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Paula’s Perspective – June 2nd 2008

Paula Tobias by Paula Tobias

I try very hard to listen, think about what they’re saying, and write key points down. If I’ve missed something please let me know.

Tonight’s meeting began with a presentation from Team Lorain County; they were unable to attend the last two meetings and offered a presentation on their past accomplishments in Lorain County and their goals for the future.

It was mentioned the Tele Tech business moving into Amherst. 433 Lorain citizens work there so they touted giving those jobs to Lorain.

I asked net net what tax monies / jobs for the CITY of Lorain have they provided. It was said from Administration that Amherst Township pays Lorain City Tax.

Not sure how that works. I’m glad citizens have jobs but do they pay for Fire, Police, and snow removal?

I’ve reviewed their website several times, especially after we appropriated $40,000 for the second time to be a “member”. They still have the same spelling errors and I am greatly disappointed in the number of (or lack of) lands and buildings “advertised” for the City of Lorain.
At one Lorain Port Authority Meeting (they too are members) they said they came through once with a prospective. I haven’t seen or heard of what they have contributed to the city in the last 2 years. Are we getting the most bang for our buck?

Mr. Mantini mentioned getting all city property online with pictures and sizes for the possibility of sale.

Shouldn’t/Couldn’t this be part of Team Lorain County’s responsibility?

Mr. Holcomb said all city property for sale should come up to council first.

Lorain Fire Department’s 2007 Annual Report
I compared our numbers in 2007 to the U.S in 2006; I’d like to find out more about false alarms, if we are reimbursed and what the costs of the services are. Chief Brown did respond to my question, but it brings about more questions.
I suggest you read the report.

There will be a committee meeting next week to discuss and ask the Chief more questions.

Board of Health

I like this agreement with Avon Lake. Mrs. Molnar asked if we had the “manpower” to cover, Mayor said it was a continuation of service. I wonder if this type of “Regionalism” wouldn’t help us in other areas.

Next the Claims for damages to citizens property etc. Last week the issue of Claims against damage to cars from our streets was brought up. I recall Mr. Provenza stating a citizen could go to small claims court if they wanted. Mr. Edwards recalled discussing about covering road damage. I remember that discussion also, but nothing was clearly addressed, they approved this week’s and went on to the next item.

Also tonight I learned the City will only cover out of pocket expenses, example: your deductible for a claim.

Tax Exemptions for City Owned Properties
A list of properties of the city that should be tax exempt was provided. They are acquired through Community Development, may be easements, they also consist of Spitzer Property and City Buildings.

Mr. Flores asked “Is there an advantage to the City by doing this?”Mr. Mantini answered, “Yes…. It’s a tax exemption.” We / The City do not have to pay the Taxes…….
Another item / ordinance was for the auction of City Property. To put out to the Public items the City no longer uses/needs. Mr. Given asked (in so many words) what prevents a department or employee from enhancing before sale and bidding on it themselves.Mr. Provenza: “Nothing, they are the public”
Mr. Edwards asked that the Law Director look into this so they might design an ordinance preventing city employees from bidding.

The condition of Kansas Ave was addressed by Mr. Given as the Bridge will be closing this week redirecting traffic down Kansas Ave until it reopens. Mr. Shawver said it will patched tomorrow. Three council people’s comments later Mr. Flores asked about the Kansas Ave pothole situation.

Just before that Ms. Szabo asked about the status of Oglebay Norton.
Ground hasn’t been broken.
Isn’t this prime time to be building?
The Mayor promised an update.

Inquiring minds want to know.
The minutes of last weeks meetings can be found here
Special call
License Tax
Buildings and Lands

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