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Lorain Youth Baseball Remembers-Zachary

Mark Teleha has once again done a superb and touching post-
Lorain Youth Baseball Remembers Zachary Gott

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Valedictorian speaks or maybe not?

Rebecca Temerario is petitioning the Clearview Board of Education for change. To view and or sign the peition please visit
The “text” is as follows:

To: Clearview Board of Education and Graduation Committee
To The Clearview High School Board of Education and Graduation Committee:

As long as I have been a student in the Clearview School District, I have known all aspects of the school to be nothing but fair to all associated with the establishment; this is one of Clearview’s many unique strengths. However, as a potential Valedictorian of Clearview High School, I propose that one of Clearview’s traditions be revised and updated as Graduation 2009 swiftly approaches.

The word “valedictorian” is appointed to a student who is normally the highest ranking academic in a given graduating class. That student delivers the valedictory at the commencement ceremony. “Valedictory” comes to the English from its Latin roots, which mean “to give the farewell address.”

The positions of Valedictorian and Salutatorian are earned positions. Certainly, they are wanted positions as well, and that is why students strive to the achievement. Those positions are also distinctly American rights that were adopted to salute students of academic excellence and allow those students, whoever they may be, the opportunity to exercise their honor and right to free speech.

However, at Clearview High School the national tradition has been changed. Instead of allowing the Valedictorian, Salutatorian, National Honor Society President, and Senior Class President their earned honor, any graduating senior can submit a speech to a committee. This, I believe, is a wonderful idea and one of the many reasons why I am proud to be a Clearview student. I recognize and applaud all those who may excel elsewhere in their lives, be it in a rock band, on the football field, or at a job. Certainly those students have just as much right as any to be given a chance to compete for a spot to speak at graduation. On the other hand, the said offices are positions of leadership that are common earned positions of distinction. The Valedictorian, Salutatorian, NHS President, and Senior Class President automatically speak at most other graduations, in the way of the common American tradition. This should be both the right and the responsibility of the students to whom the offices fall. Freshman who arrive at Clearview do not know that this is not the way things are done in the Clearview Local School District.

In conclusion, I advocate that the students who have worked hard to achieve the distinguished positions of Valedictorian, Salutatorian, National Honor Society President and Senior Class President be given the automatic right to speak at future commencements. Should a student in one or all of those positions decline then the honor should be opened up to all graduates. After being approached by several students wanting to know why the traditional speakers, as class leaders, would not be addressing their classmates at graduation, this matter needs to be reconsidered and readdressed.

And most of all: Many congratulations to all members of the Class of 2009.

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AND The Chronicle and Mark -5 stars

Mark Teleha’s photos are to be found in the Chronicle as well

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The Oldest Congregation remains on 7th


St. mary

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End of May beginning of June events

fountain fun PHOTO MARK TELEHA


Lorain Perch & Walleye Festival- May 30th

Michael Challender, Lorain Growth Corporation

Lake Erie Perch & Walleye Dinners Served by : Master Perch Chef Chris Bennett.

Your Favorite Festival Foods

Used Boat Sale:From 11 am—4 pm bring your used boat to the south parking lot $10 fee

Live Black River Nature Tours: noon to 7:30 pm

Classic Car Show: 2 pm to 4 pm

Perch & Walleye Fishing Derby
Call 440-244-6503 for more information


Knights to open Season with a Bang

At 6:00 p.m. the opening night opponent will be in state rival and the only other Ohio based team in the Prospect League, the Chillicothe Paints. Aside from the outstanding baseball that will be taking place on the field, off the field the Knights have partnered with The Boys and Girls Club of Lorain County to put on a “Good Bye to School” Carnival that will be entirely inside the Knights Stadium. All in attendance for the Knights game will also have the opportunity to enjoy the excitement of the “Good Bye to School Carnival” presented by the Boys and Girls Club of Lorain County. The carnival will open at 5:00pm, when the gates open up, and will go on all night long during the game. At the end of the game the night will be capped off with a grand fireworks celebration to welcome the Knights to Lorain.
To purchase your tickets to opening night and to get the latest Knights Gear visit the Knights website

Date: 6/6
Venue: Pipe Yard Stadium @ P.C. Campana Park
2840 Meister Road
Lorain, OH 44053



The Volleyfest will be a co-ed sixes grass tournament with two divisions. The divisions are BB-OPEN and Corporate-B. This will be an all day event with pool play followed by playoffs for each division. Prizes will be awarded to the top two teams in each division. All participants will receive a commemorative t-shirt along with the opportunity to win prizes from local establishments as well as other related prizes.

