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A Gentle Reminder on a gentle day

The day is warm and sunny , daffodils are blooming, soon the wild geranium will cover the little cemetery on 6th- so because the day is too nice to sit at the computer and write and because we tend to forget the people who made a community – a gentle reminder from Diane Medina and the Charleston Pioneer Cemetery

Philindra Strong’s Story
Diane Medina, CVSI/BRHS

The story on Philinda R. Strong remained quiet until 140 years later in the spring of 1984, when her gravestone was unearthed. After carefully documenting with photos it was time to find out more information on who she was and where she came from.What made the mystery more confusing was finding her name on another gravestone in the Cleveland Street Cemetery in Amherst, Ohio with the Shupe/Rankin/Richmond families.

Since there were no remaining records of the cemetery during that time frame due to a fire, it was difficult to find.

Through researching I was able to locate a book written in the late 1890s with interviews of local business men in the county. I came across a story written on Albert J. Richmond, and the rest is history!!

Freman(Freeman) Richmond was born in Providence, Rhode Island on August 29th 1791. He moved with his parents to New York and later met and married Miss Nancy Arnold of Chattanque, New York. Soon after their marriage they moved to Sheffield, Lorain County Ohio, and traveled, like most did, with oxen and wagon, and during this journey while crossing the Rocky River the ice broke and his oxen fell through into the water. Jumping out, he knelt on the ice and held the heads of the oxen up until help came and releaved him of this terrible situation. They arrived there December 1st 1815. Their child Philinda was born on September 14th 1817, being the first white child born in Sheffield. Her mother Nancy died on August 12th 1819.

In February 1825 Freman Richmond left Sheffield and moved to Amherst, settling two miles northeast of Amherst Village and started a home near Jacob Shupe. He married again to Eunice Fox who had four children from her first marriage. Their names were Gilbert, Orpha, Hannah, and Nancy. With her second marriage to Freman Richmond they had six children. These six children would be the half brothers and sisters to Philinda. This is the reasoning behind the two gravestone mystery, they, as a family wanted to include her. Their names were Sylvia, born on July 15-1824, married Albert Arnold. Minerva E. born on July 21-1826 married Issac Shupe. She died in 1913. Issac was the son of Jacob and Catherine Shupe, one of the founding families of Amherst. Issac was born in 1829 and died in 1896. Jane Richmond was born on February 19th 1829 and died in 1847. Albert Richmond was born on April 15th 1831, Milo Richmond was born on January 2-1837, Elmeda Richmond was born July 29th 1839 and married James Rankin who was born in 1830 and died in 1906.

Freman Richmond lived to be 91 years old and his wife died two years after him. But the story of Philinda continues, so let’s go back in time briefly. Philinda married Schuyler Strong on February 14th 1844. He was born on April 25th 1811 in Sharon Litchfield, CT. He was the son of Deacon Elijah Strong and Mary Robertson.Schuyler’s lineage can be traced back to the year 1585. Having her as his wife for a short time, she died in November 2nd 1844. I am unaware of children, or how she died. Schuyler Strong headed for the Gold Rush and left on a voyage on the ship Eureka (1849-1850). This ship left Cleveland to Calfornia, which went up the St Lawrence seaway to the top of South America in a 1 year voyage. He died on November 10th 1867 in Sacramento, Calfornia.

Albert J. Richmond son of Freman and Eunice Fox Richmond and half brother to Philinda was born in Black River Township on April 15 1831. He was one of the very thorough – going representative farmers of Amherst Township, where he reared in farming. This was always his occupation , except in his younger days, when he worked for a time at vessel caulking at Lorain, Milan, and Huron. On October 9th 1852, he married Mary L. Gilmore, daughter of Aretus and Orra Gilmore, early pioneers of Black River Township, Lorain County. They had one child Byrd(Bird) Richmond. He was born on October 16th 1853, and married October 16th 1877 to Sarah E. Jenne, daughter of Ansel and Phebe Jenne, by this union was one son, Frank Richmond. Frank was born on July 16th 1880.

Albert J. Richmond’s wife Mary(Gilmore) Richmond died on October 11-1886, and in 1888 Mr. Richmond was married again to Mrs. Emaretta Tenery of Clyde, Ohio. In politics he was a republican, and took deep interest in the county.

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