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I think – therefore I am – Monday

It  ain't easy
that woman by Loraine Ritchey contact

Not every thought or happenstance is worthy of 850 words but sometimes the thoughts nag at me to write them down – therefore today’s offerings:

The things that made me think this past week week:

Children of Lorain:

There are those children of my neighborhood that were out as the sun started to shine, kicking a soccer ball over at Irving, skateboarding , riding their bikes and yes! even jump rope made an appearance and then we had 9 and 11 years olds breaking and entering into our homesstealing those bikes and vandalizing property with BB guns.

If it takes a village to raise a child what is it saying about us and the way we are raising our children?

Storm in a Tea Cup

I thought remarks made at council last week(Given) that apparently warranted outrage from the members of council’s Police and Fire committee-Holcomb, Flores and Snodgrass did not warrant the outrage and posturing in the media. However, beneath the surface of the “question” has come to light some polarizing situations both in the political and police area more worrying than just the same old “politics” and one upmanship in my “observers opinion.”

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.Albert Einstein

photo Henery Hawk
Vacant Homes

We all know that vacant homes and abandoned homes have become a haven for the criminal element and “copper” and “scrap” banks for a segment of our community.
Enforcement of codes can bring about healthier and happier neighborhoods. After at least 34 years of this house standing empty the fact that ( according to the new owner ) the city was cracking down on this property and thereby this prompted the previous owner to finally sell. I am pleased to say the new owner is clearing out the years of debris and damage, and rehabbing the house which is over 100 years old to its former glory.

Think I should tell him that he is in a CRA area and that he can take advantage of a 12 year ( rehabbing) tax abatement for this property? OH! DEAR! Maybe NOT he would probably have to get himself an attorney which would cost more than the abatement received…..

“Let the (Lorain) Buyer Beware”

And speaking of things that make you think….

As I, an Independent, sat at a fundraiser last week for a local Democrat -the people at the next table looked so familiar we played peek a boo for a few minutes
Peek A Boo – Betleski and Stewart
Peek a Boo – Can you see me now?
I mentioned to a local county official that I thought this blatant table knee knocking by people involved in CRA litigation –the judge and one of the parties involved in litigation before his court didn’t particularly make my cabbage roll sit well on the stomach: -Came the highly regarded Democrats reply:

Oh! No ! he is at a Democratic Fundraiser for a fellow Democrat sitting with a fellow Democrat……… nothing wrong in that ….. and besides they run unopposed ….. so they won’t care what you think anyway

OK ! political point taken -but this member of the public’s perception has to be –
how come he didn’t sit with the other Democrats on the other side of the litigation?
The Judge seems (to me at least as an interested observer with some ownership in the situation) to favor just one litigant as his eating companion.- there were plenty of tables he could have hopped around and sat at in both of the instances of which I am aware….
but then what do I know – maybe I am being picky about perception and too many hats but then again seems the attorney (Chandra) for Stewart has made a case out of it , when it pertains to his perception here eats the judge
I am an Independent, who tends to believe perception and reality are as entwined as politics and cronyism- I wonder how the other 307 homeowners effected by this CRA debacle feel about “dinner for two or lunch is on us”?

Perception is reality. If we believe something is so, then it is. If others agree, it becomes reality. Agreement becomes truth. Therefore, if we want to correct a perception, we must address the perception, not the reality it has become.

Just a few things that made me think past week………….

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