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by Loraine Ritchey


This insidious disease, silently at first, wreaks havoc , and then in contempt of its host announces its presence in a myriad of ways. The presence of Cancer destroys wellbeing of individual and family. It is all consuming, it touches everyone.
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The Face of Cancer

Cancer has many stories and faces , ours is one of them, but I have been introduced this past year to so many more. There is hope, desperation , those that pray , those that fight, those that cry and those that beg- beg for the chance to fight another day.

How much is a person’s life worth?

Should it be dependent upon the insurance coverage who lives for 2 months, 2 years or 20 – should a loved one’s life be decided by “how much”- should it not be a physician that decides a course of treatment?

I remember the Dr. in January stating that excellent results were being found with a “tandem stem cell transplant in a study out of California. My first thought was

God ! would the insurance cover this ? And if it didn’t how could we pay for the chance to live?

The Dr. didn’t know about the insurance and what it would or would not cover but he felt this was our best chance .

I lay awake for nights again not only with the “return of obscenity” back into our lives but

How the hell could I raise hundreds of thousands of dollars if the procedure was denied .

I am not alone there are thousands of people who believed they have adequate insurance only to find out “catastrophic” illnesses are eating away at their “insurance cap”.

You read about the fundraisers, the please help donations in every village , town and city in the nation.

I decided that I would walk up and down every street in Lorain , cap in hand and “beg” if you like for 2 dollars or more – I would hit up every relative, every friend , I would mortgage my home anything to be able defray the cost – but even that would not have covered this procedure.

Recently as I walked the floors of the “Bone Marrow ” unit of the hospital – taking respite in the “family room” the stories continued as we shared our common denominator -the all leveling “Cancer”.

And I wonder how the wife , whose husband has now been denied 3 times , will pay the over a million dollars his illness has now cost them.

How much is a life worth? Look at your child, spouse, parent ,sibling and tell me where would you draw the line because that line is being drawn every day !

You have heard it before and you will hear it again life is precious just how precious may depend on your insurance company –
So check your policy- find out your lifetime cap – and how catastropic illnesses are handled- and most of all what your life or the life of your loved one is worth!

NOTE:Truly scary was the headline in the Dr.s “worry room” One out of every two men will experience one form of Cancer in their lifetime I didn’t read the stats for children and women- I was too upset as it was.

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