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In (Alsace) Lorraine- They didn’t forget

I am republishing this from last autumn as I think it is fitting for this Memorial Day


My journey to Europe became one of remembrance whether I wanted to remember or not , it was as if I was being guided to use what little talent I have to archive for those far removed – the lost – of generations, then and now.

Strasbourg is in the Alsace Lorraine region of France .
Lorraine American Cemetery and Memorial

ED NOTE Lorain historians will remember that it was this region that reminded Mr. Herman Ely ( founder of Elyria who traversed the area ) of our county ( Lorain) was very similar to the region Lorraine therefore named the county Lorain. After Charleston Village was shamed and a name was needed for corporation in 1874 , the name was taken for the city from the “county name”- Lorain

We had only planned to be in Strasbourg the one night; we booked a charming little hotel near the Cathedral for the night of Sept 11th. Unfortunately due to a terrible experience with “rail travel” we had to leave the cruise on the Rhine and the boat the Ste. Odile early and come back to Strasbourg, where we booked the same hotel. for the night of Sept 15th .

We called home to let them know where we were , as we had had no communication availability whilst on the boat. We were met with the tragic news that my daughter in law and her family had experienced the death of a child in Lorain whilst he was riding home the previous day during the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.

There is nothing worse than being away from your loved ones when something like this happens, you feel totally inadequate and helpless. The next morning , although I am not a Catholic, I walked across the square to Strasbourg Cathedral to light a candle of remembrance for this child.

My mind was not on the beautiful windows, architecture, statues and carvings,

I watched the tourists as they quietly took in all the beauty that surrounded them;the sound of the Cathedral’s bells reverberating through the stillness.

My heart heavy, I leaned against a pillar whilst my husband took photos and noticed the stone pillar was scarred and what looked ( to me) like bullet holes, it hadn’t been fixed. Had there been a battle of some sort that had scarred the stone? Then I noticed

Life has a way of making you realize what is truly important “life itself”, I lit another candle for those brave men, boys really, whose mothers also wept and one for mothers .

In another Lorraine there are those that still remember.
cemfran Source: AP Photo/Jerome Delay

I hope Lorain remembers her sons and daughters this November 11th , you know the bells at the Cathedral will call out to those that are lost on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month .
ERIC BARNES – Lorain Remembers
barnes1 Photo Henery Hawk
Dedicated by Henery Hawk

“One generation comes, another goes and mingles with the dust,
And thus we come and go, and come and go,
Each for the moment filling up
Some little place, and thus we disappear
In quick succession, and it shall be so,
Till time in one vast perpetuity be swallowed up” ( author unknown)

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