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Journeys and thoughts for all the world to see!


Why do some of us put our most intimate private thoughts and journeys out for a whole wide world to see?

We aren’t running for office so no need for “public disclosure”. We aren’t rich, famous or of celebrity status with the need for a fan base to keep us in the public eye.

We are, for the most part,wanting to communicate great emotion, joy, sorrow , anger , being scared or bewildered by events that shape our existence – a search for others like us who have also taken a similar path. We are reaching out!

Writing things down somehow helps some of us with “clarity.”
As for myself reading the words I have written as they appear on the screen can remove me from myself and I become – a reader – .

A reader who has searched the internet for others like myself. I spent hours and hours on blogs and websites re Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and treatments, stem cells transplants and even more recently for the trial drug SGN 35.. You follow the links in the posts, those highlighted words, in this blog’s format the words in green, that take you on an even more in-depth journey of information.

The “official websites” were of course helpful in their “clinical way ” but it was the blogs of the people who were going through these ordeals. The rawness of their writing, a truth that wasn’t politically correct or sugar coated- I appreciated the honesty of their journey .

Some had passed but their journey was still there to see, they told the story and I was “informed” – maybe not always in the way I had hoped, but it was their truth and their journey and the path we also walked. I am grateful to those that share. You may not have given me the “rose-colored glasses hope” for which I was desperately searching but you gave me honesty .

I have 11 posts in “draft form”, some may never be published . I am not sure where I am on this planet at the moment. I vacillate between great anger and great sorrow, the pain of both slowing down the thought process.

There is so much going on in this little house I am not sure even the world-wide web is ready for those writings and I am not sure I can write them with out sugar coating -yet!

I know I am not alone – I have searched the web and “we are many” .

January 1, 2010 at 4:03 pm 3 comments

A Moonbeam returns to the heavens


A little moonbeam no longer shines in this world but the lingering warmth of his smile and love will remain .

January 1, 2010 at 3:15 am 3 comments



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