Houston- Hot – Humid- Horses and HMMMMM

October 15, 2009 at 5:12 pm Leave a comment

NOOOOOO!!! this isn’t a picture of the horse after I rode it. Whew! 90 degrees yesterday after a rain that could’ve floated a boat. My foray into the wild west “avec” plastic helmet. I realize that horse rentals have to protect their clients but you tend to lose heat through your head … just ask a politician 🙂 and when it is covered with plastic and foam OMG!!!! Anyway 2 hours later after riding through swamp and shrub and bush I now remember why cowboys are bowlegged. It has been 20 years since I rode and it won’t be anytime soon I will be repeating the experience ( I hope) .

Once again the heat is turned on full blast here in Houston. I definitely prefer the midwest’s autumn.

It is quite enlightening to read the local papers and forums on line, because although they still warrant my attention – the intensity of emotions are lessened from my perch in the internet cafe.

But I couldn’t help reading some of the comments on one forum and wondering just as Garbo had his agenda reading between the lines from “a distance” could it be at least one “perceived by me to be the Republican candidate” is coming out against his opponent from “behind the forum closet door” hmmmmmmm. I wait to see how this unfolds… We have to remember that when dealing with “forum folk” without an “identity” to be circumspect and ask “what is the real agenda here”-I know a tough thing to wrestle with 🙂


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More “random thoughts”- Houston FUNDRAISER UPDATE- NO TICKEE NO TV :)

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