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D is for Delete and V is for Volunteer

blue as I  can be
by Loraine Ritchey

The last time I used that in a title was a good few years ago about volunteers on the Highland Dancing circuit. One of those many articles I wrote for various magazines also had to do with those that lurk and hide among their “screen names” . I recall one “poster” who used to argue with himself and only slipped up when after flurry of quick emails back and forth signed his real name my mistake. It seems that even though the millennium has come and gone since I wrote those articles nothing changes except it is no longer Highland Dancing. There are still volunteers trying to do their best and still the “all mouth no trousers” types trying to get attention in cyber space.

I have been thinking a lot about being a volunteer, the internet and people in general this weekend. I could have sworn there was a full moon – was there? Maybe it was Friday the 13th that brought me a plethora of “slings and arrows” sock puppets and trolls. These “its” take up more time than they are worth . Luckily, first time posters on this site have to be approved so you don’t get to read all the rubbish that comes through from suzie/steve sock puppet” or tina / trini troll. Some I approve only to find out later I should have left them hanging then I get to put them back in limbo.Comment Policy

I usually respect others opinions , or at least try to see their point ( even when the voice in my head is screaming this person is a “raving nutter”

but as I said just a few days ago in Archimedes and Me

All I can think of is Archimedes -like his bathtub -the vessel that is me- is filled to the top with emotions, hope, happiness, anger, passion, sadness, overwhelming fear , love and all it takes it just one more emotional drop in the vessel and the vessel that is me overflows with a tearful release.

Other emotions have lessened – it takes a lot more to get me to care what is going on about me, I have even less patience with posturing, and I am tired of trying.

The thing that saddens me the most this weekend is the loss of my sense of humour….

Paula called:

is there anything I can get you

Yes !please bring back my sense of humor I seem to have lost it somewhere.

I am tired of those that hurt and negate and hide behind nom de plumes to state their opinions because they can..I think they are cowards – gutless wonders – and I have had enough of them this weekend to last me a lifetime. I have also realized that I am no longer cut out to volunteer -to be a volunteer means working with other volunteers – you have to have patience , tolerance , understanding of anothers perspective and you have to be adaptable.

I find I can no longer function in that way since Archimedes became my pal. My tipping point has not only been reached but I am falling into the crevasse. That and finding that the loyalty of friendship of this past weekend has not only been strained but broken hasn’t helped. Probably my fault – to “spin” Rabbie Burns. “Ah ! friend I thought I knew ye and thee me” I guess not.

Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried,
Grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel;
But do not dull thy palm with entertainment
Of each new-hatch’d, unfledg’d comrade.”
– William Shakespeare

If this blog revists some articles from time to time please understand this Volunteer is “teary” and not dealing with things at all well. And sock puppets and trolls beware I am putting you away in the definitely odd sock drawer and using the age old remedy for the dirty smelly trolls . And if I deem you are such it is because “I” CAN
Troll Spray

And if anyone finds my sense of humor running around somewhere send it home please it is greatly missed and I really could use it about now.

Just a note : I have found that the computer and the internet have one great thing the delete key and I have decided to use it more ( as one of the friends I still have said: you have to take control of what you can control)…… I am beginning to love that key now if only I could use it for cancer, pain , hurt, and idiocy……ohhhhh boy!

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