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mistcom PHOTO Mark Teleha

I have been celebrating my 2nd anniversary here in this home- a lot has happened- somehow I ended up with HWTHSBO (he who thinks he should be obeyed) and SWMBO ( she who must be obeyed) – my buddy got married and moved out – which meant definite lifestyle changes for me – I hear he got a cat!

Can you believe it …. a cat!!!! Pesky damned things I am forever trying to rid the garden of these things and he gets one and calls it Dakota!!

Dakota if that isn’t a dogs name I don’t know what is- and to think ME the designer dog of noble ancestry gets called Misty – where is my “dog name”? I should have been called “Hunter” or Thor ( come to think of it I am a girl) but at least “Falcon”.

Humans they can be totally irresponsible at times- like a couple of days ago this person visiting the neighborhood ( helping to clear out a property) decided to reward me for letting my humans know there was something going on in the alley-

She tossed me something to chew on- unfortunately I spent all night throwing it up and my humans were very angry ( wouldn’t like to be her if SWMBO gets her teeth into her). I will let them know the next time she is in the alley !

Then there is the case of 10 dogs in one home-

Oh dear! don’t humans realize we need space, we like to be clean, we don’t like to eat where we poop and we don’t like sharing fleas.

It is bad enough I have to share when that “Tetley” comes over ( and he is called after tea bags -go figure)

AND I don’t have a larger place to run- it has gotten smaller since the pond and those squirrels are fenced off
but I do get to go for walks and swims. When my buddy comes home takes me for runs in the woods- ah ! the smogasborg of smells enough to make your nose over heat! At least he doesn’t bring the cat!

I heard SWMBO say that there was an ordinance and that 4 dogs or more needed a Commercial Kennel License and look seems humans in Lorain need to protect us animals ( even those cats!) – if we dogs have to have a dog license seems if you have 4 or more – then humans need a commercial kennel license

The term “commercial kennel”, as used in this chapter and all other sections of the Codified Ordinances of the City, including the Zoning Code, means any lots or premises on which four or more dogs, or cats, or both, at least four months of age are kept, boarded, or trained, whether in special structures or runways or not.(Ord. 87-79. Passed 5-7-79.)

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  • 1. Mark  |  April 22, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    Great post, Misty, and well done!

  • 2. MISTY  |  April 22, 2009 at 7:39 pm

    “Bark ” atcha my photographer – even when you are head and shoulders above the “cats” it is hard to understand humans

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    […] Only Misty on her daily rounds dares to make the journey through the cold checking on her charges . Misty who was Chris’s dog. […]

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