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Rally at the Bridge

Rally at the Bascale Bridge
12 Noon October 17th

For the purpose of making a visible witness to ODOT concerning the negative impact of the bridge closing and repairs delays on this community.
Business have been lost. Lives have been impacted.

Come and stand in solidarity

Questions contact Rev. Dr. Brad Donahue

All appropriate permits for public gatherings have been obtained

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Let me OUT!!!!- The Clink

by Loraine Ritchey
I have been in prison, I look out through the bars of my leaded windows to the turning trees and blue, blue sky of October but I am trapped – will the sentence come to an end anytime soon? Everyday I wake _ Do I feel better, well somewhat – it is depressing and energy sapping, this self- imposed sentence. Self imposed meaning that even though there have been days I have felt like going to the store for more supplies – I haven’t- incase I give this damned bug to someone else –

so I have remained in quarantine! This also means I haven’t been able to see my children, friends or family since I have returned . I just daren’t give myself the pleasure of seeing their faces.

My prison is comfortable, warm and light with plenty to eat and amuse. I can even contact the outside world but still my main focus is “when will I get my freedom- when can I escape the clink!”
Was it just two weeks ago I was in another prison, this one not so comfortable:
The original CLINK is a mere shadow of its former self, a private museum full of instruments of torture and tales of woe that can be hired out for corporate parties. It is a tourist attraction

and quite frankly the “speakeasy basement” in the old Eagles building has more of a threatening ambiance.

but back in the day:

‘The prison which gave its name to all others- was owned by the Bishop of Winchester within his Palace on the Bankside (Thames). From the 12th century his prison was used for amongst other the prostitutes and customers who broke his rules of 1161 in HIS 22 licenced brothels. However during the 16th century the Clink was used almost exclusively by so call heretics who disagreed with the Bishop’s views……..
By 1618 a large number of the Puritan prisoners were prepared to go ‘EVEN TO VIRGINIA AND OTHER AMERICAN COLONIES” and a few years later it became government policy to supply the planters with “willing slave labour”. This created a very lucrative racket in the City for shipping “convicts” to the slave owners in the colonies. Many thousands were “shipped” including many prostitutes from the Clink….
(The Clink Prison by E.J. Burford)

However the tourist flock to the spot have their pictures taken in amongst the instruments of torture and come away relieved they can grab a cup of coffee at the nearby Starbucks and view their digital images.
But this London is not the London I remember , the London who it seems is prostituting herself and her history with cheap and tawdry entertainments but then again maybe things haven’t changed after all………………………….

“The Rose Tavern”. Hogarth. (1733). From Burford, E.J. and Joy Wotton. Private Vices – Public Virtues: Bawdry in London from Elizabethan Times to the Regency. London: Robert Hale Limited, 1995

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