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UPDATE- Always Me – Always CHRIS

I wrote in the Always Me – Always Chris post the following:

I am sure you did leave an impression. There was that time you were very upset about a painting grade that you felt was unfair. You used your talent to enter into a project where , if you won, you could place your entry anywhere on the college.

You did a full size body cast of yourself , sitting slumped on a floor with the broken painting across your knee – dressed in jeans and a hooded sweatshirt pulled over the face, empty beer cans strewn about .

When the project won you had it placed outside the painting instructor’s office


I had wanted to show you the artwork in question but it had sat in many places, outside the Mainstreet Lorain office for a few weeks – scaring the hell out of one of the Stocker Foundation employees – who called the landlord of the building thinking a homeless man had taken up residence in the hallway .

Then he found a home in one of the windows of the empty buildings on Broadway as part of a display of artworks when we tried to brighten up the windows a few years before the latest much more succesful efforts of Joe Skodny and the Christmas Council.

However , the other self too met his demise just last summer due to a leaky roof.( a bad omen perhaps) .

I was sad really because although he would have been a painful trigger he could have been also a tangible touchable remembrance. I have been thinking a lot about the “other self” in recent days and wishing I had something of him.

This morning trying to find some records I needed, I found on an old hardrive a series of photos that I never knew were on my computer. I have never seen them before but obviously I was meant to find them 😉

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. W. Shakespeare


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