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Paula’s Perspective – City Council June 23rd

Ed Note: Paula has sent notes from the “Council Floor ” as things were happening at Lorain City Council tonight
Paula Tobias by Paula Tobias

I try very hard to listen, think about what they’re saying, and write key points down. If I’ve missed something please let me know.

Wind Turbines
Discussed (at length)

Prop ord auth construction loan applic & agrmt w/OEPA WPCLF full-width pavement 15-S & various issues.

$463,000 Additional funds, why are they needed?
Pavement, utilities
CT consultants
Bob Greytek

Council questioning contractor could have caused damage to roads

Mr. Gwydir addressed
Mr. Timko “Did it to the best of their ability” “Took care of every detail”.
Huge aesthetic improvement, road will last 20 years, sanitary sewers that work.

There may have been some of that going on…. In answer to Mr. Given’s question “Was the wrong kind of equipment being used causing Lorain to pay 100% of that damage.

Mr. Fallis wants add’l detail and inspector’s report.
Mr. Howard asked about photograph of damage to substantiate. (Mr. Timko witnessed)
Much discussion over who is responsible for the damage.
Put in abeyance till information requested is presented.

Agreement with Vermilion to sell potable water
18 months after bid for water tower (concern about water pressure for west side)
We’ll charge Vermilion 75% (1.64 charge)

Charge to other cities:
1.22 Sheffield
1.36 Amherst

1.07 Avon Lake charges

Mr. Timko We have add’l pumping capacity” to handle Vermilion’s requirement.

Tax Credit
Statement read from Committee

Mr. Wargo brought up incentives given, do we recoup?
How is pipeyard funded?
Pipe Yard part of Parks Dept, revenue it produces goes to General Fund.
Expenses can’t exceed revenue.

Joe Thayer

Likes the license plate tax.
Redundancy in city
Money wasted

Dan Given due to the economic conditions, move into gradually

1.50%—— 2009
1.25%——- 2010
1.00%——- 2011

It was asked by Mr. Snodgrass, what will happen if this doesn’t pass.

Pools, summer help, playground eliminate, reduce OT in Police, Cemetery and other depts.

Mayor is going to a mileage basis

Mr. Holcomb
suggested using the Audit submitted by the State for savings and explore Regionalism.

Mr. Fallis suggested:
1.5% 2009
1.05 2010

From the Mayor’s Advisory Committee:

“Mayor Krasienko created a Mayor’s Advisory Committee to
review his plan to reduce, by 1%, the income tax credit for residents who
work in other communities that have an income tax. Thirteen, diverse
members of the community have participated in two meetings for over 5 hours
and have spent countless hours reviewing information since early June.
Tough questions were raised by the Committee for Mayor Krasienko and
department leaders during one meeting and they have provided additional
information regarding financial needs. The committee continues to
correspond through e-mails and is currently reviewing details of the Mayor’s
plan. While the Committee has questions about how some of the money will be
spent, the Committee unanimously agrees that the City of Lorain needs
additional revenue to maintain and improve the levels of service the
community expects and needs. In addition, the Committee is supportive of
creating an advisory board that will report to the Mayor and to City
Council, if requested; to ensure the money is spent as it was presented and
believe that City Council will only approve items needed to improve Lorain.
Every citizen sees a need for various forms of service, some require greater
services in order to be satisfied while others see the need for much less,
however, our current opinion that some form of increase is needed.”

Council and the Administration must inform/educate the public of what they have to work with and what they won’t have if this tax does not pass as it’s sure that it will go to referendum.

It was passed by council (one no vote Ms. Szabo)

Tax Credit as follows:
1.50% 2009
1.25% 2010
1.00% 2011
(As suggested by Mr. Given)

It was asked by Mr. Snodgrass, what will happen if this doesn’t pass.

Of the few items: Pools, summer help, playground eliminate, reduce OT in Police, Fire, Cemetery and other departments.

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