Build up that Wall!

June 21, 2009 at 1:10 pm 3 comments

By Loraine Ritchey


I have been thinking a lot about walls this last week. One of the main thoughts is of a dry stone wall to be incorporated in the 2nd street project
2nd street

Before the rough weather hit last week ( in a couple of aspects of my life) we were coming along by leaps and bounds .

Thursday , was spent under a tree all day watching as trucks and back hoes and the wonderful people ofDon Moulds Plantation took on the task of going the extra mile to prepare the 2nd street site .

I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to Brad Thimke, his crew and Don Mould’s Plantation . There is so much more to tell and people to thank which will be done in a few weeks. Although I know they aren’t worried about recognition I will recognize them for making my heart lighter and my neighborhood and my city just a “wee bit” better.
Don Moulds

I sat under the trees at the side of the site and watched the ballet of the earth movers along with may flies, rabbits, squirrels and puckwudgets and had tears of gratitude when I saw what they were doing and accomplished
eagle flower

To be honest I had resigned myself to taking wheel barrows up and down the road full of dirt and a coercing family and volunteers armed with shovels and picks to prepare the site for planting grass and getting the flower beds prepared.

I watched as the mechanical diggers made short work of the concrete crust that had been left due to the storage of the “ore piles’ and the great care and respect the professionals took as they swung heavy equipment in and around the carvings.

By noon we were drawing a crowd, people were coming over literally by the “bus load” pictures being taken- questions as to what was happening answered- smiles and laughter.

Then came the rains and stoppage of work . Friday was spent worrying about the site and what was happening, would the site now drain since the concrete crust had been destroyed, or would there be a quagmire, what would become of the mounds and the top soil?

A trip to Home Depot to buy some edging for the eagle flower bed- a call from the two Mormon Missionaries that are volunteering to help ” are we still working today ?”

Yes! we need to put these brick paving edgers in the ground for two reasons – my lovely new Lincoln MKZ has now become a “truck” carrying gravel and pavers and I needed to get that out of my trunk and I need to prepare the bed for planting this week.

Saturday morning found my volunteers bright and early and in the pouring rain – digging and unloading and placing the pavers – there were just a couple left over. The plans for the site include a dry stone wall which will retain some of the mounded flower beds and keep the topsoil in place .
wall and bench sketch Gary Fisher / Arkinetics

Not thinking, I thought I would just cross the space from the Eagle to the Ship’s captain and put a couple behind the carving to help direct the water etc away from his base .


I ended up knee deep in the mud, my two volunteers looked at each other then at my husband – would she need rescuing do you think ? was the unspoken look upon their faces.

However I did make it back across to safety , leaving behind tracks .

Volunteers always leave tracks , tracks that mingle and cross sometimes becoming one making it impossible to recognize the paths taken – just that a journey had been made- as witnessed by the footprints left.
RF4471618 SOURCE

We can also build walls, sometimes they retain , sometimes they protect and sometimes they keep people out .

I am building my own walls – some for my protection from the human elements that would wear away at my foundation and other walls to protect the works of art on a corner on 2nd street. from the elements of nature.

If anyone would like to help with building walls of the good kind, planting or donating plants, shrubs , sandstone etc. we have a deadline for completion please contact me or
Photographs Paula Tobias


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  • 1. Brian Hazelett  |  June 21, 2009 at 2:04 pm

    I drove past the site today and it looks really great!

  • 2. Buster's Momma  |  June 21, 2009 at 4:29 pm

    Went by yesterday with Georgia Grandma & Aunt SoLo and they were very impressed with what you and your group have accomplished, Loraine! They agree that Lorain needs more folks like you!

  • 3. Loraine Ritchey  |  June 21, 2009 at 8:49 pm

    Buster’s Momma….actually there are loads of people like me only they aren’t so “vocal” ……..I have to tell you the people that have helped either by donations both money and inkind and who have facilitated are adding up into the hundreds… seriously ..actually I have just been co-ordinating and “begging” the real work is being done by others……and I am so proud and grateful to be part of this community …… Loraine

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