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COMPANY IS COMING – we have “international visitors” to the International City …. Wine on the Water and the antiques fair this weekend – can you or your children, students , customers, parishoners ,mums and dads help to add some life colour and fragrance to our main street…..lets have “Bright on Broadway”

The City of Lorain is making a concerted effort to beautify Broadway.
Daniel Lopez has been busy the last week weedwacking and maintaining the existing flowerbeds. The City is looking for volunteers to assist in the effort this Friday, August 8th. The goal is to weed the flower beds, plant flowers and mulching the beds.

The City has a limited number of hand tools and will be providing flowers and mulch. If you are interested in assisting in this effort, please contact the City of Lorain Community Development Department at 204-2020. If you can help, please plan on meeting at 9:30 am at Lorain City Hall, 200 W Erie Avenue, 5th Floor. From there we will coordinate the work. Thank you.

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One plus One = ? LCS Update-Kelly Saggert

ED NOTE: Does One and One equal ONE

Update on Lorain City Schools Facilities Project
Tonight at 6 p.m. at Frank Jacinto Elementary School, the facilities review committee of the Lorain City Schools met to receive more information about our current high schools before making a recommendation for the proposed new high school facility (ies). This committee is charged with making a recommendation to the school board about whether or not the school system should build one or two new high schools and, if one, at what location.

First, here is a bit of history about how this all came about. In 2001, voters in the Lorain City School district passed a levy raising $44,000 to build multiple new school buildings; because this levy passed, the district received a significant amount of state funds ($172,000) with which to construct the new buildings, which is a sum total of $216 million. To date, according to the school district’s web site, nine new buildings – seven elementary and two middle schools – have been constructed.

Because enrollment in the Lorain City Schools has dropped since then, the state is not providing the school district with all of the funds initially awarded and a recommendation must be made, locally, as far as which buildings to still pursue. To get community input into that recommendation, a facilities review committee was put together.

Recommendations have been made by the committee for elementary schools and middle schools, with the former being approved by the board of education and the state and the latter still in process. The last duty with which the committee is charged is to determine the best plan for the high school facility or facilities.

After careful review of the budget and the needs of the district, the facilities review committee will make a recommendation about the high school(s) later this month. This plan needs approved by the board of education before it can be presented to the state; the board is not required to agree with or act upon the recommendations made. Once the board of education does make a recommendation to the state – one that meshes with or one that does not mesh with the one made by the facilities review committee – then the state must approve that plan before the building of the new structure(s) can commence.

Five of the committee’s members attended tonight’s meeting, including Committee President Antonio Barrios of CHIP and Vice President Tracy Isenberg, a parent of Lorain City School students. Other attendees were Jackie Rogers (NAACP), Pam Radke (Fine Arts) and Gloria Nieto (parent). Absentee members included:
• Southview High School student Luis Morales
• Lorain Admiral King student NaJerron Clipper
• Parent Tamara Newton
• Trade union representative Tom Paterson
• Mayor Anthony Krasienko
• Teacher Adam Brezovsky

Assistant Superintendent Jay Ferguson gave the committee a presentation on what high school classes our school system has lost over the past few years; which ones are returning; and which ones neighboring school districts have that we do not. Overall, we have lost more class offerings than we have gained back. In this presentation, information was also included as to how the district could offer more courses if all high school students attended school in one location.

The committee made a recommendation that, whether it is decided to build one new high school or two, that an auditorium be included. It should be noted that the school district and/or community must raise those funds separately as the state money cannot be used for auditoriums, other than for the installation of a basic sound system. Interest on bond money for the construction can be used towards this purpose but, if costs overrun on the building project(s), then that interest must be paid back in full.

Near the end of the meeting, Superintendent Cheryl Atkinson answered questions from the audience.

The facilities review committee will meet on August 20 at 6 p.m. at Frank Jacinto Elementary School to make their final recommendations.

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