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clinic chair PHOTO “The Waiting Room” -The Family Waiting Room at the Cleveland Clinic taken through frosted glass. View On Black PAUL CSIZMADIA

Yesterday I spent all day in one waiting room or another- tests, outpatient surgery , breathing tests , x-rays and lastly a visit with the Lymphoma Specialist for a follow up to the stem cell transplant. It was a very long day .

Waiting always brings some dialogue with my fellow chair travellers. In one case it was from a woman who was just starting the journey we are hopefully finishing- she was asking questions she obvioulsy felt silly asking the physicians and coordinators- “she wore nighties rather than pajamas would that be a problem” – what were the worst effects- her husband what could he do to help- would he be allowed to bring her things-

I could only tell them our experience – I told them that I was going to do a bit of an article on what we went through from a “passenger’s perspective” .

I was exhausted when I finally got home around 7 last night- I went to bed really early which meant at 3 a.m. I was wide awake, not wanting to get up that early I tried to formulate the post in my brain.

Now admit it we only scan blogs, anything over 400 words leaves us numb. How do I formulate a journey of a life into 400 words – not possible- I could serialize but then this journey which has been front page in my life for the past year and half may take its toll on my emotions as I relive the “days of my life”- so this is the start ….. the next installment will depend on the mood of the conductor.
The above had a word count of 282( sigh)

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