Ashes to Ashes- The Video

January 27, 2010 at 1:30 pm 3 comments

THE SERIES- What Happens after you die?

Part One-Burial – Not Green The Embalming
Part Two – The Visitation-or what to decorate is the question
Part Three – A Tisket- A Tasket What type of casket?
Part Four -Going Green whilst daisy pushing

Part Five – Cremation- The Video

Part 6 – Ashes to Ashes- The Video

All the literature/ informational websites of death, dying and grief all have the same words. We, as all humans, have a need for a focal point for our grief. A special place where we can go and remember

Apparently it helps with the grieving process, your loved one is still somewhere and you are still connected. You say goodbye but there is still a place left to those left behind that can give solace. A place of peace. It was THAT PLACE OF PEACE and remembrance that has been denied to Chris’ family- We are in a far different place .

“ashes can virtually be spread anywhere … including anywhere that had meaning to, or that symbolizes, the deceased. This can obviously be a powerful experience of closure for the living”

Crematoriums in Europe and their gardens are usually beautiful places- My father’s ashes were scattered in such a place.

However there are many choices if you go the way of cremation to find a special place. You are only limited by your imagination and by your wallet. A trip to outer space or perhaps “Lucy in the Sky with diamonds”??
and if you are really into recycling, the Urn used for scattering can become a bird house

There are a plethora of “keepsake remembrances” from necklaces to glassware / globes to candlesticks

The choices are out there… that is for those that had and have a choice! Would that we had that option

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Cremation – THE VIDEO Dying of a Broken Heart????

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