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Revisit – Paula’s Plan – Schools and Youth

Paula Tobias by Paula Tobias

Support the Lorain City School District with collaborative city responses to infrastructure issues and other supports. Encourage a joint use philosophy of opening the new schools for joint, after-hours programming by the city and the schools to address citizen needs.

Create a new city-wide Partnership for Youth chaired by the Mayor that convenes with key leaders from government, education, business, industry, healthcare, non-profit organizations, and the faith-based community to inventory current youth programming and perform a needs and opportunity analysis and develop youth programming and private philanthropic and government funding streams to address the identified needs.
Sample programs could include:

(1) community-oriented activities like conflict resolution and peer-led teen programs that use theater and the arts to deliver an anti-violence message,

(2) creating summer and permanent jobs for court-involved youth,

(3) providing youth programming like Teens on Stage – a program that brings artists in from around the country to do three-week performing arts classes in hot-spot community areas where youth need something exciting to do with their free time;

(4) recreational youth programming that incorporates soft skills development like team building and mentoring opportunities,

(5) combined youth and senior programs that link seniors with youth across interest areas including recreation, art, music, travel, hobbies, career choices, and more.

Help improve the quality of the workforce by encouraging drop-out reduction plans in partnership with K-12 and higher education and the faith community. Encouraging joint city, school and community program planning and program offerings. Use existing recreational programming to help attract participants to an expanded community outreach approach. Create linkages to vocational training and/or higher education that prepares workers with the caliber of soft skills and technical skills necessary to succeed.

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