It is being held in conjunction with the Lorain Port Authority. Carlos Jones and the Plus Band will be performing an evening reggae concert from 8-10 PM on the Black River Stage. There will be a “Pub to Pub Party” for all participants as well with a grand prize for the most active team participants. For complete information and entry details go to or call 440-244-4475.
Date: 6/6
Venue: Black River Landing


Meeting Place: Black River Landing
Public Reservation Closes: 8/27/09
Date: 5/20/09
Meeting Days: Wed.
Time: 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Cost: $12.00
# of people: N/A
Openings: N/R
Program Type: Tour
Age Range: All
Description: Every Wednesday through 8/27 6:30-8 pm Black River Landing. LCMP and Lorain Port Authority will provide boat rides featuring river views of Lorain’s industry, history, wildlife and scenic beauty. PR at (440) 204-2269. $12/person.

em> Lorain County Metro Parks and the Library partner up!!!!

bookbeach Source

Beach Party At Lorain’s Lakeview Park Kicks Off Lorain Public Library System’s Summer Reading Program; Receive Free NorthCoast Knights Baseball Home Opener Tickets
Ride the wave of excitement at a free Beach Party co-sponsored by the Lorain Public Library System and Lorain County Metro Parks, Saturday, June 6 from noon to 3 p.m. at Lakeview Park, 1800 West Erie Avenue, Lorain.

This event kicks off the summer celebrating books, music, the arts and nature. The Beach Party launches the Lorain Public Library System’s ”Get Creative” Summer Reading Program and the Metro Park’s Lakeview beach season.

Enjoy family activities, cultural arts performances, and music by kid-band G-Force Revue. Complete all activities and receive free tickets to the NorthCoast Knights baseball home opener, Saturday, June 6 at 6:05 p.m. at The Pipe Yard, 2840 Meister Road, Lorain. The NorthCoast Knights is an elite summer collegiate baseball team made up of professional prospects from across the country.

The Beach Party is just the beginning of summertime fun featuring fun activities and great prizes offered by the Lorain Public Library System. Starting Monday, June 8, preschoolers through fifth graders can sign up for the “Get Creative” Children’s Summer Reading Program and sixth through 12th graders can sign up for the “Express Yourself” Teen Summer Reading Program. Sign up at any Lorain Public Library System Library or on the Bookmobile. The Summer Reading Program runs through August 8.

Adults can also join in the fun and win great prizes by participating in a Summer Reading Program just for them.

The Lorain Public Library System’s Summer Reading Program is supported by a grant from The Stocker Foundation. Special program sponsors include the Lorain County Metro Parks and NorthCoast Knights.

For complete Summer Reading Program details, visit



Tickets 440-522-8811 or 440-258-0512

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Kelly Sagert = the movie?


Our Kelly has been interviewed for a documentary about Shoeless Joe Jackson

Kelly tells us:

The film maker is currently looking for funding, but he posted clips of his interviews, including two with me.

The first clip is about 1 minute and I’m in part of it: The second one is me for 1 minute and 19 seconds, answering a question about why Jackson, after being given the chance to play pro ball in Philly, kept trying to escape back home to South Carolina:

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Dumb la Pillow? or Money Bags???


BY Loraine Ritchey

geotube_industrial SOURCE

Firstly my apologies for the twist on an excellent product “Dunlopillo”

For those not familiar with the Charleston Village neighborhhod of Portside – we have suffered various set backs since the 1975 “study and plan” that stated this neighborhood should be embraced and preserved- the fact that it was at that time nearly 100% owner occupied.

