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How much wood can a Woodchuck ?

it  ain't easy  being green
by Loraine Ritchey

As noted, from time to time, the den window reflects the changing times and seasons as I sit at the keyboard. Sometimes I feel like the chap in the time machine

he goes to his basement, sits in his machine, pulls the lever, and begins the journey that will change his life!

He starts his journey slowly, going only a few months at a time, and watches the clothes change on a shop window’s mannequin, which is one of the defining moments of the movie

At the moment all is green and peacful and the “problems” are somewhat masked by mother nature. At eye level , as I look out is a concrete pad that leads up over a little rise to the neighbors steps, the previous owners replaced the two sets of concrete steps but left the original pad that joins to two . Over the years there has been some deterioration leaving a hollowing out between the ground and the pad on one side.

Two years ago I noticed we had a new neighbor a young woodchuck, the “humans” in the home at the time loved her and put out carrots and veggies for her. They moved and I worry for the safety of “Wudget” -my name for her. I know that a lot of people think they are varmits and should be exterminated, but they haven’t watched her every morinng and evening for the past two years .

I don’t know whether the new owners know they have a “Wudget’s” family under their concrete pad, probably burrowing into the hillock and I am not going to tell them incase they are of the “varmit” persuasion.

This spring “Wudget” came out of her burrow with twins, they sun themselves in the morning sun and forage in the overgrown weeds in the flower beds of the house next door. Last year “Wudget” could be seen warily making her way to my apple tree to pick at the fallen fruit and again around the peach tree next door.
I haven’t seen her drinking from any of the fountains and ponds, but then Misty does rather interupt that sort of behavour when it comes to her territory . photo Henery Hawk

What I have realized is that “Wudget” is a great mom and could teach us all lesson in how to raise our offspring. and the reason for the name “Wudget” – from one of my mom’s poems to me as a child
“no one begrudes the little puck wudges, a handful of apples and pocketful of nuts”
But they might ! Oh ! Dear!

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