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Cremation – THE VIDEO

You will always be my little boy- Chris – “Til death do us part” NOT for a mother and child-

As discussed in this series,
Part One-Burial – Not Green The Embalming
Part Two – The Visitation-or what to decorate is the question
Part Three – A Tisket- A Tasket What type of casket?
Part Four -Going Green whilst daisy pushing

there doesn’t seem to be a pleasant way to morph but since we have to morph eventually it will be a personal choice for most of us.

However, as has been demonstrated by recent events in this family, it may not end up being YOUR or your family’s wishes that are followed but the “ideas” of other people.

My son’s “cremains”( ashes), as most of the regular readers are aware, were withheld from us for our closure both here in the US and in England partly due to the excuse given:

” he was not an organ donor ”

( more on that later)

And so she who shall remain namelessand her “Committee of Control” wanted to keep him intact.

This ignorance of the cremation process has caused and is still causing so much pain to our family. I cannot find the words descriptive enough to describe the ripple effect caused by their cruelty and their wickedness. The depth of our sorrow and pain heaped on top of our already inconsolable grief of losing Chris directly attributable to their actions can only be expressed with a rawness that defies my ability as a writer. It is like a slow torture or even a cancer that eats at your heart night and day-there is no understanding of such selfishness – there is no respite.- there is no closure -there are no good days. This “cruelty of control” that has only added to an already overwhelming sadness and loss.

To be intact??????

During the cremation process, a large part of the body (especially the organs) and other soft tissue are vaporized and oxidized because of the heat, and the resulting gases are discharged through the exhaust system. The entire process usually takes about two hours.

All that remains after cremation are dry bone fragments (mostly calcium phosphates and minor minerals). Their color is usually light grey. They represent very roughly 3.5% of the body’s original mass (2.5% in children)

“So much for the organs ! “

But just incase there are any others that think that way:

Cremation -The video

to be continued…….

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