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My little corner of the world-

by Loraine Ritchey
Lorain- Ohio
My Nanna used to say as she cleaned and made a room habitable
“take care of the corners first and you will find the middle will take care of itself”

Every day the news on the economic front world wide is dire. Thousands upon millions are losing their livelyhood, healthcare, homes- property values are falling and money markets are in a state of flux. The arts are compromised and today I learned no more Sharpe’s Rifles or Wire in the Blood series ( two of my favourites) due to ITV cutting jobs and programming

Week after depressing week we learn of companies failing , stores closing service and jobs lost – someone you know is effected almost on a daily basis by the news of a failing economy.

It is overwhelming, as I have stated before
Whether you are a Democrat- Republican- Independent- Libertarian- Conservative – Labour- Liberal- speak Amercian- English – Spanish – French we are all being effected in one way or another

Those that are asked ( the taxpayers) to keep giving are angry –

“We are not a bottomless pit

“Government can’t keep leeching off of us” we cry –

“We will be getting less for more “

“No more!!”- we send out message to those that want to raise our taxes and even so, unpopular though it may be , sometimes our wishes are ignored making us even angrier.

“Make do with what you have” ” Cut more jobs, healthcare”

The trouble is that like so many communities worldwide – my little corner of the world – Lorain, Ohio is losing daily “what you have”, what we have is disappearing at an alarming rate and unless taxpayers decide to renew another levy which brings in approximately 2.2 million – we will lose even more.
My little corner of the world is facing more job losses , more cuts- heck I can’t even support the local car industry ( more on that later) – every time I turn around someone is wanting more from someone who has less and less but can I say No! in my little corner of the world – all the time we said yes 4 years ago to a 1/4 percent renewable tax to sustain..

We have sustained our safety forces and services ( barely I agree) and losing 2.2 million on top of what we have already lost is worrying – can I afford to help “sustain my little corner of the world” for the next 60 months? Can we afford not to?

The Sustain Lorain Committee has the following promotion for your consideration

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