fellow council people- you be the judge?

I would like to call a Committee of a Whole Meeting for April 28, 2008, to have the Police Chief come down and address Council about what is going on in the Police Department. Every day I have homeowners or residents come forward and ask me what is going on downtown. It’s bad enough that we are 60 days from all hell breaking loose with the kids getting out of school and all the trouble they are normally going to get into besides the fact that it’s going to be warm and every drug transaction is going to take place on the corners but now we have to worry about police officers or lack of leadership in that area. I think Mr. Rivera needs to come before Council, as well as the public, and start explaining what is going on with regards to his department, what kind of changes he is planning on putting into affect and when the residents can start feeling safe about the Police Department again. This in uncomfortable topic for me to bring up however; every time I turn around someone is hitting me with a question. Different employees of that department are violating not only their own codes but the city ordinances that are before them as well. I think it has to stop and start bringing some honor to that department that it has had in the past. On the 28th of this month, I want to have a meeting here.
CLERK GREER: Do you wish to have an Executive Session on that matter?
MR. GIVEN: I will leave it up to the Chief as to how he wasn’t to address it because it is an employee matter.
CLERK GREER: We would have to do that during a special call.
MR. GIVEN: We can talk in Executive Sessions if he wants to go into exact plans. I think he needs to step forward in front of this Council and the public and address the fact that we are letting the residents down with the service that we are providing. The residents are not feeling comfortable with their own Police Department. As painful as it is, it needs to be done.
LAW DIRECTOR PROVENZA: We have some pending litigation right now. The litigation right now is some wrongdoing on the part of some Lorain police officers. I think it is advisable, to eliminate the possibility of those matters being discussed openly, for there to be an Executive Session regarding matters involving pending or imminent court litigation involving the Lorain Police Department. Since there are allegations of the overall (?) of corruption alleged to exist in the Lorain Police Department, within the context of the Executive Session is where we need to deal with that matter.
MR. GIVEN: Based upon that, I will leave it up to the Police Chief on how he wants to deal with it and how he wishes to address this Council. There is a lack of trust on the streets that needs to be addressed as well. I understand the fact that we don’t want to have someone come forward who has filed suit against the city and make a big scene that evening however; the Police Department as a whole, needs to address what is going on and come down to this Council. He can do it privately but I think he needs to do something through the media to address it to the public. As the legislative body, we cannot cover for the management of that department right now. I have no problem calling an Executive Session but I want it to go on record because Council has the authority to pull the department head forward, ask open questions on the floor of this Council and they have to answer them. He can do any way that he wants but within the next three weeks or so, I would like to see some answers.

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Hey! What Kind of Flower Are You? by Kelly Sagert

flowers flowers everywhere

Blue skies, warming temperatures and spring rains . . . beautiful gardens can’t be far behind.

A friend of mine has a fun quiz on her web site that will tell you what kind of flower you would be, if you were to become one. The questions are easy and there are no wrong answers! To give it a try, go to her web site; scroll down a bit, looking at the left-hand margin until you see a hydrangea. Click on that and then take the quiz.

I’m Echinacea, because I am a “health conscious person, both your health and the health of others. You know all about the health benefits and dangers of the world around you.” And, actually, I have become much more health conscious over the past two years. Kelly

If you take the quiz, you will receive a bit of HTML coding that you can add to your own web site or blog to display an illustration of your special flower; if a site visitor were to click on the floral picture, he or she would be taken to the quiz site.

Happy Spring!

Snap Dragon ( Guess who has this flower power)

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