Institute of Justice- Eminent Domain and YOU! Kelo Day

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by Loraine Ritchey

Recent days have found my inbox filled with stories about “the business of blight” and eminent domain for the sake of “private development” You think it can’t happen to you –You would be wrong!!

All over this country people like Bruce Kanner of Haverstraw, New York. are having their “American Dream” taken from them. You read about Bruce’s plight two years ago , and still his saga continues.

Bruce is not alone, thousands of people all across this nation are suffering the loss of their property and the arguments -it is for the economic betterment of a community -doesn’t usually bear fruit.
The most famous ” the little pink house that wasn’t for sale”:

Like so many other projects that use eminent domain and rely on taxpayer subsidies, New London’s Fort Trumbull project has been a failure. After spending $78 million in taxpayer dollars, the city of New London and the private developer have engaged in no new construction since the project was approved in 2000. Indeed, since the property owners disputing the takings owned less than two acres in a 90-acre project area, the city has always had a vast majority of the land available for development. Yet, no new development has occurred. The preferred developer for part of the site, Corcoran Jennison, recently missed its latest deadline for securing financing for building on the site and was terminated as the “designated developer

Today is KELO DAY please read Susette’s message and donate ( even 5 dollars helps) When “eminent domain” is abused it is comforting to know there are a group of people who will help. Institute for Justice and Castle Coalition
and that you aren’t alone in your struggle .


My name is Susette Kelo. On Monday, June 23, 2008, I need your help in making a little bit of history.

Susette Kelo

June 23 is the third anniversary of the infamous Kelo eminent domain case, the U.S. Supreme Court decision that allowed perfectly well-maintained private homes like mine to be taken by the government and handed over for someone else’s private use. Under that ruling, any home could be taken and destroyed to make way for high-end condos. Any small business could be bulldozed to make way for a big box store. And, tragically, that is what is happening in too many parts of our country.

I’d like your help to put an end to that abuse of eminent domain once and for all.

Please go to today and pledge to give some small contribution to the Institute for Justice (IJ) on June 23. (Pledge today and we will email you on June 23 reminding you to donate on that day.)

IJ helped defend my home and my neighbors’ homes when they were threatened by eminent domain for private gain.

IJ continues to defend other homeowners and small property owners in similar fights.

One hundred percent of the money raised on this site ( on that day will be used to fight eminent domain abuse–the use of eminent domain for private development projects. We recognize that under the Constitution eminent domain can be used for genuine “public use” projects, such as for a courthouse or to build a highway, but when government power is used to take land from one private property owner only to hand that land over to another private person for their private profit, that is an abuse of government’s power.

Our goal is to earn 10,000 donations for IJ on that one day, Monday, June 23.

Leading up to the Kelo argument, the Institute for Justice documented that 10,000 American property owners had their property threatened or actually taken by eminent domain for private use in just a 5-year period. That 10,000 figure inspired IJ and me to seek 10,000 donations from across the country to send a message to those in power that we care about our homes and that the abuse of eminent domain must be stopped.

We are not seeking large contributions on this day: just $25, $50 or $100. Even a $5 contribution will make a difference and add greatly to the ambitious numbers we’re trying to achieve on that day.

And, if you feel strongly enough about this effort and would be willing to forward this to friends who will join us in the fight to end eminent domain abuse, that too would be greatly appreciated.

Together, we can convince policymakers that eminent domain abuse is un-American and must be stopped.
Thank you for your consideration,
Susette Kelo

Note: My posts on Susette and Eminent Domain can be found here

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