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Basics on TIF an overview

Kohrman, Jackson and Krantz PLL have posted an overview on Tax Incremental Financing today on their Ohio Real Estate Blog

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Paula’s Perspective – City Council July 14th

Paula Tobias by Paula Tobias

I try very hard to listen, think about what they’re saying, and write key points down. If I’ve missed something please let me know.

The Committee Meeting tonight began (minus the Mayor)
The 15 S Project was discussed with Chris Brubacher from CT Consultants to address questions about the installation of the lined pipe being used.

Mr. Edwards had a number of concerns about how the project is being over seen and tested.

Paula’s Perspective:
One comment stood out as he was concerned about the tax payers money, “While raising water and sewer rates this year…” Whoa, did I hear my water bill is going up, again?! Oh my, they’re going to ask for the license fee increase, the reduction of the tax reciprocity and who knows what other taxes?? This is not going to be met well by Lorain citizens.

Paula’s Perspective:
Mr. Brubacher addressed the concerns of several other Council People which all had the same theme of, “Who is going to be held accountable if this doesn’t work?” They asked about who was doing the testing? City workers? (We the City are not certified to test, are we?) CT Consultant is our “Agent” it is their job to protect our interest.

Next item was to discuss changes in CDBG/Home Budget. At the end of discussion Mr. Fallis asked Mr. Prudoff, “Is there anything in the Pipeline for the HUD loan?” Mr. Prudoff asked to address that at another time with just Council.
Paula’s Perspective:
(Did I hear someone say Gag Order?)

Next on the list for the Federal Programs Committee was a Contract with Gould Assoc, to conduct/prepare a blight study for Lorain West Shore area.

Paula’s Perspective:
When I saw/read this in the packet, flags, bells and whistles went off. Please review the packet to see the area that was to be studied. It was cut up in an odd way, I remembered that a new condo was being built just West of one that went on Sheriff’s auction not long ago and I wondered why?
Community Development sold it as a way to get Federal Highway grants, we’d make money ($100,000) IF the new condo development was sold in full from Real Estate taxes. These monies could go towards roads, sewer, water, WATER TOWER… (Did I hear Fire Station too?)
While these are all wonderful items we need and want…… what guarantee for $56,000 of our monies for this project, will we get anything?
Mr. Given had questioned the project as well. I agreed with him and pointed out my concerns.
In the end it was put in abeyance.

I left before Finance and Claims discussion of purchasing material and supplies for 2009.

Ballpark figure of attendance at the meeting: 20 people in the audience with half of them city employees or contractors.

Citizens of Lorain – Please attend these committee meetings. You have a chance to be heard. You have a chance to make a difference. Do not let apathy or frustration stop you.

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