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What drives my traffic?

by Loraine Ritchey

This little blog is not and was not meant to be just about “Lorain” or any “one” subject. This blog and what it contains is a bit like the decoration in my home, it is filled with items that have significance to me and my family . Sometimes things just have their space because they touch my life or were given to me by people I care about.

My past experiences with “my websites” have been varied, my Dance site generates ( still) more traffic daily than any other site for which I have written and I haven’t updated it or written for it for a couple of years now, as it was on line copies of articles that appeared in print- nationally and world wide- and since I “retired” there are no more “in print articles” to upload. The traffic on that site has very few “close to home “(Lorain area) hits.

The Charleston Village site on the other hand generates 95 % local traffic and is usually very quiet unless I send out the ” group email” saying it is updated.

Six months ago I wasn’t sure what direction I would be taking and actually this site was “not” planned ( there is a surprise- I know) and is just sort of evolving ( you can tell can’t you – no plan A or B here).

What has surprised me is that at least 70 percent of my traffic is NOT local which reminded me that what I write about Lorain and Lorain County those thoughts and words are reaching a different and wider audience ) .”Note to self – temper the negative with the positive- you never know who reads

OH ! the readership spikes through the roof when CRA is the subject of the day or something controversial pops up or it is a national issue like CVS, Best Buy, and the numbers of local readers always hits high when Paula writes her Council and Perspectives posts,
Or when I put Mark Stewart in costume

So is it the search for controversial items, politics, health, the state of Lorain and county that bring readers to this little blog ? No ! the most frequent search words coming in daily is :


Incredible but true – not a day goes by that Big Knickers doesn’t figure in. Even the Royal undies have caused a stir this weekend and by default the article is bringing more “knicker traffic” It seems that that the royal undies were indeed big knickers and have been uncovered and are to be auctioned off!
So even Royalty liked their big knickers comfort !

And the most read post – out distancing all others :
To Blog or Not to Blog – ( that is the question)
Maybe I could drive more traffic my way but putting everyone in BIG KNICKERS- have I found the “marketing tool of the year”?
Hmmmmm bet you thought I would be putting Mark in knickers didn’t you ?

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Take me out to the Ballgame

And Henery does just that

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