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I have been wandering around in my head for months and the path to peace and serenity or even “control” over this aspect of my life is alluding me still.

However, every once in awhile, other thoughts do pop in now and then, just for a few seconds.

A THANK YOU to the Lorain Fire Dept. for their quick and effective action in saving property and possibly lives with their professionalism in my neighborhood on the night of October 4th.

lakepaula PHOTO Paula Tobias

Lorain Port Levy RENEWAL

There have been times in the past months – the sight of boats in the Lorain harbor – the laughter and music drifting across the evening breezes -the camaraderie of people coming together – have given a little respite in the darkest of my days . As indeed the Lorain Port Authority is giving a little respite to Lorain ( the city ) in these dark financial times. Please consider a Yes vote for the Port Renewal Levy .

Source Red Stapler Chronicles
Trial and Jury

Standing outside and apart from the fray lately ( Houston) and following the forums and the comments causes one to sigh. There is a saying about “arguing with ignorance” and not feeding the “frenzy” of the “polarity of perception” but sometimes another of those thoughts bubble up through the gloom.

Have we become so entrenched in our need to be right and proven to be “in the know” that we sacrifice ( through the electronic forums) the law of the land and of our culture? .

We can know exactly when the maxim formally entered American law: through a Supreme Court decision of 1894, Coffin vs. U.S. A lower court had refused to instruct the jury that “The law presumes that persons charged with crime are innocent until they are proven by competent evidence to be guilty”.

It seems that in Lorain at least we have forgotten that basic premise and the rush to judgment causes hurt and embarrassment for those targeted, and the targeting is not equally applied….. just another SIGH! and a thought that demands an action but I am soooooooo tired – my will is weak – I am all but spent
sunflower1 Photo Daniel Miller

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Never too old to learn? More “random thoughts”- Houston

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