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Life in Stats- That Woman

by Loraine Ritchey

There has been a lot written about the worthiness of “stats” on blogs. However , I noticed that the “stats” on this blog over the past 13.5 months of recording has actually reflected “my life” .

As the numbers started once again March 1st I am holding my breath – will the stats reflect a successful March – April and May, June and beyond……?

When you look at the stats pictured you may see readers and a marketing tool- I see life reflected from news that turned this family inside out – leaving us exposed and raw.

2008 started out OK- I started my little blog and the readers came and continued to grow daily, weekly and monthly
Then the news that Hodgkins Lymphoma had reared its ugly and deadly head cutting me to the quick.
The news reflected in the stats as life and writing was day to day whilst trips to hospitals , scans, operations , Drs. became the “words” of the day . Treatment started and we settled into a routine
Gradually the news was good and the gradual increase in the stats – then the “trip from hell ” ( which is still to be written ) – reflected my plummeting emotional health and mood.

That being said I was surprised that the numbers didn’t bottom out as nothing was written at all in that month but as with the “trip from hell” having “highlights of good times” -the stats showed readers still came and visited in enough numbers to even out with the start statistics .

Returning back to good news on the Cancer front and a “getting on with life” was then recorded.

Life was good- my daughter is having a baby – celebration! And then the news that the initial treatment hadn’t worked – the Cancer hadn’t been tricked – more Drs. more tests, more treatment ,more worry – the stats once again, true to form, reflected the situation and the mood.
Then comes the hope – Stem cell transplants, not one but two –

The month of March starts at zero . What will the stats bring and my life in stats bring?

March , will see an operation, day after day of preliminary tests and shots to move stem cells into the blood stream, then days of harvesting those stem cells- 5,000,000 of them – the admission into a special unit where more chemicals will be fed into the body to kill the bad and the good…. 3 weeks of a hospital room in isolation from the world- worry and waiting – and then since the Drs. have decided on a tandem 2nd stem cell transplant – the process will happen ( hopefully) all over again……. So as March starts at zero

I am hoping that August will be zero too – zero Cancer and my stats will reflect the joy that will bring …….. HOPING TO HOPE

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