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A revisit- How will we answer?


The Chiefs ask for our support

As your chiefs, we can assure the citizens of Lorain that we will aggressively pursue any alternate sources of funding that become available and will continue to be budget conscious in the daily operations of our departments.

Editorial Morning Journal

It’s easy for the uninformed – or those who don’t wish to be informed – to boast that they won’t vote to renew the tax, as if extra millions are being deliberated hidden from view in City Hall. That’s all hot air. The reality is this: Lorain has no City Hall cookie jar stuffed with mystery money to draw up if Issue 10 fails.

by Loraine Ritchey

In times of adversity Lorain has persevered- I was reminded of that today as I was researching various aspects of Lorain’s past from the early news mediaeditors- tragedy and connections.

Mrs. Root’s article has been published by me on two occasions but I think a reminder may be due as we go into the 175th year of Incorporation and take our Magical History Tour and are asked once again to support our city.


In Early Days – by Mrs. H.G. Root

Having promised to tell you something of this busy little city in its past fifty or sixty years, I can only rely upon memory for facts which may interest you in the telling

If we had only known in those long gone years that our little village of three hundred souls would become this beautiful ”Queen City” of the Lakes we might have kept a correct record of her most wonderful development, for we may forget things we will wish we had remembered.

There are not many of us left to tell the story of our quiet village like, of how we lived and loved, how we rose to eat, and toiled and slept that we might rise and eat and toil and sleep again – for that truly seemed to be our daily life in those quiet days.

There was not the rush and hurry of the present time. The little village seemed to lie in stupor waiting for the great moving hand of time to arouse her into life.

Not that there was not life and in interest of in every day but things were so different then. One can hardly think that such change could come in fifty or sixty years as this small city has seen. Please go with me as memory takes us back to our earliest years in the little village of the Black River.

This is the same old Lake Erie, which is tonight tossed and lashed into fury by the winter winds, by which we merry children played, gathering the shells or hiding our little brown feet in it’s shining sands, the same spot of earth we knew as our happy home then, but Oh! how changed.

Our little village lives only in memory, in its stead there stands a thriving busy little city known and spoken of from he Great Lakes to the Gulf, her industries giving employment to thousands………..

Mrs. Root’s observations were of a happier time of full employment – people who cared and were proud of their home and also of the struggle that had gone before….


Lorain is going through times of adversity once again, will we have the desire and wherewithal to see her through?

Only YOU the voter can answer that!

The City is asking for your dollars for another five years to extend the length of a tax we already pay – not much to give when you think what others have given to have this settlement persevere through 200 years is it?

It is about the same “time” commitment made by most us when purchasing a car- 60 months and the payment is no where near what you would be willing to pay for a vehicle..and this is OUR “CITY”

I,( personally) am answering in the affirmative because with all the words and opinions to the contrary –NO ONE ( not any one of the detractors) HAS SHOWN ME AN ALTERNATIVE in making up the 2.2 million income realized and could be lost if we don’t take ownership of our City for the next 60 months

2005 – $2,430,000
2006 – $2,442,472
2007 – $2,324,860
2008 – $2,222,762
Figures provided by R. Mantini City Auditor Lorain Ohio.

“Issue 10 – Lorain City Income Tax Renewal

The City of Lorain has an income tax renewal issue on the May 5th ballot. Issue 10 is a renewal and will not increase your taxes, but will prevent the city from having to lay off police officers and fire fighters and allows us to maintain our parks and streets.

crisis Source-
Sustain Lorain Committee ( Robyn Baker Treasurer)

Morning Journal Editorial note this is my PERSONAL opinion and not an obligatory one either 🙂 .

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