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If it’s Wednesday – This must be London!

by Loraine Ritchey

The title of the movie was of course
If it’s Tuesday – this must be Belgium and looking at the itinery we have I certainly hope I at least remember what day it is let alone the country we will be in.

When in Rome– although I have lived here for the majority of my life now – family and friends will tell me when we meet up over drinks at various pubs

well at least you haven’t lost your British accent or sense of humor

Those that know me will tell you unless I am angry or “reading out loud” there is a very limited trace of that accent whilst I am here in Lorain. As for my irreverant sense of British humour I must admit it is not understood a great deal of the time by my American family and friends so I do tend to “censor myself”- so it is with gratitude and a sense of freedom when I can be fully understood by those that share that same sense of humour .

There is a reason my English family don’t hear the American dialect as when I hit Gatwick Airport – there is a a peculiar happening for about a minute I can’t talk at all, whilst the brain clicks over from America and the midwest back to England – words get jumbled , the tongue gets wooly and voila! I am back to being “British”.

That did help out in Morocco as the Americans whilst we were visiting had done something else to upset the middle east. Americans were looked upon with great disdain.

Oh great I thought here we are on holiday (vacation) and we are right in the thick (middle) of it .

So since the British were still OK I had to do “all” the talking and stripped my Americans of their “American personna”- I was never so glad to get out of anywhere when we finally left.

So what is going to happen when I try my “French”? Oh dear I had six years of it in Canada but the dialect and pronounciation was definitely garned from the French Canadian teachers…… I wonder if I will start an international incident ? Oh and then the German and Scottish part of the trip- Kalin dare I even consider Ireland?
and Brian– have I got a place for you – next time you are coming too- then again maybe we should have one in Lorain 🙂 !
Speakers Corner Hyde Park –

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