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Update on Lorain City Schools Facilities Project

The facilities review committee of the Lorain City Schools met for a final time at 6 p.m. tonight to make a recommendation about whether or not the school system should build one or two new high schools and, if one, at what location. The meeting was held at Frank Jacinto Elementary School and the following committee members were in attendance:

· Committee President Antonio Barrios of CHIP

· Vice President Tracy Isenberg, a parent of Lorain City School students

· Jackie Rogers (NAACP)

· Pam Radke (Fine Arts)

· Gloria Nieto (parent)

· Tom Paterson (trade union representative)

· Mayor Anthony Krasienko

After some discussion, the committee made a three-prong recommendation for the Lorain City Schools Board of Education to consider:

1) Approach the state to ask for enough money to build two high schools; although state officials have already rejected this approach, saying that school enrollment is too low to justify two schools, the committee recommends that we ask for reconsideration. Our school system provides opportunities for a wide range of special needs students, who require smaller teacher-to-student ratios; our need for classroom space is therefore greater than other school districts with similar sized student bodies.

2) If the state rejects this request, then the committee recommends a citizen referendum, wherein voters living in the Lorain City Schools district can provide input – through a vote – as to whether they want one or two schools. If the result is that the community wants two schools, then local taxpayers must vote for a large enough tax increase to pay for one of the high schools.

3) If the state rejects this request and if the citizens will not finance the second school with increased taxes, then the committee recommends that the Lorain City Schools build one high school in a neutral location (not on the grounds of the current Lorain Admiral King High School or Southview High School) and choose new school colors.

The committee also recommended that, whether it is decided to build one new high school or two, that an auditorium(s) be included. To quote my report from two weeks ago, “It should be noted that the school district and/or community must raise those funds separately as the state money cannot be used for auditoriums, other than for the installation of a basic sound system. Interest on bond money for the construction can be used towards this purpose but, if costs overrun on the building project(s), then that interest must be paid back in full.”

The next step in the process is for the board of education to receive the recommendations. They can then choose to accept, reject or modify the recommendations made by the committee.

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