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Adieu til Monday

I am in full wedding mode now sooooooo see you Monday Loraine

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Chronicle- “Only the Shadow Knows!”

Seems the Editor of the ChronicleTelegram has his own Friday Thoughts

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I Think – Therefore I Am – Friday

by Loraine Ritchey

I am writing this on Tuesday – so hopefully by the time you read this – I will be in countdown for the Rehersal Dinner -Friday and the Wedding -Saturday.

Being the Mother of the Groom I didn’t have as much input as being a Mother of the Bride. Some may remember that at the time of my daughter’s wedding I tried to purchase services and everything I could locally and I was very successful in that endeavour. I tried to follow the same path with my limited involvement being the Groom’s mother:

SQP – ( printing) 721, Broadway-440-244-0330 once again did a great job for me – especially with the poem written for the happy couple by “Nana” ( click on below to read)

The Rehersal Dinner – The Bath House at Lakeview wasn’t even completed or the caterer named when I booked the venue last year.

courtesy of
Looking at the plans presented by Brian Goldthorpe and the Metro Parks I just knew it would be a special place. So Friday evening we will be descending upon the Rose Cafe and DeLuca’s catering for what I am sure will be an evening to remember- Watch this space for an update!

The Flowers: for the Rehersal Dinner ( the brief given to Kevin “elegant beach”) and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with and in fact the wedding itself will be by Kevin of Off Broadway Florists

The Tuxes of course from Rakich and Rakich-506 Broadway- 440-244-5685

From the engagement at the Lorain Lighthouse

photo courtesy of Henery Hawk

to the after engagement celebration at the Jacalope

the wedding at St. Mary’s – Lorain is very much part of this celebration!

Turning Points:
Retirement and Weddings – endings and beginnings…. the ending of one’s working life marks a milestone and the beginning of another phase and sometimes a difficult transistion ( for those concerned that “he who thinks he should be obeyed” ( aka the husband) let me set your minds at ease-
Vincent Van Gough
he has been putting in 10 hour days and hasn’t had time to reflect on “not working”.

When your child gets married it is the end of a part of your life…. another takes priority as it should be…. the transistion here for a mum is a little more difficult I found and there is a space where you aren’t sure what your role in your child’s life actually is – where are the boundaries- I found it takes a period of adjustment ( first time round being the “mother in law took about 5 months ) and I am holding my breath that I am up to the task of stepping back this time around- we will see –

hopefully all being well a trip back to Blighty in September may ease the transistion.


It is my favourite colour and thanks to Paula I can share it with you
photo Paula Tobias

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