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When is it OK?

There has been a lot of talk ( especially with the upcoming Presidential election) about “race” . I am curious as to what defines “racism” – is it based on “ethnicity “???? That seems to be the consensus from all the definitions I have looked at this morning

However ,I have found , being first born English , a certain -shall we say lack of respect for my “cultural heritage” among certain other “cultural heritage groups” ( usually the 3rd 4 th or even 5th generation- especially here in the USA- understandable – I suppose since 1776. from the purely American perspective.

This was brought home over the weekend ( and I can take a joke better that a lot of people) . A speech that bordered on not only the insulting ( for me )“cultural racism” by a priest  (Daniel O. Divis – Office of the Secretariat)who insulted every English person and non catholic at a function. He spoke of Ulster and Northern Ireland in a way that for those of us who lived through the bombings and were directly effected by the IRA and the terrorism THEY inflicted upon a population both Irish and English , that was financed primarily from this side of the Atlantic was akin to making jokes about 911. Would you tolerate jokes about 911?

June – December 1974: The year 1974 was one of the deadliest in the IRA’s bombing campaign of mainland Britain, with several blasts targeting London.

In June, the IRA bombs the House of Parliament, causing extensive damage and injuring 11 people. The following month, an explosion at the Tower of London kills one person and injures 41 others, including eight children. The blast leaves many victims with badly damaged or lost limbs and serious facial injuries. Though the IRA is suspected in the bombing, no group claims responsibility.

In October, a bomb explodes at a London club whose members include retired British military officers. Three club staffers are injured. In December, the London home of Conservative leader Edward Heath is bombed; Heath is unharmed.

Sept. 5, 1975: An explosion at a hotel in central London kills two people and injures 63 others. The IRA claims responsibility.

Jan. 29, 1976: During the night, a series of bombs rock London’s West End, injuring one person.

March 30, 1979: A car bomb outside the House of Commons kills Airey Neave, the secretary of state for Northern Ireland. The Irish National Liberation Army, an Irish republican paramilitary group associated with the Irish Republican Socialist Party, claims responsibility.
NOTE I personally was there at this one.
July 20, 1982: Two IRA bombs explode in central London less than two hours apart. The blasts at Hyde Park and Regents Park kill 11 people and injure 50 others.

Dec. 17, 1983: Six people are killed and as many as 90 are wounded by an IRA bombing outside of Harrods department store in west London. The blast takes place during the busy shopping period before the Christmas holiday.

July 20, 1990: The IRA bombs the London Stock Exchange. Nobody is injured in the blast.

April 10, 1992: The IRA bombs the Baltic Exchange in London, killing three people.
Enniskillen 1987
April 24, 1993: A massive truck bomb parked in Bishopsgate tears through London, killing one person and injuring more than 40. Most of the wounded are security guards and maintenance staff. The blast shakes buildings and shatters windows, destroying a medieval church and the Liverpool Street Underground station, and causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. In response, the British government erects a “ring of steel” around the city.

Feb. 10, 1996: A truck bomb rips through the Canary Wharf office development in the Docklands area of London, killing two people and wounding 39 others, and causing more than $127 million in damage. In 1997, the IRA agrees to another provisional cease-fire deal. Voters in Ireland and Northern Ireland approve the peace deal known as the Good Friday Agreement in May 1998.

June – September 2000: In June 2000, the Real IRA, an Irish republican splinter group opposed to the IRA cease-fire, fires an RPG rocket at the headquarters of MI-6, the British foreign intelligence agency, in London.

March 3, 2001: Early in the morning, a car bomb targets the London offices of the BBC. One man is injured. Authorities suspect the Real IRA.

April – May 2001: Two bombs strike a north London post office within a three-week period. No one is injured in either blast, which are linked to the Real IRA.

Aug. 3, 2001: A car loaded with explosives detonates at the busy Ealing Broadway shopping center in west London, injuring seven people. The blast occurs just after midnight, as hundreds of young people are exiting pubs and clubs.

So what makes it OK for a pseudo “Irish” priest of Lorain to make the jokes and insult a group of people because they are “English”? A fellow diner said it is just ignorance of the situation– I beg to differ any Catholic Priest who claims Irish lineage KNEW exactly what he was saying, which to me makes it all the more disgraceful – am I wrong??????

You tell me when is it ok for terrorism to be lauded and applauded and when is it abhorred – is it OK to make derogatry remarks as long as it is based on culture and then only one certain segment of the population’s culture – Is it Ok to do this based on culture and not colour???

Although I did have a “word” with the man- I am sure it fell on deaf ears…… So when is it OK – tell me???? because I find this grey area very confusing ?

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