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Community Development Part 2


Mark Teleha’s interview with Community Development

Updates and Notes by Loraine Ritchey

Part One found here


Sandy Prudoff stated:

“Drake, as an example, he normally works here 8 hours, he is in charge in the evenings and weekends of all sales. So he’s out weekends and evenings, meeting with people, showing houses. So when we do have it happen, if someone were to break in a house, he’s on call, he has to go out there, and take a look at what’s going on.

He’s also in charge of rehab. We provide probably 15-20 homes a year, or more, we provide to families that own their homes, we’ll loan them up to $25,000 towards the repair of their homes. We do the bidding, we do the spec writing, we present the bids to the property owner, through the Board of Control. All of that is authorized by City Council.
Sewer Break

“Something else that Drake did that was off the charts, that was different from this, was that last year, when that sanitary line broke on Oak Point Road, on behalf of the City, as authorized by City Council, Drake monitored the loans from a fund provided by the Utilities Department, to those property owners who had their properties damaged by the sanitary backup in their basements and living rooms and condos on Oak Point Road. So his staff was in charge of all of that.”

In regards to my(Mark) comment that a lot of people in the city aren’t familiar with what the job or responsibilities of the Community Development Department:

“We used to put, once a year, a full-page, [actually] a number of pages of what we did, in the newspaper. We stopped doing that because it got very expensive. But the public [thought], generally, is ‘out of sight, out of mind, I don’t understand it.’

It’s really unfortunate because in a declining economy, and it’s tough enough when the economy is robust, in a declining economy we are always struggling in this department to breach that attitude that we need to invest in ourself as a community, to promote development, promote neighborhood stability, that takes an investment by City Council out of the General Fund, to combat, what is essentially, the result of a declining industrial base.
ED Note:
Lorain moves closer to creating economic development fund

Don and Doug, along with Chris Bauer(Ed note Mr. Bauer is now- a year later- the Economic Development Managerfor Westlake ) are heavily involved with IRG, that bought the Ford Plant.
lorainwest1 Source Gould Studios

Right now there are about four companies that either are, or about to locate in there, totaling about 200 jobs, approximately. Each company that locates out there, almost each company that locates out there, one went out there on their own, but was a referral through here, has a development agreement that City Council has to approve, so we’re heavily involved with IRG.

And hopefully, we’ll also be supervising a $9 million clean-up grant down there. Jan worked on, and secured a $3 million grant from the state to be applied towards a $9 million clean-up process.”

Jan Mackert “The whole process is $11 million.”

Sandy – “So we’ll be monitoring that, and then another division, Rey Carrion’s department, will do the prevailing wage monitoring, and we have a construction division in here that oversees construction and Doug and Don will explain it when we get to the Industrial Park that we now own and are improving.

That construction division will oversee the work that’s being contracted out, not just the prevailing wage, but to make sure that the grant that we have secured, and all of the other money that the company is putting in, is done in a manner that follows the contract, and if there are any exceptional or unreasonable change orders, or deviations from that. If there are, then they will have to go back to Council to be approved.”

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Crime Watch- Thank You – Charleston Village


NOTE: The following was sent by one of our residents as they want to not only warn but also thank the Lorain Police Dept for a job well done!

I am a resident of Charleston Village and have a message to share plus also I am sending a thank you out to the Lorain Police Dept.

Last evening about 10 PM there was a knock at my front door. I turned on the porch light and looked through the front door glass to see who was there. My dogs were barking, also.

The person was a stranger-someone I had never seen in my neighborhood before.This rarely happens here and it alarmed me. I was alone in the house and knew right then not to open the door.

Through the doors I loudly asked him what he wanted. The man showed me his drivers license and asked if I could give him some money.

He said his sister was in Sandusky and desperately needed his help. I told him to go to the Police station at that time of night- maybe they could give him some help. I told him I couldn’t help him. He seemed hyper and a bit aggitated.

I wanted to make sure I saw where he went off my porch. He didn’t take no for an answer right away but eventually left and went across the street to other houses. I called my neighbor to alert him of this person’s request. Then I called the police.

Other people had called the police also to report this man. Within 10 minutes or so a police officer came to my door and said they had picked up the man a block away and he gave the correct description of the person.

The story the police were given by this man was very different from the one he told me. This person didn’t show any force or a weapon on my porch or to others but his actions and time of day to come looking fo rmoney were enough for all of us to be very suspicious and cautious.

The policeman told me to never be swayed and sympathetic and open the door to a stranger- number one- they may have a weapon or could be casing the house to return later to do harm.

I thank you Lorain Police for their quick response and letting us know they had located this person.

There are elderly people nearby and certainly didn’t need to be bothered by this man. I know I had a peaceful night knowing this man was not on the streets.

We have a block watch in place here and last night it worked- neighbors alerting neighbors and calling the police for strange neighborhood activity.

This problem may get worse given the state of the economy and the approach of warm weather. It always tests my emotions and actions when a stranger asks for money. Late at night, after dark, is a time to be deligent and cautious. Thank you, A Charleston Village resident

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