The Ending – Internationally speaking

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Hindu grandfather wins ‘human right’ to be cremated on open-air funeral pyre BY Beth Hale

The landmark ruling means that thousands of Hindus, Sikhs – and anyone else wanting ‘natural cremation’ – can be content that their dying wishes can legally be carried out.
It opens the way for building new crematoria with a hole in the roof to meet the requirements of the faiths. At present no suitable site for Mr Ghai to be cremated exists.

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THE SERIES- What Happens after you die?

Part One-Burial – Not Green The Embalming
Part Two – The Visitation-or what to decorate is the question
Part Three – A Tisket- A Tasket What type of casket?
Part Four -Going Green whilst daisy pushing

Part Five – Cremation- The Video
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Part Seven- The Ending – Internationally Speaking

Have you made up your mind yet?


Well here are some other options – and remember (if you read the whole article these came from) as you cringe that is how I feel about some of the options I have written about that a majority find acceptable in my little part of the world.

Air Sacrifice – Mongolia the village dogs that have been penned up and not fed for days are released to consume the remains

SOURCE – Sky Burial

Sky Burial – TibetThe deceased is dismembered by a rogyapa, or body breaker, and left outside away from any occupied dwellings to be consumed by nature.

Pit Burial – Pacific Northwest Haidaif one was a chief, shaman, or warrior, The body was crushed with clubs until it fit into a small wooden box about the size of a piece of modern luggage. It was then fitted atop a totem pole in front of the longhouse of the man’s tribe …

Viking Boat- Chris RITCHEY

Viking Burial – ScandinaviaHis women after various other torments would be strangled and placed along side the warrior

Fire Burial – Baliafter storing the bodies in a pit until there are enough for a large cremation,the bodies are unearthed, cleaned, and stacked on an elaborate float decorated with flowers and a mass cremation

Spirit Offerings – Southeast AsiaThe Vietnamese leave thick wads of counterfeit money under rocks on these monuments so the deceased can buy whatever they need on their way to the next life

Predator Burial – Maasai TribeActual burial is reserved for chiefs as a sign of respect, while the common people are simply left outdoors for predators to dispose of, since Maasai believe dead bodies are harmful to the earth. To them when you are dead, you are simply gone. There is no after life.

Skull Burial – Kiribati
Several months after internment the body is exhumed and the skull removed, oiled, polished, and offered tobacco and food. After the remainder of the body is re-interred, traditional islanders keep the skull on a shelf in their home and believe the native god Nakaa welcomes the dead person’s spirit in the northern end of the islands

Cave Burial – Hawaiiburial takes place in a cave where the body is bent into a fetal position with hands and feet tied to keep it that way, then covered with a tapa cloth made from the bark of a mulberry bush

SOURCE-Burial at Sea
Ocean BurialThe traditional burial shroud is a burlap bag, being cheap and plentiful, and long in use to carry cargo. The deceased is sewn inside and is weighted with rocks or other heavy debris to keep it from floating. If available, the flag of their nation covers the bag while a service is conducted on deck.It is quite possible that sea burial has been the main form of burial across the earth since before recorded history.

The Final Frontier


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CIA Scholarship – Chris Ritchey What causes these?

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