A costume? No !- a HERITAGE !

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I have seen the Scots depicted in many different ways . Their heritage is ancient and full of symbolism . There is a “reason” for their “costuming”- dress. They have fought and died for the right to wear their tartans and the kilt. There are reasons for the tartans, the buttons, the daggers ( dirks) hose- It is not to be taken lightly .

Highland Dancers and Piper in Qatar
The kilt (not to be confused with a skirt!) complete with sporran is for the “male” a full kilt is also (no sporran) worn by the female dancer – dancing the Highland dances- which up until 80 years ago or so were exclusively male. A young girl Jenny Douglas decided to break into the dance of Highland and dressed as a male to do so and another child of the dance from Ohio wrote and performed her story

Elizabeth and John Watson
Epitaph by Elizabeth Watson

Jenny was a young girl of ten
Who danced among the men
She beat them with an easy stroke
When found she was girl
The judges did choke
Now dancing is free for one and all
No longer blocked by that sexist wall
Men, women, all joined, together come
To the Highland games for dancing and fun
Thank you Jenny for setting us free
So we all can dance together

ED NOTE Elizabeth also choregraphed and helped write a ballet called “Helping the Helpless” as part of a school project on Anne Frank“-the project went even further into the Competition and came in 1st Nationally and is going to be on display for 1 year at the Holocaust Exhibit in Washington DC.
Colleen Rintamki multi world champion Dancer

Even then the Aboyne Highland Games would only let the females dance in ” female attire” which bcame known as the “Aboyne”

I have cringed at how this international city has depicted the Scots from time to time – not being a Scot but writing about them I had to be very careful to get it right! And now it is time for those who “portray’ the Scots to also get it right – When we depict the nationalities in this International City we need as with everything to do the research- please no women in male dress

they have some beautiful “dress” of their own.
The World Highland Dance Championships ( restricted to SOBHD dancers only) will take place At Cowal Highland Gathering August 28th, 29th and 30th

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