We have struggled, helped preserve Lorain’s oldest green space – fought blight designation- preserved and are preserving Charleston Pioneer Cemetery

tried to make the best of things, tried to keep Lorain’s oldest neighborhood alive- even when the odds and economic climate turned against us and no one was listening to our pleas
Charleston Village Annual Report and links to previous annual reports found here

2nd street as most are by now aware lost 19 trees to clear cutting policy by the energy companies after the big blackout.


Phase One of an alternative to “detraction” is now being completed.

Barnes Trib

It has taken so long due to storage and sewer works in the area. Once again the neighbors were patient, even though one of the neighbors literally encased the front of their house in sheets of plastic to stop the dust from the piles of gravel etc which blew constantly at his home.

We took another step forward this past week with the 2nd street carving site. The traffic that goes by that corner was very surprising. Not as surprising though as the
Giant bags filter silt: New geotube system may save Lorain money by Alan Ingram

The city has been using geotubes along West First Street for about two weeks as it cleans out one of the two major water treatment basins, he said. Two of the bags they’re using measure 75 feet by 20 feet, and one measures 100 feet by 20 feet.

As the water is going through them, city workers need to occasionally beat on the bags to knock the solid material out of the drainage holes, Hoholski said.

They are no longer pumping water into the bags but they are being allowed to sit so the remaining water drains. The process is a trial, Hoholski said, but added that if it proves viable, it may be used more in the future.

As I have said we have put up with a lot in this old neighborhood, and we deserve some smiles, and I surely got them watching the antics of grown men and women walking up and down for hours , beating the bags and doing the dance of the “bagging bounce”. I must say not the modern technology I have come to expect in the 21st century .Hopefully these giant “sausages of sludge” will be removed soon. There is a definite odor at times as noticed by those on 2nd street as we worked on the “tribute and carving” – the “sausage of sludge” aren’t attractive, unless you are a “tween ager” with a lot of time on your hands ( I have grave misgivings that these aren’t going to be “un” attractive to them) and the residents have already put up with a lot from the utility companies.

So I am really glad this is supposedly saving us some money , giving us some amusement BUT if the “sausages of sludge” are going to be more than a temporary fixture – they need to be moved away from that corner and the residences.


I realize that the City has had to come up with an alternative solution BUT please realize that this is still a residential neighborhood, there is an odor and these are eyesores and magnets for the “tween agers” I have had complaints from residents and therefore I would like to draw your attention to the following on my blog today – please follow the links embedded you will see this neighborhood has put up with a great deal in the past 4 years alone and we have tried to make the best of bad situations however we keep getting more thrown at us . I would like your assurance this is temporary and a time line for their removal please Thank you Loraine

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LPD- And the Good News is – Morning Journal

is reporting this morning
Police jobs may be saved: Safety director working with union to reach memorandum of understanding By Alan Ingram
“The memorandum of understanding would temporarily shift six police officers, four dispatchers and three corrections officers from the general fund to the police levy, allowing the city to avoid layoffs, Dore said.”
Full article found here

ED NOTE: That is good news on two fronts – one for the health of our community and also it means I don’t have to retype the whole presentation given by Chief Rivera at the committee meeting 🙂

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LPD Presentation Part One


2009 Reduction in Force Impact/ Contingency Plan as presented to Lorain City Council

Historical Perspective
Pre – Levy ( Prior to 1992)
Dangerously low manpower level, lack of equipment, no training, reactive vs proactive, no community connection.

Police Levy ( 1992-2001)

Additional police officers and staff, properly equipped, vastly improved training program, proactive vs reactive approach, engaged with community , dramatic reductions in crime.


Violent crime slowly increased , peaking in 2004 and 2005, economy steadily in decline, money tightened ; more dependent on Police Levy and Grants (MDT’s, ballistic vests, portable radio, LMHA. Traffic enforcement, Target Enforcement/NOVCC; accompanied by reductions in manpower.

Proposed lay off of 8 police officers and 4 telecommunicators.


