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City Council – March 30th- Talk!

by Loraine Ritchey

I am not Paula! I apologize, you will not be reading her excellent coverage- you are stuck with my take and the talk!

I don’t pay attention – in fact if this were high school civics I would be standing in the hallway in disgrace.

There weren’t a lot of people at tonight’s meeting – and a lot of coming and going too-ing and fro-ing. I saw Sean and Brian and Sandy ( all of us in the back row of the class – that in and of itself says a lot )

– I found it rather humorous that there passed between the three entities a polite nod when they all have been linked for a few days “blog wise” from pictures to comments – and yet nary a word was spoken between the bloggers and the bloggee.

This blogger had no such problems -and someone should have smacked me, and I talked and talked whilst the “unspoken” lay like a fog of civility between the participants!

Since I wanted to watch the season finale of TOP GEAR – I left just after Mr. Dore, Safety Director – stated that the Firefighters would be receiving letters tomorrow rescinding the layoff notices and that hopefully the same situation would apply to the Police Dept as they were having some constructive talks. Which sort of negated the comment by Mr. Holcomb ( paraphrasing here) after his suggestion of “using comp time funds” which was found to be needing … that no one was finding way to keep the safety forces.

Denise was there with her sign of support for the safety forces and was outside when I drove past…… Denise it may have worked ya think!!!

PAULA COME BACK!!!!!- I am absolutely rotten when it comes to covering council meetings!

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