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Paula’s Perspective- Council July 28th

ED NOTE: Arrival for the 5:30 meetings- the agenda looked long enough already :

Court renovation presentation- Ct Consultants and the “project”- Red Light cameras ( you know that is going to be controversial) – Eagles Building presentation- and Wind Turbines- being the “highlights”- This was a lot of information to digest. My eyes glazed over and mind turned off half way through the “red light cameras presentation” – the chap did go a a bit ( well a lot) and on and on… too much information too quickly … as Paula states in her perspective you tend to get a bit slap happy after hours and hours – I started to think of Camelot and King Arthur – probably because of the Palace Theatre presentation to come later and all the wonderful shows that I was lucky enough to have been a part of – I started to cast the council members in respective parts- this guy though I am afraid became “Sir Jaws a lot” – now aren’t you glad I don’t run for office! I couldn’t handle even the meetings!

Paula stayed longer than I did 3 hours was enough for me- thankfully at least the people for the “wind turbines” who were “last on the list ” had the Chronicle reporters attention!
Council is on a break through August so my intrepid collegue Paula can rest up for what will probably be a marathon meeting in September. ( Rather you than me my friend- thank you for all your coverage!)
Paula Tobias by Paula Tobias

I try very hard to listen, think about what they’re saying, and write key points down. If I’ve missed something please let me know.

I left in the middle of the Committee Meetings almost 4 hours after I had arrived.

I understand this is the last meeting before August recess but my gosh…..!!!

Where shall I begin?

How about at the end while I was walking out.

Mr. Timko tried to answer the questions Council had been asking for the last hour about why Project 15 S for Street Replacement Sewer repair had a cost overrun. They were asking for more money and it eventually came out that there may be more than the $463,000 needed.

My perception of what he said was, “We need a full time City Project Manager to follow these projects from beginning to end, and the Engineer department couldn’t do it.” in so many words. It sounded to me like a commercial for more personnel.

My thought, what are you doing throwing the Engineering department under the bus and wasn’t CT Consultants our agent representing us? He also stated it was a confusing project, “We’ve been confused.” Well that explains everything!

I left.

Back to the beginning of the evening 4 hrs ago.
Nestor Traffic Systems gave a razzle dazzle 45 minute power point presentation on Traffic cameras. After their presentation the Chair said ..”Only questions regarding the product should be brought forth..” So I didn’t go to the microphone. I wondered:

1. Does the Lorain Police Department approve?
2. Which Officer is going to be paid (and with what) to view the videos after they send them. Don’t we need every able body out on the street?
3. What percentage of all violations are red light violations?
4. Is this considered a revenue stream?
5. How is this measured as a “Successful Program?”
6. It is touted as a “Violator Funded Program” (Nestor gets 1/3 of the ticket paid, oh yeah and how many traffic tickets are paid?)
7. Privacy issues? Isn’t Cleveland having some legal problems with theirs?
8. What are the criteria for establishing a red light district? 
a. They said 16 violations in a 24 hr. period. (Can you think of an intersection in the City that qualifies?)

The Mayor noted that this presentation was requested by Council. I heard,

“If the referendum fails….they may consider this due to a lack of police coverage.”

Morning Journal:

Mayor Anthony Krasienko said the city probably wouldn’t consider it unless the referendum petition to change the city’s income tax credit gets on the ballot and fails. If there are enough valid signatures to put it on the ballot and residents vote it down in the November election, the city could see a reduction in police overtime.


Mayor Tony Krasienko said he’d consider the cameras if voters shoot down his investment plan in November, but until then, he’d rather rely on the eyes of the Lorain police.

ED NOTE: Ironically – Joyce Early , one of the petitioners who worked to get petitions signed to put the Licence plate tax and the income tax on the November ballot also spoke out against the red light cameras. Ms. Early gave a packet to council members with concerns as to why no red light cameras and also mentioned a website: Ms. Early left before Paula could talk to her further.
Ah ! can we be in for another “joust”?

Additional information has been requested from the LPD and Ms. Maiorana regarding tickets, payment, and by Ward violations. (I like fact based decisions).

When you have such long meetings you some times get a little slap happy. That’s why Loraine and Muley were there. And I swear I heard someone say when describing coverage of half a street as “Half Wits” as opposed to “Half Widths”. (Are they the brothers: Half, Dim and Nit?)

So with that I feel it’s time for bed, gosh knows what I’ll dream about tonight?

UPDATE!!! Muley’s Cafe has a perspective here

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