111 – Police Officers Authorized Strenght (FBI: 136)

96 – Sworn Police Officers – current manpower Less-
3 Police officers Assigned to Jail ( due to 3 C.O vacancies)

1 – Anticipated Retirement ( June 2009)

3 – Active Military Deployment ( receives full pay)

5 – Possibly leaving for other agencies ( Avon PD/ Border Patrol)

8 – Officers projected to be laid-off

76 Officers after lay-offs, loss to other departments , retirement and military duty

31% below authorized strength ( plus 4 T/I Officers)


Proposed lay off of 8 police officers and 4 dispatchers

Elimination/Reduction of Specialized Assignments

Prioritize Calls, reduced or elimination of moblie response

Possible closing of Lorain City Jail

Reduced Record Room Hours and Support Services

Elimination of Law Enforcement Partnerships/Community Programs

to be continued ………

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City Council- Calls and Committees and WHEW!

What a long night!

by Loraine Ritchey

The meetings started off at 5:45 pm last evening – I left at 11:00 p.m. and it was still going on- Kalin Stipe and Mr. Becker were the only citizens left-

I felt I had to stay for the Police and Fire Committee meeting as the only female token citizen in the chamber. Even the Journal reporter and Chronicle had to leave due to deadlines.
Chronicle Coverage

Morning Journal Coverage

And there is the rub and my disclaimer. I hadn’t planned on note taking- was very tired and had had hours of “Blight and Eminent Domain”– Strategic Plans – “Reports- etc well read the agenda
it was another marathon night. Therefore, if I have misconstrued anything please feel free to correct me.

It was a shame ,in my opinion, that the Police and Fire Committee meeting was left so late- I believe the citizens should have the opportunity to listen to our Chiefs etc or at least had the opportunity to have “press coverage”.

Chief Rivera gave a power point presentation on The Lorain Police Department – 2009 Reduction In Force Impact/ Contingency Plan –

Note: I will be publishing excerpts from the report later

Fire Chief Brown , was passionate in his statement in making it very clear as to the way the cuts have affected his department as well.

There followed suggestions from the Police and Fire unions using a forensic accounting report and the possible use of CBG funds from Community Development.

Mr. Mantini had not seen the report before the meeting and neither had Community Development. It was decided ( up to the time I had to leave) to meet with . Mr. Mantini, Community Development, the Law Director, to see what if any funds from CBG funds may be available.

Sandy Prudoff, Community Development Director – was given a copy of the report during the meeting – he had some observations and concerns as to the CGB funds and stated he would send a full report to the Mayor and City Council once he had been able to look at the information in detail.

However he did point out “the essence of a quality community is dependent upon our safety and security”
Mr. Snodgrass and Mrs. Szabo both had concerns with regard to the fact they had received calls from citizens as to layoffs in the safety forces after the passage of Issue 10.

Mr. Dore emphatically stated that there will be NO LAYOFFS in the Fire Dept. due to the agreement and concessions made by the Fire Dept. The day by day closing of Fire Station 4 and cuts in service is due to lack of funds to support overtime and attrition

At the beginning of the meeting Mr. Dore said they were also working with the Police Dept.

As this very tired blogger and token citizen sees it – basically it all boils down to money -and the lack thereof. The quality of life our safety services, in fact all the services provided for us by our City is being compromised.

Grass cutting was mentioned – is that a luxury? Seeing what happens when the grass is left to grow- and the message that sends also has a negative impact on the community – one which now in the case of 5th and Hamilton requires the services of the Police Dept. and eventually could involve the services of a Fire Dept as abandoned buildings attract the less than desirable element .

Everything is intertwined – there are no easy answers- it is what it is!

Although the Administration and City Council members take a lot of hits from members of the public – me included- no one likes this current situation. We would do well to remember THEY too live in this city – they too are effected by these cuts and losing the “essence of a quality community”Their properties are effected too – this isn’t a game for them or us -we are in this up to our knee high grass.

I don’t have any answers. I just hope that they can, as asked by the Fire Dept., to be creative in helping fund our safety services but there is only so much money to go around and whatever accounts are used something is going to take a hit-

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