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So I have decided that “none” the non entity deserves some answers since Brian it was directed to you ! Seems they see you as a kindred spirit 🙂 LETS PLAY WHO IS THE NON ENTITY AND THE CLUES ARE-

1. Here is the first part of NON THE NON ENTITY’S MAIL

“Brian, Loraine conveniently neglected to tell you one thing and answer one of your questions with all her ALL CAPS chest pounding about “three weeks of negotiations.”

Look at the bottom left hand corner of page three of the document. That’s the footer for the Vorys law firm’s Cleveland office that appears on documents they create. The number is a unique identifier for the document in their database.

In short, the city of Lorain’s lawyers wrote it.”

My response YOU SEE NON ENTITY – I wouldn’t have known that- not having any legal training so thanks for pointing that out and even if I did “I” wouldn’t have realized that it WAS the Cleveland law offices of VORYS however how nice that YOU DO- familiar with them are you ?- it would seem so since you recognised the number!
So the city asked their attorneys to work on a document with the other people involved in the litigation …..sorry BUT apart from having to pay the bill because of the County’s posturings in the first place -why is that a problem? I would have expected the attorneys to be involved for the city since I believe the city made the overture.

Oh dear and more legal eagling from the Non Entity

The Commissioners, in either negligent or willful collusion with them, signed it. Do you really think they asked a lot of questions if the lazy county prosecutors didn’t write it? If so, I’ve got a tax abatement retroactive to 1950 I’d like to sell you.

And you and 300,000 other Lorain County residents are about to get screwed if they get away with it.

My response : HMMMMMM you and other Lorain County residents.I take it YOU aren’t a Lorain County resident because you would have said “we” are getting screwed….hmmm there is that English language again and OOOOOO dear “lazy county prosecutors” tch tch not very nice but then you haven’t got the intestinal fortitude to call them out under your own name? So I will just consider the source on that one ( hmmm thats right we are considering the source aren’t we)

Loraine cannot explain why retroactive abatements in the city of Lorain are okay but do not take place ANYWHERE ELSE IN OHIO. Could it be that everyone else gets that they are illegal because state law says that abatements are for new construction or improvements?

I believe you have said that a number times in all the newspaper accounts – nothing new there -my chum- except I never said they are OK just that they can apply for them .as for 1950 I think 1990 would be a better year

“Y’all need to start asking tough questions of your Council people. Are they and their lawyers really so smart? “

My response :Well I don’t know the City’s attorneys won the Supreme Court decision didn’t they ? As for Council people well at least 4 of them worked for the “county” and 3 for the auditor when all this was first going on…. you should ask that question of Mr. Stewart as to their intelligence .

I understand from Loraine’s prior writings that her daughter whose situation she is so obsessed with was one of the few who bought property after the b.s. ordinance passed. Why does Loraine never acknowledge that Auditor Stewart has tried over and over again to address that situation with offers to work this out through a settlement?

MY Response ERRRRRRR excuse me but AUDITOR STEWART TOTALLY IGNORED a registered letter sent October 19th 2007 and has ignored repeated phone calls since then until she received a letter yesterday and guess what it said :

“hostage to the other homeowners who did nothing to earn an abatement?” OOOPPS SO SORRY !!! THAT IS WHAT YOU SAID – FUNNY THAT BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT STEWART SAID TOO

Oh Dear I am beginning to see a pattern emerging here ?

I’ve never seen anyone so willing to defend a corrupt system and unable to recognize her own self interest. “The lawyers! It’s all them! They’re evil! Even with millions and millions of dollars at stake, Mark Stewart should have no legal representation and should not spend anything on independent lawyers who are beholden to the city of Lorain political machine! He’s a bad man! City officials are angels! Their lawyers (who may have written the goofy legislation that has caused so much trouble!) are geniuses! Mark Provenza is a genius! Not”

Oh dear “knickers in a not ” time well not all lawyers are evil just the ones that use the media to fight their case and the blogs and my taxes to send petulant little letters… – sorry if you took offence I realize that you would want to defend your peers ….Of course some are just down right not worth the money we of Lorain County are paying them _ in my humble opinion.. …they are “losers”
I wonder if Lorain will allow this to be posted in its entirety.

YUP would you like your ISP address listed too!

Now readers lets play the guessing game – who do you think is ? Well one thing is for sure he hasn’t the balls to sign his name

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Well I have another one of those email comments 🙂 as the title suggests by obviously another “unknown” who hasn’t got the intestinal fortitude to put their name where their mouth is and a fake email to boot… although the ISP may prove to be quite interesting. …but I may put it up as the language sounds so familiar oh yes where have I read it before ….hmmmm in Stewarts Ode to the Taxpayer…….ah the rythmn of writing. I think I have a Stewart fan in

“Why does Loraine insist on holding her own daughter hostage to the other homeowners who did nothing to earn an abatement?”

Watch this space 🙂

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