The Cold – The Browns- The Brave

December 26, 2008 at 4:36 pm 4 comments

by Loraine Ritchey
The cold permeated the mind and numbed the soul as well as the hands and feet. Why the male segment of this family felt the need to don “arctic weather gear” to attend a Browns game was beyond me? “Must be a male bonding thing- to purposely brave the elements, to feel the wind burning and freezing the cheeks, whose breaths would fill the arena with a fog reminiscent of an old London mystery movie.”
But off they went happy in the fact that they were the “braves of the Browns”.shot5 Source

Meanwhile , Mum and I, wrapped in the warmth of central heating and a roaring log fire tuned into one of those old black and white British movies, cups of tea and sandwiches to hand.

Unfortunately, the logs laid in by the back door ran out. It meant if we wanted the fire I would have to traverse the dangers of the icy path to log pile by the garage. This was no mean feat as the icy rain that fell previously had left a treacherous way to go, the cold bit into your very breath and coming back was even worse with an arm load of wood. Even getting the wood pried away from the pile was a chore in and of itself; rain had found its way under the tarp and now locked the logs in an icy embrace. Frozen fingers pulled and pushed trying to pry loose the top layer,of logs to get to the dry ones underneath . These inevitably came crashing down in log chunks narrowly missing toes.

Of course we could have let the fire go out and turned up the thermostat, but there is something alive about a fire it brings with it more than warmth of body but of the soul. So I made my journeys back and forth to the end of the garden and retrieved what I could, hoping against hope that the males in the family would give up their quest of being the “last Brown’s fan standing in the stadium” and come home and continue being the manly men and with their “arctic gear” stack some more wood. Carefully we eked out the remaining wood hoping for the return of the braves before the fire went out.

to be continued……..

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