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Paula’s Perspective- June 16th Council Meeting

Paula Tobias by Paula Tobias

I try very hard to listen, think about what they’re saying, and write key points down. If I’ve missed something please let me know.

What a breath of fresh air, the International Princesses were in attendance this evening and participated in Council.

Each princess sat with either a council person or part of the Administration assisting in supporting or passing ordinances under the guide of their council mentor.

In regards to a few notable moments:

Discussion of noxious weeds/grass cutting came up and the procedure.
Luckily one of the Princesses MELANIE GYESZAT (Hungarian) works in the Street Department. She gave an explanation that dropped the jaws of Council and Administration, she was great.

Sometimes I believe Council can read my mind and ask the questions I’m thinking of at that moment:

The question was asked about summer help cutting grass, I understand they shouldn’t be operating expensive and dangerous equipment.

It was explained that to cut grass they have to pull crews from patching the streets as summer help can not operate the equipment.

Paula’s Perspective: If we’re paying $300 a lawn I just had 2 princesses offer to go around and cut the grass themselves.
Mr. Schuster: Then & Now on a Bill for the Pipe Yard. In essence he asked “Are we falling into the same trap? We weren’t going to pay for Then & Now; if they (contractors) don’t have a Purchase Order they’re out of luck, follow procedure.

It was explained that the Board of Control approved, it had to be done before the CSU season began.

Mr. Given asked about the clarification of an ordinance on the books. The Building Department ruled against what was written. Mr. Given questioned (in essence) what else aren’t they interpreting correctly?

A group of young adults from various ethnicities and countries came to represent the Katrina Relief Effort, the young woman I had recently met through Reclaim Lorain (outstanding person, what a story) we will be getting together soon to talk.

Next Monday there will be committee meetings. I suggest anyone interested in the Tax Credit, CT Consultants and Ameron – manufacturer of the concrete pipes/welding product, (did they want to come out and inspect the project to assure the welding/sealing of the liner of the concrete pipe?) for the 15 S Project, please attend.

In fact all Committee meetings should be attended; it’s our moment as concerned citizens to express our concerns/gripes/issues/annoyances to the appropriate group. Don’t sit in your comfy chair and beef about the Politics and what goes on, do your homework and bring it to council.

And What Inquiring Minds Want to Know:

Ms. Szabo asked about the status of the Oglebay Norton project.

Per Administration, “The Project is on Hold”.

How much did that “Hold” cost us? 10 Yards? Or 15 acres?
March 18th 2008 Morning Journal

…“Carmeuse is still working on the design for the project, but hopes to break ground within the next couple months, Dwyer said. The company still has to get an air permit from the Ohio Environmental Protection
Agency.” …

June 17th-2008 Morning Journal
LORAIN — The project to bring a limestone grinding mill to the industrial park on Lorain’s east side is on hold.

“The project is on hold from Carmeuse (Lime & Stone),” Mayor Anthony Krasienko said last night, adding that the city hasn’t received official in writing.

The city has been trying to get an answer from Carmeuse for a couple of weeks, he added. Scott Dwyer, director of operations for the company, could not be reached for comment last night.

However, Anthony Giardini, an attorney who represents Riverview Realty Management Co., confirmed that the project is on hold. Riverview, after buying the approximately 15 acres from the city, was to lease the land to Carmeuse, he said.

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